A New Punishment for Susan



Susan stood naked in front of her mother and stepfather, tears forming in both eyes.

Her stepfather was seated comfortably on the couch. Her mother, Kim, was seated to his left, wearing tight green jeans and a bra, leaving her shoulder, belly, ankles and feet bare. Her mother, a thirty year old with the body of a twenty year old, had a classic Irish complexion; pale but healthy skin complementing a fiery shock of short-cut red hair. Her elfin face barely hid a smile of anticipation that Susan had come to dread ever since her mother had married William.

Susan herself was wearing only a white silk button-down shirt, completely unbuttoned. It was not long enough to cover her butt or her privates. It didnít help that her arms were raised in the air, her hands interlocked behind her neck. This raised the line of the shirt above her belly button, and since her shirt was unbuttoned, it was spread apart by her upraised arms so that her nipples were exposed to the cold air and the hot stare of her stepfather. Susan, fifteen years old, was aesthetically a perfect complement to her mother. Both had slightly curly red hair, but Susan wore hers long, down to the neck. Both were quite skinny, with pale but healthy complexions, but Susan was wider in the hips with more luxurious bosoms, and her whole body seemed to be blushing most of the time. Her mother had piercing green eyes and a face which seemed sly and clever, while Susan had wide blue eyes and a face that spoke of innocence.

The tears glistening in those deep blue eyes made her all the more exquisitely desirable. She knew her stepfather couldnít wait to bring forth cries of pain and despair from her fragile throat and vulnerable lips. And she knew she wouldnít receive any help from her mother. Not anymore.

There was a procedure that had to be followed when it was time for Susan to be punished. The first step was for Susan to stand before her parents as she was now - hands behind her neck, shirt unbottoned and opened wide, legs spread til the feet were past the shoulders. While she was standing there, her mother would read out a list of the rules Susan had broken, and the number of hits associated with each infraction. She would read the list with that slight, eager smile that Susan hated and dreaded so much. After the reading of Susanís crimes, Susan and her mother would remove from their bodies a particular article of clothing.

There were rules about what they could wear in the house. Susan was only allowed to cover either her breasts or her lower parts. The part she did cover, she was only allowed to cover with one layer. In her chest-of-drawers could be found only skimpy underwear, extremely short skirts and shorts, bras, and very revealing and loose haltertops. The longest one of these left the bottom of her breasts uncovered. The shortestt didnít even cover her nipplses. She was not allowed to wear any piece of clothing more than once until she had worn all the other clothes in her chest of drawers at least once, This guaranteed she would wear the most embarassing clothes at least once every few weeks.

Her closet was kept locked, and only her mother or stepfather were allowed to go into it to pick out an outfit for her to wear to school or to her "friendís" houses. Of course, when William had moved in, he had given most of her clothes away to charity and bought her a whole new wardrobe. Now, when she went to school or went "out," she was never allowed to wear more than one layer of clothing, or to wear sleeves that hid this fact, or to wear any shorts or skirts which came down below the first quarter of her thighs. All of the outfits made sure to make spectacular display of her tight midriff, and she was almost never even allowed to wear shoes which covered more than ten percent of her feet.

Socks and pantyhose were an absolute no-no.

Her mother, Kim, William treated with slightly more respect. She,

too, was only allowed to wear either some kind of shirt, or some kinds of pants, shorts, or skirt, though never both. But she fared better than Susan however, for when she wore pants etc, she was allowed to wear a bra, and conversely, when she wore some kind of shirt, she was allowed to wear a pair of underwear.

Neither female was ever allowed to wear shoes or socks inside the house.

And when it was time for Susan to be punished, she had to wear this silk shirt, unbuttoned, and of course, opened wide by her outstretched arms.

When the reading of the crimes was completed, Susan was to take off the

shirt, while her mother removed either the pants or the underwear which

covered her private parts. Susan was then to walk forward to her

stepfather, and lay herself across his lap, placing her head on her

motherís lap. At this point, her mother was to take Susanís head, and

angle it so that her face was directly toward her motherís vagina. She

was then to push Susanís face into her nether regions as hard as she could

William had instituted this idea, ostensibly, so that Susanís cries and screams would be muffled and neighbors wouldnít get curious and poke around. But the three of them all knew that it also served the purpose of allowing Susanís mother to get her self off directly out of Susanís pain and torment.

