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Courier Mail 30/5/00

Last Updated ~ 9th October

Talk is getting literally HEAPS of airplay @ the moment.
No concrete/specific news as to when the album will be coming out, as of yet.


Their single "Talk" - released 1st May 2000
talk talk
* Talk, Raising Atlantis, A Good Day For Living, Tastes Like A Lemon (Live) *

"if the money's right" EP - released 28th June 1999
if the money's right if the money's right
* she keeps souvenirs, where i come from, if the money's right, tastes like a lemon, your latest drama *

Pretty Violet Stain is: Shane Nicholson (Guitar/Vox/Songwriter), Nathan Lockwood (Guitar, wasn't there for if the money's right EP), Scott Rutherford (Bass) & Brad Taylor (drums).

They were featured on Triple J's Unearthed Volume 3 with "where i come from" (under the band name of Freak).

The Zoo, June 5, 2000 (supporting the Doves & Alex Lloyd)

Pretty Violet Stain have been doing the rounds in support spots of late, on the back of their single 'Talk'. This appears, as do the other regulars, with their set now as tight as you're likely to see it. With their stand-out singles and their variety of mellow and upbeat songs, PVS have it all set for the release of their debut album, which should be a corker.

Extract from Time Off, June 14, 2000
Article by Darren Swan

The Zoo, Brisbane, March 11 2000 (supporting Magic Dirt & Shihad)

Earlier in the evening, Pretty Violet Stain warmed things up with a highly enjoyable set of guitar pop. While this is the kind of stuff you've all heard before (fuzzed-up guitars, bouncy rhythms, pretty melodies), the Stain have the happy knack of making these hackneyed elements sound like you're hearing them for the first time, thanks to some fine songwriting and the band's tight, energetic playing. All in all, there's quite a bit to get exited about here.

Extract from Rave Magazine, March 22, 2000
Article by (the not-so-kind) Brett Collingwood

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