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Potter's Syndrome Webring

Welcome to the Potter's Syndrome Webring.

This ring was created for parents who have lost their babies to Potter's Syndrome. Potter's Syndrome is very rare and so there is little information out there about it. Most people don't hear about it until someone they love or they themselves are faced with the diagnosis. This ring will hopefully link together those who have any experience or information at all. If you know of ANY reliable information about Potter's Syndrome, please email me. The more people know, the more research will be demanded. Please join this ring if you have a page with information about Potter's or if you have lost a child or have created a page for a friend or family member who has lost a child to Potter's. Also, below is a link to a support group for Potter's Syndrome parents. Please keep the URL in mind just in case someone says to you, "I never even knew what Potter's Syndrome was..." There is support for them and they do not have to be alone.

Potter's Syndrome Support Group

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