At this point, William would begin the first phase of the punishment - the "spanking." They called it a spanking, but it was most certainly far different from and far more agonizing than anything anyone else would have called a "spanking." The instrument which William used was a hairbrush. This hairbrush was the kind with the hard plastic bristles spaced a few millimeters apart with little balls on the end to prevent it from scratching oneís scalp. But William had taken a pair of scissors and cut the balls off of every one of the bristles. He made sure to cut at an angle, so that what was left was a hard spike of plastic.

The brush was top-heavy and weighty, allowing William to apply a full and painful force even in this over-the-lap position.

Susan would receive swats equal to the number earned by the infractions which she had incurred. Generally it took only one blow to start Susan frantically shouting. Her mother would push her face harder and deeper into her lap and her vagina, barely bothering to suppress moans of pleasure. With each swat, Susanís cries and wigglings would become louder and more frantic. But she knew if she kicked too high or moved out of position, William would start his count over.

Her stepfather would divide the swats between her ass and her thighs. He enjoyed hitting the part right in between the two several times in a row, driving Susan to heights of agony with each additional swat to exactly the same place as the previous one. Then he would move on to another part of her legs or her ass, leaving the region in between the two to sting uncontrollably as she received more blows to the rest of her backside.

Usually, her mother came sometime during this process, which would cause her to push on Susanís head even harder, almost suffocating her. Once the number of swats was completed, her stepfather would rub some kind of solution into it. She didnít know what was in it, but she knew its purpose was supposed to be to keep her beaten ass and legs from bleeding, scarring, or bruising too severely. She also knew that this solution tended to magnify the pain of her wounds by a magnitude of five or six. By now she would no longer be crying or even weeping - she would invariably be screaming at the highest and loudest pitch she could in her exhausted state. This got her mother off even more. That was not the end of it.

Susan was then to stand again before her mother and stepmother. She was not to touch her ass or her legs in any way in an attempt to rub away the pain. William and Kim would walk her over to a table that was brought out for these occasions. The table was too low for eating off of - it was made for other purposes . Susan was to lay on her back on this table, and spread her legs and arms out as far as she could. Kim and William would then tie her ankles and wrists to the legs of the table, so that she was almost immobile. They tied her in such a position that her head was made to hang off the edge of the table.

William would then position himself by the side of the table, and her mother would position herself at Susanís head. Her mother was then to grab hold of Susanís head, and step forward so that Susanís head was engulfed in her legs, and her face was once again smothered in Kimís vagina. William would again begin to beat Susan, this time using a whip with little metal balls tied into it. He would give her the same number of lashes as he had given her in swats before, this time dividing the lashes out between the front of Susanís legs, the inside of her thighs, her beautiful midriff, and her breasts.

In the face of this excruciating pain, Susan was always able to find the strength within her to scream long and hard into her motherís private parts. Her mother would begin grinding her pelvis all over her daughterís face, lost in any thought except her daughterís pain and humiliation and her own approaching orgasm.

Kim would usually come twice or three times during this phase. Susan usually passed out.

After again applying the solution to Susanís wounds, William and Kim would leave her there, tied spread-eagle and weeping, and make love using many positions and many orifices, getting off both on each other and on the wailing that was coming from the direction of the table. That was the usual procedure, and Susan fully expected that this was to be her fate this evening. Her knees were shaking as she anticipated the cruel pains she was about to be subjected to. But then, William began to speak, and what he said changed everything, and shocked both Susan and his mother.

William explained that today, they were going to try something a little different. He explained that the current procedure didnít seem to be getting through to Susan, that instead, her infractions were becoming worse and more frequent. (This was not true and all three of them knew it. In point of fact, it was William and Kimís definition of "infraction" which had become more strict. But of course, Susan dared not speak.) He explained that he was racking his brains trying to figure out how he can show Susan just how terrible she is how much she needs to improve her behavior if she ever expects to for him to be able to find a husband or female master for her. This was after all the only hope she ever had of safely leaving this house forever.

