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Special Orders

If you want me to make you something please send it to ME. I will make these for any band or singer, actors & actresses. Just please include at a minimum what is asked under each thing!

Banners:(advertisments that people can display for your site!)
~Name of Site
~2 short phrases that tell what is on the site
~any pics you want on the banner(send as attachments)
~if you want the webmaster's name(if so, whats the name

Buttons:(kewl buttons for people to get to links on your site)
~title of button
~i can make a picture the backround, so send it as an attachment

Faces:(hollow letters of a persons name, not filled in with color, but with a pic of the person)
~Name as you would like it to be(i.e. all caps, full name, first&last name only, etc.)
~Pics for letters(either a few pics repeated or enough for all letters in name)

Backrounds:(backrounds of the person/group you want)
~10 Pics to use

Dividers:(a neat way to divide contents on your page)
~3-5 colors to use
~vertical or horizontal stripes