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St.Maries River Railroad Mainline to Plummer

The St.Maries River Railroad operates 19 miles of the former Milwaukee Road mainline from St.Maries to Plummer, Idaho. This portion of the former Milwaukee mainline is 1% compensated from the center of the Benewah bridge to Plummer Jct. The line from St.Maries to the middle of the Benewah Bridge is the same elevation at 2145 feet except for a few slight variants in the St.Maries yard. From the Benewah bridge to the former Plummer Station is a climb of 502 feet from 2145 to 2647. The St.Maries River Railroad interchanges with the UP at Plummer as did the Milwaukee. There is no online business between St.Maries and Plummer Junction, for the St.Maries River Railroad.

St.Maries 102 crossing the Benewah Bridge 2001

St.Maries River Railroad GP9 #102 and GP9 #101 with 16 cars of finished lumber cross the Benewah Bridge in 2001.

St.Maries 102 Westbound on the Pedee Trestle

St.Maries GP9 102 leads a westbound train across Pedee Trestle. Pedee Trestle is a 13 span steel unballasted deck curved bridge, numbered EE 52 by the Milwaukee Road. From the middle of the Benewah Bridge to Plummer Jct is a 1% compensated grade. Just west of this bridge the Milwaukee had a 8186 foot siding which is still partially used by the St.Maries River Railroad MOW crews.

St.Maries 101 Approaching Plummer Jct.

This is a shot from the summer of 1994 with St.Maries GP9 #101 running long hood forward with a 14 car train approaching Plummer Jct, where they will set out these cars for interchange with the Union Pacific. The track to the left of the train is the former UP Wallace branch, which had been inactive for a couple of years at this time. The UP track was taken up in 1999 and is now part of the "Route of the Coeur d' Alenes" rails to trails path. click here to return to the main page