William paused. Susan and her mother both had no idea what William was about to say. Susan was scared to death.

William then continued. He asked Susan if she loved her mother. Susan was taken aback. She looked at her mother. Her mother was as confused as Susan was.

She looked at her mother - the one who had suffered abuse and torment under her first husband - Susanís father. Looking at her mother, memories of that fateful day came back to her. The day when Susanís father had decided to try to rape his daughter at knifepoint. The day when Susan had taken control over her own life and his, and had grabbed the knife out of his hand and killed him, stabbing him twenty times as she took out the anger of a teenaged lifetime on his dead body. That day, her mother had come home to see her husband dead and her daughter crying with blood on her hands.

That day, her mother had given Susan a look of utter hatred and contempt. Susan looked pleadingly into her motherís eyes that day, trying to share the pain they had both suffered under her father through eye-contact. She felt sure her mother would understand.

Susanís mother said only five words, venom dripping from every one. "You killed him, you bitch!"

Then her mother left Susan with the corpse. Susan, in a frightened daze, didnít move from where she was sitting until her mother returned with William in tow. William was a police officer, whom Susan had seen around town rather often lately. William and her motherís attitude toward each other immediately clued Susan in on what was happening - William was her motherís lover.

Knowing he was a police officer, Susan began to panic. She tried to cough a few incoherent phrases. "Shut up!" shouted her mother. She had told William everything already.

William explained to Susan that he would be able to cover the whole thing up, clean the crime scene, make it look like Susanís father had taken a trip to Mexico, and dump the body where no one would find it. He told Susan that no one would know that she had killed her own father. In return, he explained, Susan would accept him as her motherís new husband, and as Susanís new father. She would do absolutely any and every thing that he commanded, no questions asked. The minute she began to rebel from this, he told her he would have her sold off to a sex and torture slave ring, and tell all the newspapers that he had found proof that she had killed her father, but that when he confronted her with the evidence she ran out of the house and he never saw her again. He told her her other option was to take her chances with the Law. He sneered as he told her this.

Then he asked her if she would agree to these terms. For all Susan knew, she would be put away for the rest of her life, or even put on the Chair, for killing her own father, if she didnít accept Williamís proposal. She looked again at her mother, hoping for some glimmer of pity or concern. Nothing.

In between wails of spiritual anguish, Susan finally said that fateful word - "yes."

William moved in within the next few days. Immediately, he laid down rules for Susan and her mother about clothing and behavior. Susan was only allowed to wear next to nothing in the house, and the clothes she was allowed to wear to school managed to remain legal while at the same time leaving nothing to imagination.

Rules for behavior for Susan included absolute subjection and humility before her mother and stepfather, and complete and immediate obedience. There was only rule for her behavior outside of the house. She was to accept, immediately and without question, any sexual proposal from any person, male or female, pervert or straight, regardless of position or type of sex. William made it clear that he had contacts all over town who would report her if she refused any such proposal. This was to extend even to casual remarks like "why donít you give me some of that, babe." If some guy on the street were to say this to her, she was to immediately stop whatever she was doing, approach the guy, and tell him that she was his to do with her as he pleased.

Her mother had absolutely no objections to any of this. There were rules for her dress and behavior, as well, almost as severe as those for Susan, but Kim seemed to actually enjoy the idea of being paraded around as a sex toy. Susan eventually came to realize that her mother enjoyed the idea that Susanís innocence was being completely destroyed. Susan never received any compassion or pity from her mother, after that day in which she killed her father.

Susan began to realize that this was why her mother had stayed with her father so long. She actually sexually enjoyed submission and humiliation to cruel men.

Her first day at school after William took over the house, he chose her outfit. He gave her a pair of cutoff jeans shorts which did not come below the line of her private parts. The shirt she was to wear consisted of basically cloth to cover her breasts, with a string going around both shoulders and around her back to hold it on to her body. And for shoes, he gave her a pair of flip-flop sandals with very slim straps. No bra or underwear, of course. She was basically going to school naked. Not only did she have to endure the stares and snickers of her classmates, but in third period, she was called to the principals office. He had her stand in front of his desk.

