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Character's Name: Chalcedony

I'm too sexy for my bikini... Age: 21

blood type: B+

Uniform: A red bikini

Appearance: Hip length purple hair, silver eyes, tanned skin. She's very... voluptuous and loves to show it. As Dourika, her human appearance, her hair's shorter and she wears it in a ponytail.

History: A dancer from 30th century Osaka (she has an obvious accent), she joined the Black Moon clan in search of liberation from what she calls a "Restrictive society" and she needed a lil money.

Goals: taking over earth, become a famous dancer, and score a date with Demando-ouji-sama ^_~

Weaknesses: Cooking and Money. Can't cook to save her life (she'd rather order take out). Money is her worst though. She'd stop fighting merely because she feels she's done enough for what she got paid. She goes totally CRAZY at the sight of money, and will scream and run after it. However, money can be her strength, that is to say, if the price's right, you're gonna get one heck of a determined Chal. But this is unlikely, seeing as the right price would be LOTS...say...several million yen.

Strengths: Dancing and Gambling. She's extremely good at bets, cards, ect. She'll even cheat to win some moo-lah.

Hobbies: Dancing, drinking coffee, acting sexy, and throwing flaming brussel sprouts at old people (just kidding.)

Likes: coffee, money, getting "checked out", and Demando-ouji-sama

Dislikes: old people (they scare her), brussel sprouts, corny people and jokes, things that aren't original.