6-Step (also called DownRock):

This is the basis of bboyin. Itís the thing people do when they first hit the floor. It looks like you're sitting there with your legs flying around you.

These instructions are for doing the move counter-clockwise, as are most moves.

To start, get in the position like you would to do a push up, but with your feet spread about 2 or so feet apart.

1) Lift your right hand, and move your left where your hand used to be.
2) Move your right leg forward so your knees are close, but keep your left leg where it is.
3) Pull your left leg in as your right leg stays where it is.
4) Swing your right leg in a WIDE arc kinda like how peeps do that coffee grinder thing Switch hands, so now you're right hand is down, left hand up. Keep your right leg swinging around.
5) Your right leg swings around and wraps around your left. You have your face down and both hands on the floor. Extend your left leg first, then your right leg. This is important to making it look right.
6) Now you're in the starting position, continue with step 1

That's how the 6-step is done. You'll see it often referred to in other moves such as mini flare, swipes, and other stuff.

You will start most moves from the 6-step. All the power moves that you do on the ground (except flares) can only be started from 6-step and look good.

Some moves from 6-step:
Mini Flares/Baby Flares-This is kind of a half flare. All you do is swing both feet up in front of you like a flare, on step 2. Lots of people donít know how this ends up, but its simple. Both feet go back around you and you end up in step 4/5. Windmills can be put in on step 2.