The principal was a forty five year old former football coach. He had powerful arms and a well-tanned body. He explained to her that he had noticed her outfit when she walked into the school courtyard, and had spent the day trying to figure out what to do about it. She was of course breaking several dress code rules. So many, in fact, that he had been unsure as to whether it would be appropriate for him to actually carry out the prescribed punishment. He told her that he had finally resolved to call her stepfather, and discuss the matter with him. He asked whether he would rather she be sent home to receive whatever discipline her stepfather saw fit. But William had told the principal no, that the principal should carry out whatever punishment was described in the books for this kind of infraction. He asked whether Susan understood all this. Susan looked down at his desk, and nodded, beginning to cry a little. The principal recounted her infractions. The rule laid out in the student handbook was that students were to receive three swats from the paddle for every minor infraction of the rules, and ten for major infractions. Dress code violations were considered minor infractions. He listed for her what rules she had broken.

1. No open toed shoes

2. Socks required

3. Shorts or skirts must come below the knee. Every inch above the bottom of the knee was considered equal to one infraction. The principal at this point got out a ruler, measured the length from the bottom of her knee to the top of her thigh where the shorts ended, and explained that this length was equal to 10 inches, and that meant 10 infractions.

4. No exposing of the midriff area. Again, each inch of seperation between shirts and pants was equal to one infraction. The principal measured the distance between her hip and the bottom of her breasts, and explained that this was going to equal five infractions.

5. No tank tops or halter tops.

6. All shirts must have sleeves.

7. No exposing of the side of the torso or underarms.

8. Shirts must completely cover the torso, front and back.

9. A bra must be worn.

10. Underwear must be worn.

This meant a total of twenty three infractions. Each infraction incurred three swats. The principal asked her how many swats this would total up to.

Susan gulped, sobbed, cried out, "sixty nine." The principal murmered that that was correct. He stood next to her, and just stared for a few seconds. He then explained that he didnít believe anyoneís ass could take sixty nine swats from his powerful arm without annoying questions being asked. He had explained this to her stepfather, and he told her that upon her stepfatherís recommendation, he was going to divide the swats out so that several different places on her body would receive them, rather than just her legs and ass. He told her that she would receive twenty swats on her butt and legs with the paddle, twenty licks with his metal ruler on her breasts and belly, and 15 swats on the inside of her left leg, and the final 14 on the inside of her right leg. These last two were to be applied using the rod that was attatched to his venetian blinds, which was normally used to close or open the blinds. By now Susan was openly wailing.

But before he began, the principal said that her stepfather had told him one other thing. He explained that William had said that whatever services he might ask in return for his trouble would be given by her, no questions asked. He said this carefully, and asked her carefully whether it was true.

Susan had no choice. She knew William would find out if she refused. She again nodded her head.

The principal snarled. "Good," he said, and in one motion, had dragged her shorts down off of her hips and unzipped his own pants. He grabbed her by the shoulder and by the crotch and placed her on sitting on his desk. He thrust his large penis straight into her vagina, not caring about matters of lubrication or moisture. It probably hurt him almost as much as it hurt her to get inside of her, but he didnít seem to care. He wanted to fuck this sexy fifteen year old, always had, and intended to do so as viciously and selfishly as possible. Susan screamed and screamed as she was impaled and bludgeoned in this fashion, but her screams were taken by those outside the office to come from the princiapalís spanking , well known to be agonizingly painful.

The principal had been so eager and turned on by the situation that he came very quickly, after less than a minute. He just stood there, blown away by the intinseness of his orgasm, grabbing her nipples and pinching them as hard as he could. His pulsing penis burned inside of her. Finally, after a minute or so, he drew out of her, and replaced his pants. He did not allow her to replace her shorts. Instead, he told her to step out of them, and to remove her shirt. This she did, still crying. She had hoped that this fucking would take the place of the severe punishment which the principal had threatened.

It didnít. She received all of the licks that he had told her about. When he was done, he again pinched her nipples as hard as he could and jammed his tongue down her throat in some evil form of a kiss. Then he gave her five seconds to get dressed and leave the office, which she, in her panic, actually managed to achieve!

She was unable to sit down for the rest of the day, and everyone could see the incredible redness of her ass, the inside and outside of her thighs, and her belly, as well as the swolleness of her erect nipples thorugh her white joke-for-a-shirt.

