Full Name (first;middle,last): Crisina Cortez Sison
Parents' names: Benjamin and Amelia
Nickname: Nabi(means butterfly in Korean)
Age: 17
Date of birth: July 9 1982
Born where: Montreal....
Hometown: montreal....cause ive never been anywhere....maybe i would like to live in the Phillipines cause mostly all my family is there.....
Current Residence: im right now in Montreal....and plan to be here 4ever....(its not such a bad place)
Color hair: Dark Brown
Color eyes: Also the same
Tall / average / short: i'm short, but not REALLY short!!!!
Fat / average / thin: I used to be thin, but now i'm average
Any special talents; I can do all theses weird tricks with my tongue!!!
Hobbies: I LOVE to sleep!!!
Favorite Color(s): RED....it represents blood
Favorite Food(s): Flip food, Viet food and also Korean food
School: right now I'm at Dawson
Known Language(s): English, French, Tagalog, Spanish, and some Korean
Favorite Pro Athlete: Karl Malone from the Urah Jazz
Favorite Type(s) of music: R&B, and also asian music
Favorite song(s): April Showers by Dru Hill, In and Out of love by IMX
Do you like dancing: I love to dance but only in my room cause i'm a bit shy.
Favorite TV show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Favorite Actor/Actress: Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Flip actors
Favorite Movie: 10 Thing I hate About You
Favorite Quote: Stay true to yourself
Favorite sport to play: Volleyball
Favorite sport to watch: Basketball
Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake? I think it was 11....
Pets: i had a goldfish that died....it was soooo fat....
Piercings: HEY ANGEL I DIDNT KNOW YOU GOT UR EAR PIERCED!!!!(i only have piercings on my ears....
Tattoos: I wouldnt mind getting one.....my trade mark.....(a butterfly)....on my ankle..... 13. How much do you love Buffy: Im so CRAZY about buffy....its such an amazing show.....hehehehe
Favorite Movie: 10 things i hate about you is the one i like.....its usually all those teenager movies though....
Favorite Holiday: christmas..cause its soooo nice and you can warm urself up.....by the nice warm fire......
Favorite Food: i like Viet food.....and i miss korean food......
The most annoying thing is: when.....some1 plays mind games with u......
Funniest person you know: i think that would be Chunky....cause he's soooooo funny.....
Bedtime: usually on school nights it would be at 11 but on weekends...maybe at around..4 in the morning....
Do you drink? yes of course..........water!!!!!hehehhehe
What words or phrases do you overuse: oh doh.....