Full Name (first;middle,last)? margaret Pereira
Nickname(s)? margarita, maggie, mags
Age? 17
Date of birth? december, 5, 1981
Born where? best city in the world; montreal
Color hair? brown
Color eyes? brwon
Tall / average / short? short
Fat / average / thin? average
Any special talents? not that i know of
Hobbies? watching footbal, long walks,swimming, (not an expert though) listening to music, reading, and doing my nails.
Favorite Color(s)? blue, blue, and more blue!
Favorite Food(s)? pizza, pasta, lasagna
School? dawson college
Known fluent Language(s)? portuguese, english, french, and picking up spanish
Favorite Pro Athlete? (PS? Joey the superstar is not a valid answer) don't care what ya'all think; dan marino, brett farve, ronaldo (brazilian soccer player)
Favorite Type(s) of music? mostly R&B, and latin music (but i'll listen to anything that sounds good)
Favorite song(s)? back to your heart (bsb), la bomba, (ricky martin) i knew i loved you, (savage garden) who do you tell (tamia)
Number of times you got an ass whoopin? too many to count
Number of times you got your face flushed down the toilet? what kind of question is that?!
Coke or Pepsi? coke
Alcohol or Soda? depends on what i feel like having
Have you ever taken a piss in the woods, if so how many times? probably have, when i was a kid
Do you like Charlie Sheen? haven't seen too many of his movies, so don't know
Do you like dancing? yes (but not 24/7 all the time)
Favorite TV show? who's line is it anyways (and my soaps, days of our lives, passions, and another world when it was on)
Favorite Actor/Actress? ben affleck, bruce willis, sandra bullock
Favorite PlayBoy/PlayGirl Model? who made up this question?
Favorite VideoGame? don't have any
Favorite Movie? little mermaid, die hard with a vengence
No pigeon, or No scrub? why?
Favorite Quote? don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining!
Favorite pet/animal? rabbit
Wesmount High School Cool or Not? cool!
What do you think of the Palace (Movie theater)? no comment
Favorite sport to play? badminton
Favorite sport to watch? definately football!
Most annoying and irritating thing? scratching a black borad
Most annoying and irritating person? that's my secret!
Micael Jackson and Mickey Mouse....same person or not? not
Ugliest peron? don't know
Do you think Snoop Dogg is ugly as hell? what do you think?
How would you mac a girl/guy? for me to know and for the person to find out
Your Job(if any)? don't have one
Richard Simmons, gay....or REALLY GAY? how made these questions up?!
Work or Play? depends on my mood
Hot sunny beach or freezing hell? hot sunny beach!
If you could be any celebrity, who would you be? wouldn't want to be any.
If you could be any insect, what would you be? aunt or lady bug
If you could be any animal, what would you be? dolphin
Stephen & Joseph, Playas or Pimps? hope not!