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This is one of the grizzle ba'r tracks we come across while out in the mountains looking for such critters!

Heres A picture of Bigmedcin in all his glory! (notice the pout he always has!!

Now notice how I don't Pout like Bigmedcin I suppose he has gotten used to getting his butt kicked whenever we go out to the "MIGHTY PEAVINE"!

Heres a picture of our camp up in the mountains near a Godforsaken place called "Tanglefoot River" (it had been raining for 3 days straight!)

I guess I should include the majestic mountain we was perched under for the trip? Well Like it or not here she comes!

(I figure I'll move on to the next page, pick up yer stump an follow along and mind you don't spill the coffee pot when you lug it along to the next page! I think the brides are around back of the camp so don't be a staring to hard they got a wild side to them!

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