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Christine and her husband Eddy
Chris and Eddy #2
Small Head Shot
Staring away from the mic
Frosty Lips
Head Shot
Pastel colored w/ hat
Staring to her right
Hands to Head/Black Shirt
Hands out with handbag
Off the Shoulder Shirt
Bad Shoulder Pads!
Dark roots and clothes
Big shoulder pads and feather earrings
Low black shirt w/ bow at neck
Spot color/ Looking under hat
Yellow Leaning Back
Little Waving
Striped Scarf
Off center B&W
Wavy Hair/ 80's jewelry
Hat and white flower
No hat, white flower
Leaning, no hat or flower
Inside her house
Long black earrings
Profile long black earrings
Singing at keyboard
Playing Maracas in teal sequined jacket
Pink background, playing keyboards
Pic encircled in piano keys