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Moksha Quartet really began in spring of 1999. During this time Brian and Jack spent alot of time with other guys in the dorms listening to Greyboy Allstars, Herbie Hancock's Headhunters and everything in between. Jack asked Brian if he wanted to start a band. Brian said, "yeah, man."
So now they had the idea to start a band. Now they just needed to find the band. Sax, bass, drums, keys. No problem. Summer was here and Jack and Brian were very excited about the band. It would be funky. Summer was over and they still hadn't found a drummer or piano player. Then one day Jack found Chuck.
Chuck was in Jack's music theory class. Jack asked Chuck if he wanted to play in his band. Chuck said, "yeah, man." Chuck didn't suck and he had a place to practice, so he was in the band. Now they had to find the keys player.
After not finding a damn keys man, they decided to look for a guitar player instead. Jack knew Jeff from somewhere. He asked Jeff if he wanted to be in his band. Jeff said, "yeah, man."
Jeff played with the Moksha Quartet and they decided that he didn't suck either, so he was in the band. He is funky as all hell and all the girls think he is cute.
So that is the story of how the Moksha Quartet was formed. Please check the shows calendar so you know when to get your funk on.