Alight here are the instructions for a move called the airtrack (which in my opinion is one of the hardest and most spectacular moves in breakdancing!)

To perform the airtrack it's best that you can perform multiple flares and windmills with ease...the reason you need to be able to do this is because an airtrack is basically a windmill in midair and you will need the flare to perform before the airtrack to gain momentum...(its almost impossible to do the airtrack by itself...most of the time you will want to perform a flare~airtrack combo)

This is for counter clockwise flares and airtracks

Start off by doing half of a flare...when you do this you should be in the back part of the flare with you hands on the ground in front of you and your legs spread apart behind kick your right leg up and to your left behind you in a circular the same time look to your right (very important!)...Right after you look to your right kick your left foot under your right foot (like doing a windmill except your body is off the ground)...when you twist too far to keep your hands on the ground swing your right hand around behind soon as you lift your right hand give a very hard kick with your right leg going up and left and your left leg going under it (just like before...picture the motion for a windmill)...a millisecond after you let go of the ground with your right hand let go with your left hand (you have to make sure that it is a millisecond after you let go with your Right hand...if you let go with both hands at once you will just fall to the ground)...when you lift your left hand you should now be in the air with your back facing the ground and your legs open like you were doing a soon as you see the ground (that's why I told you it was important to look to your you can see the ground when you come back over) put your right hand down...then put your left hand should now be in the position that you started the move in. From here you can go into windmills or another flare... The most important thing when you do this move is to make sure that you stay about 45 degrees to the ground...if you go too high up you will land on your head instead of hand and if you go too low you will land on your back or your stomach...another tip is to make sure that you keep you legs open...if you close your legs you will spin more than you want to and land on your back...

Some variations to this move:

Double airtrack- an airtrack where instead of keeping your legs open you close them and spin around twice before catching your self on your hands.

Other variations- an airtrack is basically just a windmill in the air so any variations on a windmill can probably be used for an airtrack (like nutcrackers, genies, sumos etc. etc.) just make sure you land on your hands in the end or you could hurt your self pretty badů