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The on going Saga's of BIGMEDCIN"S "TRUE" TALES Hoooooooo Doggiesssssss!!!

The sun was just commin over the rockies as we broke camp,There were me an scruff,Ben,Joel,Hoppy an Ben's little brother Will,we be all headin fer FT-Semons on the Tangle Foot river.We had our plunder an pelts an we be a needin supplies,powder,shot an baccy was get mighty scarcely low.We had us two more days ride'n, an figgerin on bedd'n at Ralph Farly's cabin,it be on the big bend of the tangle foot,We made'r to Ralph's shack hour er two after dark, "Seems funny" scruff says to Ben an me,"where be Ralph's horses?""still out on his traps I figger" Joel says,"likely" Ben mumbled through his pipe an we carried on with look'n after our gear."Hey little Will make yer self of some use an head in an tell Ralph's flower we be needin some of her best beans an coffee","You be doin it yer self bigmed" replys young Will,"SKAT IN THE SHACK WILL OR ILL CLIP YOU ONE" yells Ben.Well with the brotherly love outa the way we continued stow'n our gear,SMASH THE CABIN DOOR FLEW OPEN sobb'n an crying young Will came staggering out,"THERE ALL UNDER HE CRYED OUT", joel looks through the door,"NO no not the littlins too,there all under scruffy! Ralphs flower an the two young'ns!",FFFFLUNK Hoppy takes an arrow in the back hitting his heart killing him stone dead,FFFFFLUNK young Will took an arrow in the left leg,"Come on Joel grab Will,get'em inside,THERE GOIN FER THE HORSES!!",yelled BEN,"we got to stop'em Bigmed",I ran up to the coral just in time to see one of them injun fellers fixin to head out the camp with are horses!!!! I raised my .58, all I could make out was a shadow of um,KAAPLOOM,I tetched one off as he was headin fer the trees,Just then Joel came runnin out the cabin,"young Will`s gunna be ok,where`s them heathin`s,LOOK OUT JOEL" scruffy shouted,"ON THE ROOF"!CRACK,joel took a tomyhawk off'n his skull,SCRUFFY FELL TO ONE KNEE,ALL HUNKERED IN FLASH,KAAPLOOM ROARED HIS BIG .58,"YA BARKED HIM SCRUFF",I yelled,"I think it be over",shakin ta beat hell I fumbled tu shove tuther ball down the tube,"check on joel scruff I am agoing after Ben."I capped my .58 an ran over to were I last seen Ben,sadly up agin a tree I FOUND Ben still holdin his shooter,seems like he had a dry fire,he took a knife under his short rib an went ta the spirit land.I went over to were I last seen our horses running,I found that young brave I lined up on,seems he took a ball just below the neck,I figger we be a keepin our horses.I lead them back to the cabin,the air was still heavy with smoke,"Scruff how bad are we." Scruffy answerd kinda shaky,"Joel`s`perdy busted up en little Will is fair, but HOPPY!!""I know scruff,I know.hows Ben?" "he`s under too scruff.""Damn it all, common scruff we got things tu tend to" Well Scruffy and I went on tu bury Ben an Hoppy as well as Ralph`s kinfolk. young Will an Joel were gunna be ok with some care'n,we stayed till Ralph got back next afternoon,that was a tuffin break'n news to him about his kin. Pondering back on that night leaves me with a cold chill tu this day!!


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