Full Name (first;middle,last)? Stephen Chimdindu Ngoka
Nickname(s)? Jungle Boy, Grandmaster Steve, lyrical genius, scruff dada, El Rico Milato
Age? 16, hey if you poke fun, you are dead!!!
Date of birth? 04/06/83 like I said, laugh and die
Born where? Nigeria, from the jungle to the city
Color hair? Black
Color eyes? Brown, (BLACK if you are freaking colour blind)
Tall / average / short? Average, but guess what's long, (for all you dirty freaks)
Fat / average / thin? Average, "no fat"
Any special talents? Singing, rapping, smacking hos
Hobbies? Calling John Gay, Calling Simon a drag
Favorite Color(s)? Blue and yellow
Favorite Food(s)? Anything except beans (I don't like them sudden farts)
School? Dawson College
Known fluent Language(s)? English, French and trash talk
Favorite Pro Athlete? (PS? Joey the superstar is not a valid answer) Who gives a damn
Favorite Type(s) of music? R&B and rap, Any video with hot girls
Favorite song(s)? Holla Holla
Number of times you got an ass whoopin? Never, unless you consider getting your face flushed down the toilet
Number of times you got your face flushed down the toilet? damn, too may times.

Coke or Pepsi? I hate pepsi because of that stupid girl in that stupid commercial, she is so so gay
Alcohol or Soda? Alcohol in soda
Have you ever taken a piss in the woods, if so how many times? I did once, but then a snake bit part of my penis off, so not it is smaller, true story.
Do you like Charlie Sheen? Ans: Not even if he was the last actor on the face of the earth.
Do you like dancing? bring it on and you'll see.
Favorite TV show? Anyone that does not say "Darma and Greg" as a title.
Favorite Actor/Actress? Actress: Jennifer Lopez
Favorite PlayBoy/PlayGirl Model? Dunno I don't read it, pss pss Carmen Electra Favorite VideoGame? FF8, if you think its too nerdy, you can kiss my (censored)
Favorite Movie? Anything rated 18, just playing, I was gonna say Titanic so the girsl would think I am nice, but I just can't. What? my reason? Well, its only the gayest movie around. The matrix as jennifer would say (mortal combat on crack).
No pigeon, or No scrub? "No fat, no fat."
Favorite Quote? For my sentimental side: "Missing u by the second"
For my rough rida side: "John, will you stop saying guy!!!"
Favorite pet/animal? Dog, german shephard, until it bite my...
Wesmount High School Cool or Not? Cool cause that's where I met y'all. I love y'all (to the girls) the guys can kiss my (censored)
What do you think of the Palace (Movie theater)? All I can say is anywhere where cum is all over the floor is a piece of trash.
Favorite sport to play? Lifting pizza into my mouth.
Favorite sport to watch? Lifting pizza into a girl's mouth.
Most annoying and irritating thing? John's brown hair, just playing, People farting and then giving attitude.
Most annoying and irritating person? Me
Micael Jackson and Mickey Mouse....same person or not? Do you wanna know my explanation. Micheal and Mickey, they both like children, they both have an amusment park behind there house, they both are black with a white face, coincidence, you tell me.
Ugliest peron? I am not going to be mean, but what the hec, snoop.
Do you think Snoop Dogg is ugly as hell? I just said so.
How would you mac a girl/guy? A girl, by asking her out and if she says no, get this, all u have to say is "Please".
Your Job(if any)? Male prostitute, 989-0124- fake number.
Richard Simmons, gay....or REALLY GAY? Gay is too kind for him.
Work or Play? Play with what (for all you dirty people again).
Hot sunny beach or freezing hell? sunny beach, because girls are wearing less.
If you could be any celebrity, who would you be? me
If you could be any insect, what would you be? John (firefly)
If you could be any animal, what would you be? Moses (dog)
Stephen & Joseph, Playas or Pimps? you damn straight.