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Rodeo - Rodeo - Rodeo!

I love rodeo! Living here in Northern Montana I do get to see a lot of it!

There's nothing better, or more exciting than watching a skilled athlete compete against an ornery 4-legged beast.

My favorite? BULL RIDING! How about you?

Who are your favorite riders? Mine is Tuff Hedeman for bull riding! Three time World Champion for PRCA plus PBR past Champ! He's now been inducted into the Cowboy Hall Of Fame!

For Saddle Bronc Riding my favorite is Dan Etbauer! I love his style! See it for yourself by clicking here! You will need a movie viewer to see this clip, & it may take up to 5 minutes to load.

For Bareback Riding, none other than Deb Greenough! (Now retired) You rarely see this tough cowboy without a smile on his face! He's also the 1993 World Champion!

In Calf Roping...well Cody Ohl of course! World Champion for 1997 & 1998!

Steer Wrestling, Brad Gleason! World Champion for 1997!

Geez! Can you tell I love the rough stock events? All the events are great, but I am partial to the roughstock. I hope to soon have pics of my other favorite contestants. But since I rarely get out of Montana...unless they come here that may not happen. I can dream can't I?

Visit the Professional Bullrider's Page

OR visit the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association's Page

Here's a picture of Tuff & I. Do I look happy or what?

To see Tuff's fan club info click here.
For the form to fill out to join Tuff's fan club click here.
You can also print the form & mail it in!

Jerome! Our prayers are always with you!

Another of my favorite bullriders, Jerome Davis, was seriously injured March 14, 1998, during Tuff's event in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jerome is now facing the biggest challenge of his life! He is working at being able to walk again after breaking his neck after being thrown from the bull "Knock 'Em Out John".

Jerome, if you see this know we are all pulling for you! You have made so much progress, I just know you will be out of that chair & running before you know it! Our prayers are with you!

To help Jerome, donations may be sent to:
Jewel Babtist Church
6162 Brook Circle
Archdale, NC 27263

Many of you may or may not know that rodeo cowboys are not like other professional cowboys. They do not have contracts that pay them whether they win or lose. If they don't win...they don't get paid! They must pay their way into an event in a rodeo. If they don't win, they just lost their money. They also have to pay their way to & from events. These fellas are not multi-millionaires taking a free ride. They work for every penny they make!