Full Name (first;middle,last)? Joey Franchellini
Nickname(s)? Jojo,superstar,smooth
Age? 18
Date of birth? Jan.03/81
Born where? in a hospital
Color hair? dark brown
Color eyes? mainly brown(but they change if i get pissed off)
Tall / average / short? average
Fat / average / thin? chunky of muscles
Any special talents? whatever you want me to do, i can!!
Favorite Color(s)? purple, and blue in a far second
Favorite Food(s)? anything Italian
School? Dawson college
Known fluent Language(s)? the usual anglais, and french
Favorite Pro Athlete? (PS: Joey the superstar is not a valid answer)[but i am my favourite pro athlete]Ken Griffey Jr.
Favorite Type(s) of music? r&b, rap
Favorite song(s)? All my life,mama,life goes on,crossroads(remix)
Number of times you got an ass whoopin? never have, i dish them out!!
Number of times you got your face flushed down the toilet? That's just dirty!!
Coke or Pepsi? pepsi(generation next all the way!!)
Alcohol or Soda? mixed
Have you ever taken a piss in the woods, if so how many times? Yeah, once a day
Do you like Charlie Sheen? Wesley Snipes, and Van Damme are better
Do you like dancing? slow ya fast no!
Favorite TV show? Friends
Favorite Actor/Actress? Jennifer Love Hewitt, Vanessa Marcil
Favorite PlayBoy/PlayGirl Model? Joseph and Simon
Favorite VideoGame? Ken Griffey's baseball games
Favorite Movie? too many to mention
No pigeon, or No scrub? no pigeon
Favorite Quote? "it doesn't matter what...."(the rock)
Favorite pet/animal? cats(carol)
Wesmount High School Cool or Not? the bomb
What do you think of the Palace (Movie theater)? i think they sholud go bankrupt, or get some new seats, and screens!
Favorite sport to play? baseball,hockey,football,basketball, they're all good, but baseball is better!
Favorite sport to watch? same as above
Most annoying and irritating thing? waking up at 6:30 for school
Micael Jackson and Mickey Mouse....same person or not? I don't like them they both grab their crotches!!
Do you think Snoop Dogg is ugly as hell? even worse than that
How would you mac a girl/guy? i don't have to they come to me!!
Your Job(if any)? being a superstar, and a role model(stephen)
Richard Simmons, gay....or REALLY GAY? really,really,t\really,really,really,really.........gay!!
Work or Play? play for money so i don't have to work!!
Hot sunny beach or freezing hell? a bit of both
If you could be any celebrity, who would you be? Ken Griffey Jr.
If you could be any insect, what would you be? anything bigger than carol!
If you could be any animal, what would you be? panda bear(favourite wild animal)
Stephen & Joseph, Playas or Pimps? joseph is playing Stephen, but stephen pimps joseph, and then simone comes into the picture.