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C-Mail: The E-mail service to Ships on Sat-C

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is C-Mail?

C-Mail is the Crew email service provided via Singapore Telecom so that Families of Seafarers can send emails to the ship.


How does the C-Mail reach the ship?

The Email from the shore terminal reaches the Singtel server and from there the email is sent to the Ship via Singtelís Inmarsat Network. The email is then received by the ship on her Inmarsat-C terminal. This whole procedure takes approx 5 minutes.


I work on a Offshore support vessel (OSV), there is no Inmarsat phone or voice service nor are there any PCís on any of the vessels in our fleet. Can I still receive C-Mail?

With the advent of GMDSS, all ships are now fitted with a Sat-C terminal and all these Sat-C terminals are capable of receiving C-Mailís. This is irrespective of the type of your vessel whether it is a OSV or a VLCC nor is a PC required for receiving C-Mail.


All our company vessels have a operational E-Mail system but none of the Officers/Crew is allowed to receive personal E-Mail as then who pays for the Inmarsat usage time?

With C-Mail all the payments are made by the shore C-Mail user directly to us and neither the vessel nor the owners have to pay for any emails received by the ship.


What are the charges for the C-Mail Service?

C-Mail charges are US$ 0.18 for 256 bits.


Are the charges different if the vessel is in Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean or Pacific ocean areas of the Inmarsat network?

Irrespective of the position of the vessel all shore to ship C-Mail messages are charged a uniform US$0.18 for 256 bits


Are the any other charges viz registration, monthly subscription etc.?

Users will have to pay only for the actual emails sent to the ship, there are no other charges (There is no registration charge, nor is there any monthly subscription).


How will the payments be made?

Invoicing is on monthly basis and users will have to pay us on receipt of the invoice.


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