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This page contains the latest news on Umbria Investigations, webpage changes, and member locations and additions.

April 14, 1999--The reunion of the team didn't last a month--Scott left Missoula to pursue a job offer up north. Between his absence and a rainy winter, we didn't get much done in the way of photography, but we have been making contacts and doing reasearch and planning. Our biggest news involves the Dumas Brothel Restoration in Butte, Montana.

October 22, 1998--New pictures were added. One picture added to the Pauper's Field page. A new investigation site and section, Slateford, Pennsylvania was added. This section currently contains five photographs.

October 2, 1998--Forms for Membership in Umbria and reporting cases, hauntings, and phenomena.

September 21, 1998--It appears that the original Umbria group, separated since April, will be reunited in October. The third member of our group will be returning to Missoula around the 13th of next month. This is good news for us and for anyone wondering when we'll be getting more pictures up en masse. With the group reunited and possibly some new members, there should be more photos coming soon.

September 16, 1998--Information was added to the contact page. New members are currently being sought, both for active and branch memberships.

Coming soon: Biographies of the Umbria team members.