Full Name (first;middle,last)? Carolina Ngoc Diep Nguyen
Nickname(s)? Chiquita, Carrie, Carol, Cutie, Coco, Lucky Koko Puffs, and BÍ!
Age? 17
Date of birth? September 2nd, 1982
Born where? Edmonton, Alta.
Color hair? It's naturally black, but now....it's auborn
Color eyes? brown
Tall / average / short? SHORT!!!!! :)
Fat / average / thin? thin
Any special talents? singing
Hobbies? listen 2 music, talk on the phone, surf the net....
Favorite Color(s)? PURPLE!!!!!
Favorite Food(s)? FRENCH FRIES!!!!! ne-thing that has 2 do with potatoes....but also ne-thing that tastes
School? Dawson College
Known fluent Language(s)? Vietnamese and English
Favorite Pro Athlete? Penny Hardaway
Favorite Type(s) of music? Rhythm & Blues, hip hop...mostly ne-thing that sounds good....
Favorite song(s)? One of themis probably, "All my Life" but i don't have a specific one in mind....
Number of times you got an ass whoopin? depends by whom?!!! from my parents?!!!! WOOW! too many to be able to count.....
Number of times you got your face flushed down the toilet? luckily, NEVER!!!!!
Coke or Pepsi? Always Coka-cola!!!
Alcohol or Soda? soda....i don't drink :)
Have you ever taken a piss in the woods, if so how many times? wouldn't u like 2 know.....well if u must....about..times!
Do you like Charlie Sheen? don't really care 2 much about him
Do you like dancing? definately...it's good exercise!
Favorite TV show? Felicity
Favorite Actor/Actress? John Travolta
Favorite PlayBoy/PlayGirl Model? don't have one....sorry
Favorite VideoGame? TETRIS and BUST A MOVE
Favorite Movie? probably,"The Matrix"..i have more, just can't think of them now OH! and the little mermaid!
No pigeon, or No scrub? neither
Favorite Quote? Don't worry, be happy :)
Favorite pet/animal? CATS and KITTENS
Wesmount High School Cool or Not? the best!!!
What do you think of the Palace (Movie theater)? no comment!
Favorite sport to play? Badminton and tennis
Favorite sport to watch? Basketball, Football, Tennis, etc....
Most annoying and irritating thing? have 2 many 2 out just one...
Most annoying and irritating person? no comment
Micael Jackson and Mickey Mouse....same person or not? hey! i like both of them!!!!!
Ugliest peron? look in the guiness book of world records!!!
Do you think Snoop Dogg is ugly as hell? i dunno.....
How would you mac a girl/guy? i don't need 2.....and if i did, i wouldn't mac.....
Your Job(if any)? right now..baby-sitting
Richard Simmons, gay....or REALLY GAY? whateer..leave the guy alone!
Hot sunny beach or freezing hell? so ironic..., "freezing hell"!! probably, being at the hot sunny beach......
If you could be any celebrity, who would you be? can i get back 2 u on that one? k.....
If you could be any insect, what would you be? something that everyone doesn't always squash!!!! a ladybug..but an insect is an insect....so...nothing in particular...
If you could be any animal, what would you be? a CAT!!!
Stephen & Joseph, Playas or Pimps? BOTH!!!!