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coming 2001...
 Chrono Cross Holds Its Own?  

While everyone has been hyping about Square's trademark game, Final Fantasy IX, little attention has been given to its other franchise, Chrono Cross. Released back in the days of Nintendo, Chrono Trigger has been hailed as one of the best RPG's ever created. But with a sequel out, will that coveted title be taking away from its predecessor?  FULL STORY

 Skating Fame Twice?  

The first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater earned skating a place in the video game industry as a solid genre for gamers to purchase. Now that the sequel has arrived, see if it can exceed the awe that the first game invoked into gamers and even break more grounds than it already has. By the way, James' school is featured in the second level as the "Southern California School." Go Rancho Go!    FULL STORY

 No More Partying For the N64  

Since the first debut, Mario Party has been famed for its highly addictive yet simple gameplay. It has also been targeted for a nationwide injury of the palm for spinning the little joystick too quickly. Nevertheless, it has been a trademark game for the Big N and seeing that this is the last Mario Party you will see before GameCube comes out, Nintendo has every intention to make this series end with a bang.  FULL STORY

 Early Pics of Sonic Adventure 2  


Having been out for a year, another sequel to Sonic Adventure is underway. All we have right now is eye candy from Sonic Team, but it will be enough to hold over die hard fans for sometime.  Click Here For All Pictures 

 Join Our Forums Today!  

Integral to the sites longevity is our forums which is nearing its one year anniversary in January. We have a comprehensive lists of members who on a daily basis come by and offer their two cents on issues pertinent to video games or anything else for that matter. We want to offer you this opportunity to register to our forums, one you can ALWAYS depend on to be around. If you are interested click on the register link in the navigation menu. Thank you. 

 Snake Steams Up Hype  

With nearly two years past since the last MGS, Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty is creating hype for its PlayStation 2 debut. Set in New York, Solid Snake embarks on a new adventure in lush backgrounds that should get any game to have their jaws touch the ground from shock. See the preview we have for the "It" game of 2001.  FULL STORY

 From Dolphin to Gamecube  

At SpaceWorld 2000, Nintendo launched its next generation system, the Game Cube. But even before that, were a batch of technical demos Nintendo displayed, regarding the console's powers. Shigeru Miyamoto demonstrated the Dolphin's powers with the display of countless Mario clones performing different acts in unison. We've got several images of what you would've seen if you were present at the expo. Get the scoop on Luigi's Mansion, Meowth's Party, and Metroid Cube.

Delay after delay, who would have thought Nintendo would ever release any information on its covert project? Last year, Nintendo promised to launch the "Dolphin" during the holiday seasons. Unfortunately, they postponed the release towards Spring of 2001. Then announcing its next-gen to release more towards Summer. Now the date has changed once more. But the good news is Nintendo has finally decided to show off their new system, now known as the Game Cube not the blatantly absurd name Star Cube. The system is surprisingly... a cube. We've got the official specs, as well as the exclusive photo shots of their latest project.  

Who is developing for GameCube?  FULL STORY 

 Flashback of the Moment  

Seeing that this is our 7th version of the site, we figured we honored some remnants of our past here every so often. The following is a picture we actually received from a visitor of our site, Michael Batista. We actually received some fan art, which is a miracle in itself. We hope that we will get the point where we will have a tough time posting choosing which fanart to post.

 Random Posts From Our Forums  

"YES!! Oh, and I liked the first one [Silent Hill] because it was different than all of the other games in it's category. There's just cooler stuff like flying demons and alternate universes. I thought it was just really cool." - VyseBlueRouge

"Visual memory Unit, it saves up to 200 memory things, it also plays minigames, I think keeps the date and time, has a in game card game rite? also in resident evil code veronica you can see you health rite on the screen, so it has some other special stuff like that too." - luvseeka45

"I think I have to go with Britney... she was here first.... well that is she came into the scene first.... and even though she's a fake performer... she still sings good and dances good..." - TheManWitaPlan

 Introducing... Gaming Precinct 7.0  

After school began this past September, the once updated site slowly eroded into what you have expected of us, nothing. We have decided to get our act together especially since a new year is upon us, giving us the right time to improve our site and actually make it as popular as our forums. Particularly, the forums have been successful because of our ability to update it at our convenience.  We hope to bring this fame back here as well. Our latest version includes much simpler layout designs and better informative articles that we hope are of some use to some of you. No doubt, the next months will surely be interesting as far as our future is concerned. The staff is replenished to the three regulars and one who is pending whether or not he should take part in the site. Nevertheless, we can use any help that you can offer. Another way you can help is simply joining or forums and join the discussions. Inviting your friends is effective as well. We are currently working on: news stories, re-editing layouts, and establishing communication between each of the staff members to get the most possible updates.