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Sailor Tin Nyanko

Japanese Name: Sailor Tin Nyanko
English Sailor Name: Sailor Tin Kitten
Secret Identity: Suzu Nyanko
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Black in triangle odangoes with two black braids coming out of them and meeting at the bottom.
Height: Small.
Birthday: Oct 26 (on Earth)(Weird, that's my sisters b-day o_O - Kurisu)
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Birthstone: Opal
Age: 15 (on Earth)
Likes: Pizza (a lot), getting star seeds, Taiki and Seiya, Scheming, plotting, nagging at Lead Crow, being generally Mischevious, and moving up in the ranks. (Plotted again Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow to get the right Star Seeds), she was alot like Zoisite.
Dislikes: NOT getting seeds, being beat up by those rotten senshi, Obstacles in her ascent to power, Lead Crow, and having to work.
Hobbies: Getting star seeds
Strong Points: Smart enough to scheme effectively, she got Sailor Galaxia to kill Sailor Aluminum Siren after pointing out her faults. (She later killed Lead Crow for the star seed Lead Crow wouldn't give up.)
Weak Points: Not a people person. Has half of her power taken after Eternal Sailor Moon half healed her with her crystal attack, making her lose one braclet and turning her uniform half white and half black.
Favorite food: Pizza
Least favorite food: Canned carrots
Favorite color: Black
Favorite animal: Cat
Favorite subject: Nothing, really
Worst Subject: Math
Dreams/ Goals: To be a real senshi
Favorite Gemstone: Ruby (or Tiger Eye?)
Bloodtype: N/A
Weapons: Bracelet(s), bazooka with cat's paw on the end which creates a black hole and kills Sailor Lead Crow.
Attack(s): Glactica Puppet Attack, Cat-paw Bazooka Blast.
Senshi Fuku (Uniform): As a Senshi she wears a black head-dress that covers her hair and ears. Has bells on her head-dress (and nearly everwhere else on her fuku), a short black Sailor out-fit with red trimmings, (later black and white due to Eternal Sailor Moon), tail, fish-net stockings (with little belts in areas over them as part of her boots), little boots that go into long half covering-leg boots, a neck collar with a bell, a black (and white) bow with bell and sailor suit collar, long black gloves with red trimming, and power bracelets (later she only wears one).
School Fuku (Uniform): Blue and white with a blue bow with a bell, she still wears her collar. She attends Usagi's High School under an assumed name: Suzu Nyanko.