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Updated 10-13-1999 CAT-5
Sakura and Pochi Ninja Cadets!

Also known as Ninja Mono

Original Story and Character Designs by Eiji Suganuma

Produced by A.I.C. and Youmex

Brought to America by AnimeWorks, a division of Media Blasters

Hayashi and Matsuri

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I'd like to apologize to everyone who's send me e-mail lately. I haven't had much of a chance to reply to anything, and I'm sorry if you've been waiting. Here's some quick responses to the most frequently asked questions:

  • The two episodes released are the entire series. Yeah, it's kinda short, and I feel cheated too, but I guess that's the way it goes.
  • According to Animenation, there's a Ninja Cadets DVD coming out 1-25-2000. Check their website for more info.
  • The copy of NC that I rented didn't have any audio defects. If anybody else had problems with their tapes, let me know. Maybe Media Blasters had a bad batch or something. Try e-mailing them and asking if they can explain the problems or replace the tape.
  • There don't appear to be any NC multimedia files online. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. It's hard to say. If anyone knows where I can find MP3s or RAs or the ED theme, let me know so I can link it. Thanks!
The Story
Pochi, Kaoru, and Hayashi In feudal Japan, two forces--the virtuous Byakuro and the evil Kabusu--are at war. One night, a group of Kabusu ninja brutally attack the Byakuro castle. Their objective? The infant princess of Byakuro, who is said to have within her a power beyond comprehension. The child, ignorant of her past, is sent into hiding and raised as ninja. Years later a group of young Ninja Cadets, including the now-grown princess, is sent on mission to retake Byakuro castle and find a missing scroll in order to complete their training. Sakura, Pochi, Matsuri, Hayashi, Yume, and instructor Kaoru split into pairs and head into enemy territory. But little do they know that Kabusu assassins are tracking them, and they still want the princess...
The Characters
Image Gallery
Sakura and Pochi Pochi's Ninja Mono Page - One of the best pages I've found so far. He's compiled quite a lot of info and tons of images. A must-see page!
Ninja Cadets! - A huge image gallery and a great plot synopsis. Highly recommended!
Hothead - A cool page mostly dedicated to Matsuri.
Leri's Ninja Mono Page - A new page on the NC scene that looks like a potential winner. Keep checking back as I'm sure she'll have more info and pics real soon!
Akemi's Anime World Review - An in-depth review of NC with a very good screen shot gallery.
Ninja Mono Festival - An article on Ninja Cadets at EX.
A Ninja Mono Review - by Lord Carnage.
A Ninja Cadets Image Gallery - Courtesy of The Anime Archive.
Another Ninja Cadets Image Gallery - This one courtesy of Fran Kan.
Cosmic Comics - An anime and manga wonderland. They do special orders and can get just about anything. Check out their homepage for info on new releases, including Ninja Cadets.
Anime Web Turnpike - If you don't know what this is, you've probably been living under a digital rock. It's time to crawl out and see just how amazing the Anipike is.

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