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The St. Maries River Railroad Clarkia Branch

The St.Maries River Railroad presently operates the former Milwaukee Elk River Branch line to the reload facility at Clarkia Idaho. Currently the St.Maries River Railroad hauls empty log flats 2 or 3 times a week from St.Maries to Clarkia. At Clarkia the empties are switched out for loaded log flats and returned to St.Maries. This is one of two current logging railroad operations in the western USA. The other is the Simpson Mill at Shelton, which hauls water logs to its Dayton Mill.

St.Maries #103 leads an empty train into the Clarkia Log Yard

The clouds have rolled in on this nice spring day in Clarkia; as St.Maries River Railroad GP9's #103 and #102 pull a string of empty log flats into the yard. In the late summer and fall this yard will be full of logs, to build an ample supply for winter.

St.Maries 101 at Fernwood, Idaho October 2005

Fall is approaching in North Idaho as St.Maries #101 and #102 lead 53 loads of white pine and cedar along the St.Maries River at Fernwood, Idaho on an early October afternoon in 2005. The former Milwaukee Road depot in Fernwood is still used for storage by the St.Maries River Railroad.

St.Maries 101 at Mashburn, Idaho October 2005

Here is a 500mm shot of St.Maries #101 leading her log train just short of the Mashburn siding. This siding is used for log car storage by the St.Maries. It is easy to follow the St.Maries between Clarkia and Santa, Idaho as HWY 3 parallels the St.Maries River Railroad. At Mashburn HWY 3 heads to St.Maries via Soldier Creek Canyon and while the railroad follows the St.Maries River. click here to return to the main page