This was the beginning of Susanís humiliation. When she went home that day, she received another five swats and five lashes for each infraction of school rules. William didnít care that he was the one who had forced her to break the rules. He had told her that anytime she was caught breaking a school rule, she would receive five swats and five lashes for each infraction.

Her mother smiled evilly while William explained this to Susan. Every day, Susan was called into the principalís office to receive punishment for breaking the dress code, and a fucking as payment for his trouble. She didnít receive punishements at home every day for these infractions, because the principal did not bother to call William at home any more before going ahead with the punishment. Because Susan was required to accept any and all sexual proposals, she quickly became the favorite slut on her high school campus. She was a freshman, and this made her all the more desirable to the Senior boyís huge erect penisis. Not a day went by when she wasnít dragged to the bathroom or locker room and repeatedly raped and humiliated. When she went to the girls bathroom, she would get beat up and spit on, because she had fucked pretty much everyoneís boyfriend.

One day, William and Kim took her to a football game, wearing nothing but a letter jacket. Not even any shoes, though it was a cold October evening. The jacket barely came down to cover the bottom of her ass, and he had her unzip it all the way to the bottom, so that, while her nipples werenít exposed to sight, anyone could tell that she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath. They had her walk around to various males in the crowd, on both the home side and the away side, and flash them whenever no one else was looking. At one point, they took her to the top of the away bleachers (which were made of metal and incredibly, painfully cold to the soles of her feet) and while no one on her side of the field was looking, they had her completely open her jacket so that the entire home crowd could see her standing exposed in the cold, if they were lucky enough to be looking.

When the game was about to be over, Susanís mother took some lipstick, and wrote on the front of Susanís body, over her breasts and midriff, " I want to fuck everyone." William then told her to walk into the home teamís locker room, remove her jacket, and lay on a bench in wait for the football team to come in. He told her that she was not to come home wearing the jacket, that she was to leave it in the locker room. He didnít care what she was wearing when she came home, but it could not be the letter jacket she had come to the game with. Susan did as she was told, knowing that her father would probe the boys on the team later to find out what had happened. Every member of the team fucked her that night, many of them two or three times. One brave lad decided he wanted to see what it was like to fuck a freshman in the ass, and several others followed suit. While she was being taken by one football player, others, impatient to have another turn, would stick their dicks in her mouth from behind the top of her head, shoving their dicks upside down all the way down her throat.

When they were done and it was time for everyone to go home, one of them actually volunteered to drive her home. "Is this jacket yours," he asked. She told him it wasnít. The team found an old tattered football jersey they had been using as a sweatrag, and told her to wear it. She did. The guy who drove her home had her suck on his dick while they were on the way to her house. The next morning, William sent Susan to school wearing only the jersey they had given her to wear.

It was torn and dirty and smelly, but actually covered more of her body than any other outfits she had ever been given to wear to school. But she was still called to the principalís office. He told her that she was in serious trouble today. He had received reports that she had engaged in voluntary sexual acts with twenty different people at a school function the night before. She acknowledged that it was true. The principal reminded her that voluntary sex acts on school time were considered to be major infractions of the student handbook., and that furthermore, her dress had crossed the line, that if anyone showed up to school wearing only one piece of clothing, they were considered officially nude. Nudity was also considered a major violation. He explained that she now had 210 swats coming, in addition to the usual sixty nine. That was two hundred and seventy nine swats.

He told her he couldnít possibly execute the entire punishment in one day, so he would divide the extra 210 over the next seven days. Instead of sixty nine licks, she would receive ninety nine for the next seven days. The extra thirty would be divided evenly between breasts, butt, and inner thighs.

He then fucked her violently in the ass, had her clean him with his mouth, gave her her ninety nine licks, and sent her to class. Her mother laughed and laughed when she heard about what had happened to her.

