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Howdy and welcome to
Bigmed's and my page

Be patient with us we're new at this and she may have some deadends and such so bear with us here for a while!!


May The Good Lord Fill
Yer Traps And Yer Tummy-
May He keep
Yer Backside Warm 'N' Dry
Yer Travels Short...
And The Climb Gentle...
May He Lift Your Heart
To Soar With Eagles
Over Yon Shining Mountains...
And May He Especially...
Grant You His Mercy
And Keep The Blackfeet
On The Other Side O' The Creek.

Ole Bigmedcin Now he's around cause he's mighty entertaining and spins a good tale!(pretty dependable in Grizzle B'ar country to)

I'll have to get a little something on here from Bigmedcin's own mouth otherwise you good folks will never believe me! He'll tell you tales and give words of pure wisdom that will entertain you for your stay here in the mountains. You may have noticed we don't got a wood house built yet but we are a work'n on it thats for sure!

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*under construction* Hoping to get some mountainman recipes up on a page for those that like to eat "Real Grub"