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Here is some of the gear I got. Yep I know its not the best picture a person could take but its gonna have to suffice for now!

These are some of the knives I have made using a forge,anvil and files no powertools!

I suppose I should leave a spot in here for Bigmedcin's story tell'ns and stuff but seeings he's not here I better set the record straight before he even begins! All in all he's not a bad sort of guy if you want a black cloud around all the time! *BG* He'll have to tell of the time he went and missed 3 or 4 elk in the span of 45 minutes or so one day on the vast and mighty Peavine! or maybe about the time he threw a curve roundball into a critter (still baffles us to this very day!) Or even the time on deer mountain there was so many critters running around we didn't know which or where to shoot! I better leave that up to him to tell I certainly wouldn't want to get the "facts" mixed up!! *BG* Anyway he can sure hold a crowd with one of his yarns!!

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