Susan was invited to parties. Girls would invite her to sleepovers, at which the main event would be Susanís complete humiliation and degredation. She was forced to be the official toilet at one sleepover. At another, several boys were invited as well, and she was told to suck all of them off, collect their cum in a glass, and to drink it all up. Later she had to do the same thing, except instead of drinking it, she had to smear it all over herself and then masturbate herself to orgasm. She was invited to parties by guys, as well, where she invariably found herself to be the main attraction, tied down as a decoration and sex toy in the middle of the room while everyone danced, stopping occasionally to fuck her, beat her, or burn her with cigarettes and matches. Susanís mother loved to know about these parties, and insisted that Susan go. The threat of being sold into slavery was constantly held over her head, so that she knew she had to go. At least in this household, she knew she wouldnít be killed and that she would receive basic food and lodging. She had no such guarantees on the undergound ring, since once she was sold, she would have absolutely no history and no one would be held accountable for anything done to her.

So Susan looked into her motherís eyes, remembering all this, knowing how much her mother loved to see her in humility and agony, and how much her mother loved to be in humiliation and agony herself. She knew she should hate her mother for what she had done to her. But she knew also that, even now, she considered her mother to be a fellow-sufferer, someone who had been misled into thinking she enjoyed seeing her family and herself completely tortured and humiliated. She knew she actually still sympathized with her mother, no matter how angry she was at her or how much she wanted her mother to suffer the same torments Susan had to go through every day.

She knew she still loved her mother.

William had asked her whether she did. She answered him, "yes, I do." William smiled. "Good, then, this should be effective! What we are going to do today, and perhaps for several weeks or months from this day, is have your mother suffer your punishment for you instead. Perhaps a third person look at the punishment you have incurred, a third person look at the suffering you are causing your mother, will be more effective." Susan stared wide eyed at her mother. Her mother was staring wide eyed at William. They were both absolutely shocked. Susan didnít know what to think or feel. She knew she had wished that her mother could taste the pain she felt in these times of torment. She knew that her punishments were far worse than the bondage and s&M games William and Kim played in their bedroom. This should be a dream come true for her. But she didnít want to be the direct cause of her motherís agony. She didnít want that kind of responsibility or realization. Kim, meanwhile, was aghast that William would take this step. She had never had to suffer any kind of pain or particular humiliation in front of her daughter. Anything William did to her was strictly behind closed doors.

Neither of htem moved, but both of them knew there was not going to be any naysaying when William made a decree in a situation like this. William commanded that they trade places. Slowly, Susan took her seat beside William, while Kim stood in front of them, visibly shaking. William commanded Kim to strip completely nude, and Susan to remove her silk shirt. They both did so.

William told Susan to read the list of infractions out loud, so that they would all know how exactly Susan had caused her motherís soon-coming torment to come about.

Susan gulped, took the sheet of paper from the armrest beside her. This was going to be a particularly sever punishment session, too, for today was report card day. Susan didnít know what grades she had gotten, but she knew they couldnít be good. They had gotten quickly and steadily worse ever since William had made her into the official school slut and toy. She was so busy being raped and abused that she missed most classes and couldnít pay attention in the once that she didnít miss. An A would earn her only two licks. A B earned five. A C earned 10, a D earned 20, and an F earned 50.

Susan read the paper.

"For earning an A in P.E. - two licks." Her mother was visibly relieved, but still shaking.

Susan and her mother both moaned as the next item was read.

"For earning an F in Geometry - fifty licks."

"For earning an F in World History - fifty licks."

"For earning an F in English - fifty licks."

"For failing for the semester - one hundred licks."

Kim wailed in terror. That totaled up to 252 licks. First with

the brush on her ass and legs, and then 252 more on her breasts, stomach, and front and inside thighs. "No!" she screamed. For this, William added an extra 10 licks, making the new total 262 licks.

Susan had never received that many. She didnít think she could take that many, and she was used to being punished. Her mother had never received any punishment like this. She didnít know what she would do. William, also, didnít believe Kim would be able to take these licks without moving out of position, and hence having to start over. So he explained that they would begin the punishment as usual, but if Kim moved around too much, he would start over, add ten to the count, and "mercifully" tie her wrists together, her ankles together, and have both these ropes tied securely to posts on the underside of the couch, her face position firmly in Susanís lap. William would then administer the remainder of the "spanking" from a standing position, coming down on her ass and legs from over the couch.

