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My Script-by Me NEW CLICK ON "SPECIAL ORDERS" TO HAVE ME MAKE ASSORTED EXTRAS FOR YOUR WEBSITE! if you want your page on my page, email me---> THIS PAGE IS UNDERGOING MAJOR CONSTRUCTION!!! I have been so lazy but now i am totally redesigning this page with a whole new look! come back and see it done in another couple months! sorry so long a wait, but its gonna be good! check up on the progress frequently!

hey! wanna help me improve this page? if so, email me(see above. i already have pics, wavs, "special saves", and news planned)

if you are on one of my other pages and you want to get back here, click on the running dog. don't forget to sign my guestbook! i also wanted to apologize for the ad. it's a requirement now so, theres not much i can do. sorry!

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