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This is how I remember the Milwaukee Road growing up in the 1950's. I left to make my fame and fortune elsewhere in the early 1970's and missed both the end of electrification and the demise of the Milwaukee in the west in early 1980. The last mainline Milwaukee train I saw was in July of 1979, east of Missoula and unfortunately it was in the ditch.

E71 Westbound at East Portal, Montana

E71 westbound at East Portal, Montana leads SD45 4000 and an FP45 still in the yellow passenger colors. This would date this photo as probably sometime in 1971. I recently obtained this original photo and I am unaware of who the photographer was.

2 Joes westbound near Stetson

This is a snowy spring shot just east of Stetson, Idaho. Two little Joes, Sd45 4005 and GP40 18 are leading their train westbound. A few of the GP40's were briefly renumered in 1973. I picked this slide up quite a few years ago and photographer is unknown.

A quiet afternoon in June of 1972 at Avery, Idaho

This was a quiet afternoon in June of 1972 at the Avery, Idaho roundhouse. In this photo we have a trio of GP9's, two sets of boxcabs E45 and E50(E50 was a veteran of the Coast Division and is preserved in Duluth) and a Little Joe. Actually I caught a few freights later, but this is the last shot I took of the Avery roundhouse area during electrification. Unfortunately I didn't catch the end of electrification on the Milwaukee; as I was 1500 miles away in New Mexico with no vacation time. click here to return to the main page