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miK4Kim MIDI page

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Some of my Favorite Places to go lookin' for MIDIs

Yellow print denotes PRIMARY class of music available.
Lime print denotes ADDITIONAL genre and INFORMATION.

The Music Page

If you're looking for a MIDI to "grab and go" this isn't the place for you! If you're looking for a place to spend a few hours, pouring over Classical and original art, copious notes and memorabilia while listening to concerts in the park, then by all means go!! RUN like the wind!!! It's an absolutely marvelous place to visit! You must go here and as a bare minimum, marvel at the work that went into this website!!
The Desert Gallery.. ah!! A festival of sight and sound !!

MIDI File Central

Awesome! MIDI's, lyrics, links to other MIDI sites, MFC Chat. Funky, classical, rock, pop. TV, Movie and Stage themes, national anthems, country and Elvis! This is a must see, must go!!

Mike Peterson's Classic Rock

Arranged alphabetically by artist. Very user-friendly! This is one of the first places I go lookin' for stuff when I want classic rock! No frames! No glitz! Easy to navigate and fun to do!

Mike Peterson has other stuff too!

and Rock!!

MIDI Haven

Deb Ackley has a beautifully done page of MIDIs of all shapes and sizes! Patsy Cline to Stevie Wonder and all stops in between!
Kids to Gospel, Classical to Reggae!
Gotta check it out! A particularly kewl feature is her "continuous play jukebox!" I can't say enough GOOD about this phenomenal website! Big Band Classical, Country, Dance/Pop, Demos, Disco, Disney, Funk, Gospel, Jazz & Blues, Kids, Latin & Brazilian, Oldies, Piano, Pop, Ragtime, Reggae, 60's Rock, Classic Rock, TV & Movie Themes

Jack's Shack

I'd like to say that this is the last place you'd ever have to look to find that MIDI you want, but I know better! *grin* There are files hidden far and wide, but Jack has a bunch of 'em!! Bluegrass, Spiritual, Big Band, Classical, Country, Oldies, Pop & Rock, Ragtime, Children's stuff, Holiday/Christmas, Easy Listening, Led Zep and a huge Beatles collection! Another totally user friendly web-site.
And God bless Missy.

Smick & Smodoo's World

There's no way to describe this site in just a few short sentences! In addition to a wide variety of MIDI files, they've got stuff here for kids, young and older. Their wedding pics, coloring books, Country music MIDIs, the Big Bands, Dance Tunes and of course, the Old Codgers' Midi Page! Old time Rock'n'Roll and Stardust. This is another place you can come and spend the day!

MIDI Archives

A virtual stockpile of Classical .mid files - over 4,200 of 'em!
Here's where you wanna be if you're lookin' for Classical!

Michi-Web MIDI Archive

J.J.Meddaugh has done a nice job of allowing quick access to MIDI files grouped by genre as well as by artist. Not a lot of glitz; easy to navigate.


Probably one of the best known places to go for MIDIs! Chances are, if there's a MIDI on the net, you'll find it here. A bit of a pain to get into, but once you're there... more music than you can shake a stick at!! Just how much music CAN you shake a stick at!?? *grin*

MIDI Might

I love this site too! It's simple to use and there are over 1,500 MIDI files packed away here! Three cheers for Acadiana Internet Service Provider!

Vikram's MIDI Fest

This is like the Sam's Club of MIDI files! No glitz - all just good ol' easy to pick through files. All kinds of music - Pop/Rock, 1950's and 60's, Reggae, anthems, Country, Stadium (sports), Jazz, Motown, Bluegrass, Christmas, Spiritual / Gospel, Japanese Anime, Movie and TV theme and, of course modern Pop and Rock can be found here!!!

Standard MIDI Files on the Net

This is THE PLACE to go when you're looking for links to other MIDI pages. Since anyone can enter their page here there could be some bogus links - that is, links to pages which don't have any MIDIs. But the vast majority of links here are legitimate. This also features a Search engine which makes locating your requests a lot faster!!

The MIDI Pile Collection

There aren't any MIDIs directly linked from here. This is a great place to look for OTHER MIDI sites.

The Music Room

I like this place! Classical, Rock, Country, Easy Listening, Movie & TV themes, inspirational, boogey, ragtime and more! Nice place to visit. Not really "glitzy" but a fun and interesting environment in which to surf for your fave tunes!

The Complete MIDI File Directory

I really like this one!! It's another user-friendly site - organized by genre. Make your selection and it'll show you dozens of sites where you can find what you're lookin' for!
It's sites like this that helped me realize how stupid it was to try to link all the MIDIs on the net to miK4Kim's!! Yeeesh!! Well, it was a thought!! *grin*

CPR's MIDI Archives

This one gives you choice... glitz or no glitz, frames or no frames. Arranged by genre. Features a search by artist or title. I like this site because of its ease of navigation and variety.

Ultimate MIDI File Collection

Yeah!! I know! Everyone wants to say theirs is the "ultimate" but this one's good. Frames. Links by genre. TV, Movies, Video Games, Plays & Musicals, Classical, Dance, Jazz, Rock, Alternative. Also has some FAQs about MIDIs for those of us who need a little tutoring before we jump in with both feet. Oh, this is one that's kept current too with a little flare for the home-grown look. I like it!

Ultimate Theme Song MIDI Page

Okay!! This guy deserves to stick "Ultimate" up there!! I haven't seen a more extensive list of .mid files for Movie and TV Themes! And when he's done with that, there's even a limited selection of other MIDIs for rock, jazz, oldies, easy listening, classical and funk!!

Gerd's MIDI Page:
the Collection

This is an interesting page of Classical, Pop and Piano .mid files. We are offered a .mid sampling of .zip packs available for d/l. Maybe you'll find it here!

Here are a number of other sites you might explore in search of that "Just Right" MIDI file!

DannySoFt MIDI Archive

A limited collection of Mozart, Brahms & Beethoven. Madonna, Beatles and Greenday; some TV themes and Christmas MIDIs

WildOne's Top 20

Hrvoje, from Zagreb,Croatia has put together a top 20 list of MIDIs and invites you to vote for your favorites!

Live Audio Links

Here's one that has a few MIDI's squirreled away. Check it out!

Jordan's MIDI Files

Jordan has 30-40 MIDIs, mostly Rock/Alternative. Links to other places too. I'm not sure how often he updates.

Bob Mace's MIDI Files

Alphabetically arranged by title. Simple to find it if it's there.

The Ultimate Cool-band MIDI Page

Arranged by artist. Modern and Classic rock. Frames. A good collection with "attitude!" I don't know about the "ultimate" part, but it's a good site to grab some cool sounds!

MidiWorks.Ca Home Page

For soft jazz, easy listening, swing, big band kinda stuff and ballroom dancing, this Toronto man has given us a rich resource. It's one of those places that's just nice to visit when you're "In the Mood!"
(Okay, I know... pun intended!! *chortle*)

Jo's MIDI Files

Here's a small collection of themes, country and rock .mid files. It just might have a little something you're lookin' for.

George's Funky Hole in the Ground

Another list - a potpourri of themes, country, rock, alternative and other tunes.


Brent Lane has arranged all of the tunes on this page!! Not a large volume, but what's there is fantastic!! I look forward to Brent sequencing many more!!! You've gotta hear these!! Quite a few Oldies that I haven't found anywhere else.

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