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Philippe A Pierson



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Favorite Links

*   Panama Rock

*   Miami Party Page

*   Best Weather Page

*   Cheap Plane Tickets Within Europe


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Contact Information

E-mail address




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Current Projects

*   Petroleum Engineering

*   Traveling Europe and Asia

*   Getting to know my self


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Biographical Information

Currently living in Orlando, Florida.  I have traveled the world I do not consider my self as being from a specific country, race or religion. I believe the world is our backyard and no place is to far to explore and call home.

In the summer I may be found in Europe traveling throughout the gorgeous country of Switzerland or Relaxing at my house in Germany. On occasions however, I may be in South and Central America enjoying the warm climate and exotic beaches.


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Personal Interests

*   Traveling

*   Sports, Sailing, Mountain Biking, Snow Boarding

*   Fish Keeping


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Last revised: 8-20-04