He then demanded firmly that Kim assume the position. Kim was crying loudly, and so was Susan, but her mother obeyed without question. She lay her pelvis on Williamís lap, and her face she positioned over Susanís private parts. William told Susan to push on Kimís head firmly, so that the sound of her screams would be completely muffled. Susan nodded.

He then began the punishment. Kim screamed and screamed from the first lick. Now Susan knew what it had been like for her mother during all those sessions. Susan understood where the pleasure her mother had been feeling had come from. Susan knew what an orgasm felt like - she was often forced to masturbate to orgasm while people watched - but she had never felt this kind of pleasure before. Williamís swats with the hairbrush translated directly into incredibly exciting occurances in Susanís genital area. The vibration of her motherís moans actually stimulated her clitoris, and every time the brush would come down, her motherís head would move back and forth frantically, stimulating Susanís vagina and clit even more. Susan actually closed her eyes, overcome with waves of pleasure from this incredibly evil stimulation. Just when she was on the brink of orgasm, Kim jumped up from her laying position and began to jump around embarassingly, her hands patting and rubbing her ass.

William had actually gotten up to lick number seventy five. But now, they had to start over, and this time, Kim would be receiving 272 licks, instead of 262. William grabbed her violently, instructed Susan to tie her ankles and knees together, and tied Kimís wrists together. He made sure the knots and loops were painfully tight, then instructed Susan to sit on the couch. He tied a rope to Kimís wrist restraints, and looped it through the cushions of the couch. He then had her lay over the arm of the couch, her butt exposed and vulnerable, and placed her face in Susanís lap again. He told Susan to shove her head into her privates as hard as she could, and Susan obeyed. William then took the rope that he had looped under the cushions, looped it through the structure of the couch, pulled it under the couch toward Kim, and tied the other end of the rope to Kimís knee restraints. She was now locked into position, unable to move from her exposed position at the arm of the couch.

William, a very powerful and enduring man, administers 272 hard swats to Kimís ass and the back of her legs without pause. He placed one hundred of them in a row in exactly the same spot, on her right leg just below the line between butt and leg. Kim was squealing like a pig at that point, before he finally moved on the rest of her hindquarters.

Susan came more times than she could count.

William rested when he was finished with this "spanking," but

after about ten minutes, untied Kim, and walked her over to the table. He tied her spread eagle, her head over the edge of the table, and she offered no resistance. She had been broken.

But Susan was not tall enough to put her private parts over Kimís head. Other arrangements had to be made. So William had Susan stand to the side, next to Kimís hand. Kimís arm was long enough that she was able to bend it down a little, as per Williamís command, and Susan was able to step into position over it. William had Kim insert four fingers of her hand inside Susanís vagina, and told her to grab Susan with her fingers and the thumb remaining outside the vagina by her pelvic bone, and not to let go.

William gagged Kim with two pairs of underwear, and taped over her mouth with several layers of masking tape. William then administered the whipping, all 272 lashes, divided between Kimís breasts, her stomach, the front of her legs, and the inside of her legs. Every lash caused her hand to thrust violently up into Susanís vagina, like she was being fucked standing up. The position of Kimís handhold on Susanís pelvic bone cause incredible amounts of clitoral stimulation, and Susan again came so often and so violently that she lost count. She almost dislocated Kimís shoulder because she was so weak in the knees she was unable at one point to support her self on her legs.

At 252 lashes, William decided to increase the severity of the punishment. He was really enjoying this reversal - Kim, the evil whore, receiving the humiliation and Susan, the ruined innocent, getting off on her own motherís agony. He stood behind Kimís head, took careful aim, and placed the last 20 lashes straight on Kimís cunt and clitoris. Kim was almost comatose with pain by this point, but when he began this more severe phase of the punishment, she managed to scream louder than she had ever screamed before. It was dangerously loud even with all the cloth in her mouth and her mouth sealed shut.

Susan continued to have waves and waves of orgasms.

William smiled when he was finished, and rested again. After

another ten minutes, he applied his healing solution to all of Kimís wounds, causing her to pass right out. Susan just sat on the floor, lost in thoughts of the incredible pleasure she had just suffered.

That still wasnít the end of it.

