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Warbonnets in New Mexico

This page is dedicated to the ATSF or Santa Fe Warbonnets, unfortunately, the Warbonnets will eventually be gone. Since the merger of the Burlington Northern and the Santa Fe, it has been decided that the Warbonnets will be gradually phased out as repainting occurs. This page contains some examples of the Warbonnet including the SDFP45, which revitalized the Warbonnet scheme with the advent of the superfleet series.

#633 Eastbound near former Abo Station

Eastbound ATSF #633 DASH 9-44CW leads a stack train just west of the former station of Abo, which is actually east of Abo Canyon. A touch of snow still lingers on the ground on this day in the spring of 1995.

E/B 715 accelerates through Dalies, New Mexico

Dalies, New Mexico is a great place to watch fast trains and a seemingly endless parade of hot intermodals, AMTRAK and long drag freights. Dalies is just west of Belen and sometimes eastbounds are held just west of here for as many as five or six westbounds. On this day however a hot eastbound is not held and accelerates towards the crew change in Belen.


SDFP45 #93 on the last trip I saw her in the summer of 1998 west of Mountainair, New Mexico. I figured this might be one of my last chances to photograph #93 or any SDFP45 in action. I saw the unit, sandwiched between BN SD40-2 #7195 and a BN GP50, in Abo canyon. Luckily this was a drag freight and I was able to hike out of the canyon and drive ahead of her to get this shot west of Mountainair. This did turn out to be my last photograph of this unit. click here to return to the main page