180 Flip

This move is basically a back flip with a twist in it. To do this move you must first be able to do a regular back flip pretty well. First try learning it on a mattress.
-First of you should have some big room to start of from, then when you feel right start running forward.

-After gaining momentum, jump into the air. When you jump swing your hands towards your back and kick upwards with your right leg. You should try to do a back flip. If you've ever seen someone do a running back flip that's what the start of the flip should look like. (Remember this is a back flip not a front flip)

-By this time your feet should be in the air and your head about 4 feet of the floor. At this time, you should try to force your body to slightly twist.

-If you did it right you should land the land on your left foot if you're a righty or on your right foot if you're a lefty it depends on which way u twisted. At first your not gonna get enough height so you're gonna need your hands to keep you from falling.

-At the end, you must be facing the opposite direction from when u started the flip.

You can also use this move to go into footwork. Also remember not to bring your legs to your chest cuz then it doesn't look as tight. After you master this move u could try a 360 back flip which is like this but you don't run into and when u twist you do a full 360 so you face the position from where u jumped from. I hope this long description helps you all and remember if you canít do something on your first try keep trying and you will eventually get it.