William explained that he had been wrong, that instead of feeling

empathetic agony, Susan had actually felt pleasure at seeing her mother in absolute agony. Susanís heart began to beat faster. William asked Kim, after he violently tore off her gag, whether she had felt Susanís pleasure. Kim nodded weakly. William asked her how that made her feel. Kim turned, looked straight at Susan, and said, as calmly as she could considering the pain she was in, "I hate that bitch."

William said, "good, thatís what I thought."

He then untied Kim. Susan sat there, not knowing what was coming

next. He sat Kim on a pillow, her back to the wall. He then told Susan to lay prostrate and nude on the cold floor in front of her mother, her face in her motherís cunt. As she did this, Kim, with suprising strength, grabbed Susan by the hair and jammed her face hard into her cunt. Susan found her face buried in her mother, her neck uncomfortably stretched upwards and back by her motherís eager grasping. Susan choked and gasped for air.

William told them that he was now going to whip Susanís back, legs, and ass, for as long as he felt he needed to to make up for Susanís orgasm shenanigans which they had just witnessed. Kim eagerly pushed Susanís face further and harder into her cunt.

Susan, choking because of her neckís uncomfortable position, coughed out agonized screams as William administered an uncounted but huge number of lashes all over Susanís back and legs. She knew her mother was orgasming almost immediately, and continued to do so for the whole hour it seemed to take for William to finally decide he was finished.

Even after william stopped, Susan continued to cry and Kim continued to masturbate on her face. Susan saw Williamís feet on either side of her, and knew that he had placed his dick in Kimís mouth. Her mother was getting off on Susanís face, while her stepfather was getting off on her motherís.

Then, before William came, he pulled out. He told Kim, "you know what I want. Tell Susan what I want." Kim moaned, and said in a moaning whisper, "Susan, raise up your ass into the air. Heís going to take you in the ass."

As always, Susan wailed even louder but did as she was told, knowing that she had to be completely obedient. William had actually never sexually touched Susan before. She had never had to do him any sexual favors, except to go around basically nude and to be his torture toy. He had never put his penis in any of her orifices, however, and had never made her give him a handjob. She had been incredibly glad for this, for Williamís penis was about as wide as a beer can, as far as she could tell, and about one and a half times as long. She never wanted that dick in any part of her, much less her tender and tight asshole.

She raised her ass into the air, obediently, her mother continuing to get off. William positioned himself behind her, and placed his dick at her asshole. He was moist from precum and from Kimís mouth, so the pain Susan felt didnít come from dryness.

He had barely penetrated with half of his head when Susan began frantically struggling. "Get it out! Get it out!" she managed to scream into her motherís vagina. Of course, that was going to cost her, later, and of course, would have no effect on what he was going to do to her ass.

He slid his penis in as fast as he could, which was not very fast because she was so tight. This lingering caused Susanís agony to be even greater and she continued to struggle.

Finally, with a pop, he got his penis in her asshole. She knew she had to be bleeding now, but William obviously didnít care. He considered it mere lubrication. He pumped in and out of her, purposefully pulling his whole head out and then shoving it back in so that he could feel her mortified struggles against his huge member.

He made sure not to let himself cum until he was sure Susan was almost unconscious. He watched his wifeís unbelievable, perky breasts bob up and down as she masturbated on Susanís face, and he watched his wifeís incredible expression of pure pleasure. As he watched these things, and as he felt Susan begin to go limp, he let himself go with a cruel shove as deep into Susanís ass as he could go. He kept it in there for several seconds, pumping his load, each pump swelling his penis so that Susan felt little twinges of pain with each squirt of semen. He then pulled almost all the way out, and shoved hard one more time, as deep as he could go, pumping the last of his cum into his stepdaughterís ass. At this point, Susan lost consciousness.

He just stood there for a long time, and Kim finally stopped, as well. They smiled at each other.

William woke Susan up by the application of his healing solution. During one of her openmouthed screams, he thrust his shitty penis into her mouth, cleaned himself off in her mouth and throat, and had her lick his entire penis to get any straggling filth that remained on his cock or balls.

Then he sent Susan to her room without any supper. Kim and William, excited by the knowledge that they now had a perfectly obedient sex and torture slave, made dirty nasty love for the rest of the night.