Special Order Fine Jewelry by Mark Somers

Graduate Gemologist

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The following images are of Special Order Jewelry created by Mark Somers

Hand wrought wire ring with Citrine.

Fantasy Cut Amethyst set in hand carved gold mounting

Hand wrought wire ring with Citrine.

Large pear shaped Citrine in a hand wrought wire ring. The yellow gold sets off the yellow-gold of the Citrine.

Hand wrought wire ring with Citrine.

Another angle of the large pear shaped Citrine in a hand wrought wire ring. The twisted wire that is seen is also hand crafted.

Hand carved jaguar ring wax.

Hand carved wax of a jaguar. The wax carving is then encased in plaster and set up in a burn-out kiln, the wax melts out of the plaster mold then the cavity that is left is filled with metal. In this case gold. The casting was then cleaned up, chased with a graver to bring out the fur, then polished.

Hand carved jaguar ring wax.

Rough casting of the above Jaguar wax just out of the plaster mold.

Freeform gold Channel set Diamond.

Large Diamond channel set in exotic freeform design.

Hand made Jade ring.

Jade Special cut cabochon in a gold ring. Jade is very durable.

Hand wrought twisted wire gold pendant pearl enhancer.

Elegant hand wrought twisted wire pearl enhancer in fourteen karat white gold. Each ring in this piece is hand made. Twisted together then soldered, then soldered in position. The bezel for the Pearl is handcrafted to fit the pearl. The bail is designed to open up on hinges then snap closed around the pearl necklace.

Hand wrought twisted gold wire Blue Topaz pendant.

Exquisite Blue Topaz twisted wire pendant. There are about fifty small Diamonds mounted in crowns in the twisted wire loops. There is one larger Diamond in the bail making a total weight of Diamonds at about one carat. The bail articulates on a hinge connected to the pendant and its fulcrum lies just above the center of mass of the main body of the bail so it swings in a natural motion.

Sculpted gold ring.

Sculpted one of a kind Gold ring. Heavy wires to contrast soft fabric like sculpted plates.

Sculpted gold ring.

A variety of gemstones decorate this gold slide. Featured as the major gem is an Opal accented to one side by a row of Emeralds, on the other side a Sapphire cabochon, and above it a Tourmaline.

Matching gold nugget wedding set.

Nugget Wedding set. A Matching wedding set of gold nuggets. The Ladies solitaire Engagement band sits, with a 1.0 carat Diamond, in jackets of gold nuggets. The matching Gents band is a wide band filled with gold nuggets.

Sculpted hinged watch band in gold.

Hinged gold watch band hand carved wax and cast in 14kt gold.

Fancy cut Sapphires set in a specially designed gold ring setting.

Fancy cut Sapphires set in a specially designed gold ring setting.

Matching pieces of Amber set in 14 karat gold earring settings.

Matching pieces of Amber set in 14 karat gold earring settings.

Gold ring with platinum accents.

Gold ring with platinum accents topped with a bezel set large round Sapphire. Solid ring weighs over one troy ounce in gold.

Gold Pendant with matching Earrings set with Citrine Gemstones.

Gold Pendant with matching Earrings set with Citrine Gemstones.

All hand wrought wire work Ring with a bezel set Coral Cab.

Exquisite all hand wrought wire work Ring with a bezel set Coral Cab.

Opal gemstone bezel set in a hand fabricated gold wire ring.

Beautiful Diamonds surround a gorgeous Opal gemstone bezel set in gold handcrafted wire ring.

Gold Tiger Eye butterfly pendant

Tiger Eye Cabochon mounted in a 14 karat gold butterfly pin. The wings and the body were hand carved in wax then cast in gold. The antennae were fabricated from square wire.

Gold Spider web pendant with Sapphires

A white Gold spider set with a Sapphire in its body on a white Gold spider web dripping with bezel set Sapphires.

An assortment of Sapphire Gemstones

The Gemstones pictured above are all Sapphire. Sapphire comes in a variety of colors with the corn flower blue color the most recognized Sapphire gemstone. Pure corundum is called clear or white Sapphire. Corundum, which is Aluminum Oxide, is colorless. It's the integration of another element, like Iron or Vanadium, or the combinations of elements that creates a color. Ruby is red because of the inclusion of the element Chromium into the Aluminum Oxide crystal lattice. Man made Ruby was created back in the 1880's.

Three ring set

Three piece Diamond ring set designed by John Biazo and executed by Mark Somers. A gold liner was fashioned to hold the three rings in place while being worn. Other liners were designed to hold one and two rings at a time.

Three ring set

Channel set Diamonds in a Heavy gold ring.

Wax for Story ring.

Story ring wax. A story ring is a ring with carvings depicting an event in life or it can be about a relationship.

Salvador Dali Cross

Salvador Dali designed the cross. The crosses were created in John Biazo's studio. Mark Somers under commission from John Biazo carved Dali's signature in wax then cast it in gold then soldered it to the sterling silver cross's.


Wax carving of Christ. The wax was cast in 18 karat yellow gold then soldered to a hand fabricated gold cross.

Dragon Ring with Star Sapphire

Gold Dragon Ring, designed, carved and executed by Mark Somers. The Star Sapphire cabochon takes the place of where a pearl is positioned, according to custom. The dragon is of Eastern design, a serpent.

Platinum waist chain

Platinum waist chain with Tahitian Black Pearls. The above waist chain weighs six and a half troy ounces. The fifty pearls set in the individual links are eight millimeters in diameter, the two sash pearls are eleven millimeters in diameter. The links were hand wrought from Platinum.

Platinum Gents ring with Black Jade accents

Gents Platinum ring with Black Jade accents on the top and side. In the center, a round cut diamond set low in a box like impression to look like a square cut diamond.

Garnet gold ring wire wrought

Free form Garnet cabochon in a wire wrought gold ring. Twisted gold wire rings each one hand wrought and soldered to form a mesh like pillow of gold.

Four and a half carat ring

Wax carving two tone gents ring for Four and a half carat Diamond.

Four and a half carat ring

Finished ring of above wax carving. The two tone Ring has a 14 karat yellow Gold outside half with 14 karat white Gold for the inside half. White gold or Platinum is often used to mount Diamonds because the white metal doesn't impart any yellow color to the Diamond. Sapphire also looks better mounted directly in white metals. Ruby looks incredible in high karat yellow gold.

Emerald with Princess diamonds in 18 karat gold

Emerald with Princess cut Diamonds in Platinum and 18 karat yellow gold ring.

Citrine and Amethyst wedding set in 14 kt gold

Citrine and Amethyst matching wedding set designed and executed by Mark Somers.

Tear Drop shaped gold Pearl enhancer.

Exotic tear drop shaped Pearl enhancer accented with bright cut bead set Diamonds and bezel set Diamonds.

Gold Pearl enhancer with adorned in tourmaline crystals

Gold Pearl enhancer adorned in tourmaline crystals. Piece was masterfully designed by Lynn Booras and executed by Mark Somers.

Gold White Opal Pearl enhancer

Pearl enhancer. 14 karat yellow and white gold around a white opal gem. This stunning design was created by Lynn Booras.

Gold White Opal Pearl enhancer

Pearl enhancer when it's open. The bulges in the backside are where the pearls of a string of pearls sit after the pearl enhancer is snapped shut.

Gold ring with rough Sapphire

Very wide 14 karat yellow gold band with a Rough ( Unfaceted ) Sapphire crystal set in a bezel.

Lapis set in fourteen karat yellow cuff links

Lapis set in matching 14kt yellow gold cuff links.

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