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Umbria Paranormal Research Team was founded in November 1997, dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal incidents. Umbria is based in Missoula, MT and focuses primarily on ghost and spirit investigation.

Our current projects include our continuing investigations of St. Mary's Cemetary and the University of Montana, as well as a summer project in Butte, Montana. We are planning investigations in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho; Big Hole Battlefield, Montana; and possibly Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana.

In addition to investigations, we are also involved in the development of the "Haunted Montana" program, which we hope to broadcast on KUFM, our local PBS station. We also received a request from a gentleman in Philadelphia to participate in a television project about haunted campuses.

Umbria was the Roman goddess of things that are secret or hidden, and goddess of shadows.

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Area Representative, American Ghost Society

Missoula, Montana Chapter

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