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11/21/99 - I added some info about the Warner Brothers Pay-Per-View site. They have a chat with Carrie Ann Moss Tuesday, the 23rd. Check it out

11/14/99 - New Section!!! RPG was added today, with info on my charcter Zephyr. I also added more links.

10/28/99 - I added some info on Neo's boots today. Check it out.

6/20/99 - I added a counter and I am stil working on a few things so don't be mad if everything doesn't work. I put in a puzzle that I made with Livestage in the Games section. It's kind of small. but hey, I'm trying. Oh yeah, if this font looks normal, that means that you don't have the font Orbit-B BT. I will soon have it on my site so don't worry.


6/7/99 - My page is finaly done. I have modified the navigation window to fit 640 x 480 screens. This is the optimum size for my site. The rings will work as soon as my site numbers are okayed by the Webmasters. Thanks.