Aerial Cartwheel

Many peeps keep mentioning this so I guess ill post it an aerial is just a cartwheel done with no hands so you should learn how to do a very smooth and fast cartwheel before attempting an aerial. Many people claim that you should learn the one handed cartwheel also, but the aerial and the one handed cartwheel are totally different.

1) You have to learn how to do a cartwheel: first, lift your left leg and raise your arms up in a ready position. Bend downwards and place your left foot on the ground. Now bend down more and place your left palm down in front of your left foot. Now raise your right leg which should be in back of you into the air. After that put your right palm down in a line with your left palm and left foot and finally raise your left leg and bring it above you. As your left leg goes up, your right leg should be landed or about to land. The farther apart your legs are the better it will look. While landing your left leg, bring your arms up also. Your final position should face opposite the direction to as you started.

2) Keep practicing your cartwheel until it is very smooth and you can land it very lightly. After a while if you do it extremely fast you should feel a popping up movement when u land. Always try to compact your cartwheel also. In order to do an aerial, your cartwheel has to be very compact and canít be very wide. As you master your cartwheel, try kicking inwards at the end when you bring your legs up. When you feel a popping movement, you can try the aerial.

3) The aerial is jus a cartwheel except your hands aren't supporting you, momentum is. When you first try you should get a running start, but after a while u can do standing aerials which jus look so beautiful. After a short run jump onto the floor, left leg outward and with your left leg, jump straight upwards while bending sideways and lifting your right leg. You should be in midair now and bring the left leg over also. You should try to Land lightly and inward, not outwards. The two most important secrets of doing an aerial is remembering to keep it compact, not wide and that the jump is upwards not forward. Coo Coo dats it g'lucks.