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BIGMEDCIN"S "TRUE" TALES Hoooooooo Doggiesssssss!!!

Best you be checking yer weapons on account yer come'n into hostile country and we don't want to be bringing news of yer demise back to yer loved ones! So if yer a bit squeamish just hit yer back button to safer ground! where there be a slim piece'a civilizashun pardner.

Well Here it is Tales from the Heroic BIGMEDCIN!! I certainly hope you enjoy the complete and "accurate" accounts of some of the tales and Adventures Bigmedcin has participated in!! *BG* (NOTE: The stories are just as they were originally written to protect the value of them and the integrity of Bigmedcin)


The bush was quiet almost spooky,as I stood at the ready at the bottom of the ridge,I was cover'n scruffy on the low side,then it started .58s were scream'n over head,like comets they had 2 foot tails after them, fire was heavy,they were off so fast I lost count,I knew I had to get there fast,scruffy was in bad,I reached the top,yelling,"Scruffy.......Scruffy" I got your back where are you??,all I found was spent speedy loaders,one here, another off to the side,then I heared him yell,"MORE SPEEDY LOADERS, we're in thick Bigmedcin!!" , goes his last round,seeing the fix my pard was in I yelled heads up as I pitched two loaders his way an at the same time KAAPLOOM...I launched a .58 at the target. two more rounds each and it was over,smoke hung heavy,are faces black, we just looked at each other,chests were gasping for air and hearts raceing.we had done it slain the mighty bruin,800lbs-7ft,he will no longer pray on are helpless live stock,It was sad in a way as we stare down at him,he was a mighty beast. we don't talk about that day much............... Bigmedcin.


Well thats no.1 I am sure I will drag some more up later!!


IT was late november snow was knee high,Scruffy and I were out on a week long trek,deep into the mighty peavine badlands to be checkin on our traps and sech,on the second night we were finishing our pipes and pot a coffee,when we noticed the noise, there weren't any,no owls,no wind,noth'n,see times were tuff in them parts food was scarce fer critters,pickings was slim,In a heart beat our worst fears came true,EXPLODING INTO ARE CAMP,"WOLVES" SCRUFFY SHOUTED dern right they were wolves!!!,eight er ten of them,teeth biggern knives spittin fire an eyes of the devil his self,Two went fer scruffy right off,I raised my .58 KAAPLOOM!!!! down went the heathin still snapin at his wound,"HANG ON SCRUFFY!!!" I screamed goin fer a reload,they were all over us ONE SMASHED ON TOP OFF ME kickin and shoutin I was fightin fer all I was worth!!!! KAAPLOOM a report from Scruffy his belly gun still smokin in his hand,He had stuck home an the big cridder It slumped on top off me,kickin out from under that cridder I new Scruffy still had his hands full,off 175 pounds of hell'n fire,I draws my gutter knife an heads fer Scruffys aid,IT were bad,scruffy down on one knee holdin that big male pack leader with one hand and slashin away with his gutter knife,one of Scruffs ears gone,his lip torn away,bleed'n my own self I scrambled over to Scruff,hack'n an slashin we drove him off!!!,IT were bad, dern near lost Scruffy that night,next morning I was able to round up one of our horses,the wolves got the uther two,I got Scruffy up on that mount wrapped up in wool blankets we headed fer the cabin. To this day when Scruffy an I hears a wolf howl'n our eyes drop to the ground....... we have respect fer the cridders.


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