AppleJax are some really ill moves that have about 4 different variations. They are very easy, but need some practice, and it is almost impossible to hurt yourself doing them. They can also be mixed in with your footwork.

Two-Handed 1-Foot AppleJax:
1. You start in a crouching position, on your toes hands about 3 inches off da ground.
2. Then you kick back as hard as u can with (left or right foot) and simultaneously put ur fingertips on the floor beside your hips. You wanna try to hit the top of ur thighs against ur chest.
3. As you kick ur feet back down (as hard as u can) bring ur chest forward and land back like you started in step 1.

Two-Handed 2-Foot AppleJax (Kinda Like A V-Kick):
1. Start in crouch
2. Jump a little bit kick back with both feet and simultaneously put ur fingertips on da floor. (GO BACK AS MUCH AS U CAN, DON'T BE AFRAID BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE UR HANDS TO CATCH YOU)
3. Right after the top of ur thighs hit ur chest, Simultaneously kick them forward and lean ur chest forward so ur back to step 1.

One-Handed 1-foot AppleJax;
1. Start in a crouch
2. Kick back with your left or right leg and use only ur left or right hand (the same one u kicked with) to pun on da floor.
3. As u kick forward, use the hand that's not on da ground and swing it forward to help u back onto ur feet.

One-Handed 2-Foot AppleJax
1. Start in a crouch
2. Jump back a little and kick with both feet and try to hit them against ur chest. (U have to lean on the side of which arm ur using. Example: If u use ur right arm, lean to ur right).
3. Do like a 1-handed "suck-it" motion with your free hand for style.
4. As u kick ur feet back forward, push forward wit your arms to help u back up into a crouching position.