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So what exactly is this fan club about??

Well, the Unofficial Sabor Fan Club is a place where people, the fans of Sabor, can come together and show the world how much Sabor is loved and admired. This is the ONLY and the FIRST Unofficial Fan Club for Sabor. I decided that I wanted to get people to come to a place where they can share in their love for Sabor, and truthfully, ALL of the Disney "villains." This is a non-profit fan club, which means it's FREE!! And I know we all LOVE free things!! Of course, because it's free, I do not have any gifts to give out to members. But, members can put the fan club button on their web sites, they get their web site listed on the "Web Pages" page, and if they wish, they can post a picture of themselves and include information about themselves. Once again, this is a free thing, so their are no charges. I just want the fans of Sabor to come together and to show the world that Sabor is loved. And just to clear one thing up, you DO NOT have to have a web site on Tarzan. Your web site can be about anything you wish and you can still join the fan club. Heck, you don't even need a web page because you can still have your name listed on the "Members of the Unofficial Sabor Fan Club" page. So, come on, join up and show the world your Sabor spirit!!