It's like a somersault with a nip-up of kick-up to end it. You have to be able to do a kick-up well to do this.

Ok, you stand with your legs about 1.5 shoulder widths apart and put your left hand flat on the floor in front of you, now lean over roll forwards.

Keep your left arm straight, and as you're rolling over pull your right arm against your chest. By this point all your weight should be on your right shoulder, and your feet should lift off the ground.

Your arms should be beside your head on the floor , like your going to do a kick-up. The key to this is, is that your legs donít touch the ground. When your legs follow your body after you've rolled over, they crunch up against your chest like a kick-up. Then you use almost all arm power to push yourself up onto your feet, donít kick your feet out like you do a kick-up, just use your arms.

When you've got it, it should look like a somersault to the right and then you pop up off the ground as soon as you roll over.