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Children of Rena and Julius:

Alberta Inez (called Inez)b 12 Oct 1892 at Lone Tree Lake, MN
Verna b 15 Sep 1897 at Lone Tree Lake, MN

Verna married John Henry (Jay) Rice b 29 Mar 1896
They lived at Seaside, Oregon where Verna died in 1997. They had no children

Inez married Elmer Hitchman b 31 May 1893 on 26 May 1918. Inez had attended Walla Walla College in College Place, WA and was a teacher. Inez and Elmer lived at Oregon City, OR during the time of the births of their children. They lived in several different towns.....near Tillamook during the time of the Tillamook burn. Their home was burned and they lost nearly everything they had; moved to Sublimity and had a gyppo logging operation near Silverton. They moved to Roseburg, Oregon where Elmer took up contract building. They owned numerous rental houses in the area. They both died and are buried in Roseburg.
Children are:

Birdie Lillian B. 23 Apr 1919
Kenneth Julius B. 27 Jul 1920
Geraldine Lorena B. 09 Apr 1922
Delwyn Richard B. 04 Dec 1923
Lenella Marian B. 14 Feb 1932
All born at Oregon City, OR

Birdie married 30 Mar 1941 Jens Rasmussen b 30 Sep 1914 and d 3 Nov 1988 at Cheney, WA
Their children are:

Caroline Rasmussen b 2 Mar 1942 at Spokane, WA
Richard Rasmussen b 18 Jul 1943 at Spokane, WA
Evelyn Rasmussen b 5 Apr 1946 at Spokane, WA
Thomas Rasmussen b 9 Mar 1949 at Spokane, WA
Harry Rasmussen b 23 Nov 1951 at Spokane, WA
Verna Rose Rasmussen b 5 May 1954 at Oaksdale, Wa

Kenneth married 14 Oct 1939 Emma Blackburn b 11 May 1919
Their child is:

Pamela Lynn Hitchman b 4 Jan 1950

Kenneth set up, owned and operated Kenco Inc., makers of mattresses

Kenneth married a second time to a lady named Lucille. Lucille now lives in Seaside, Oregon
Kenneth died 7 Jun 1988 at Portland, OR

Geraldine married 20 Oct 1944 William Joseph Kneer b 26 Mar 1918
Their children are:

Christine Inez Kneer b 5 Jun 1946
Sherrie Lee Kneer b 1 Jul 1954
Jay William Kneer b 7 Aug 1956 d 18 Dec 1956
Verna Marie Kneer b 7 Aug 1956
Joseph William b 11 Aug 1958 d SIDS at 3 months

'Jerry' died 1996 in Crescent City, CA where she and 'Joe' had spent most of their married lives.

Delwyn married 15 Feb 1944(1) Lena HOPE Curtis b 3 Jul 1922
Their child is:
Delleen Marie Hitchman b 6 May 1945 Silverton, OR

married Sept 1947 (2)Bethine Margurite Shipley
Their children are:
Melissa Jane b 1944 Long Beach, CA (by a previous relationship to Beth
Susan Gay Hitchman b 26 Nov 1946

married 4 Jul 1960 (3)Lucille Mahan (nee King)
Their children are:
Richard Elmer Hitchman b 10 Jan 1961
Sheila Inez Hitchman
Kimberely Lucille Hitchman

Delwyn died 19 May 1980 Roseburg, OR and is buried in the Veteran's Cemetery there

Lenella married 16 Sep 1951 Allen Golden Chellis b 22 Mar 1928
Their children are:
Eugene Clifton Chellis b 10 Jan 1954 at Ft Sam Houston, TX
Karen Diane Chellis b 11 Nov 1955 at Walla Walla, WA


Grandchildren of Inez and Elmer:

Caroline Rasmussen married 5 Jul 1964 Richard Salsbery b 22 Feb 1942.
Their children are:
Scott Edward Salsbery b 2 Jan 1966 in Hutchison, MN
Bruce Phillip Salsbery b 5 Jul 1967 in Walla Walla, WA

Richard Rasmussen married 13 Oct 1963 in Wapato, WA. Pat Harding b 13 Oct 1943
Their children are:
Wendell Paul Rasmussen b 24 Mar 1965 Spokane, WA
Ramona Kay Rasmussen b 31 Dec 1966 Spokane, WA d before 1997 in automobile accident

Evelyn Rasmussen married 16 Jun 1968 in Spokane, Wa Bert C. Connell b 27 Dec 1945

Chris, Verna and Sherrie Kneer all married Mexican men. Chris lived in Mexico for quite some time. Sherrie now works for Microsoft near Seattle, WA.

Pamela Hitchman became a Doctor and went to South America for quite some time. She married twice and now lives and practices medicine near Portland, OR

Gene Chellis became a corporate attorney in Seattle but then went to work for Microsoft as a computer expert. He is now an attorney for Microsoft. He married twice his second wife is a Russian immigrant
Karen Chellis became a Dentist in the West Seattle area. She now has cancer and is not expected to live more than 5 years.

Delleen Hitchman married (1) 7 Apr 1962 Clifford Ray Christopherson b 11 Dec 1941
No children

married (2)William "Bill" Paul HUNOLD b
Their children are:
Lauretta Inez b 15 Jan 1967 in Roseburg, OR (Father was Ernest Earl Webster (b Mississippi) but was adopted by Hunold in 1976)
Darrell James b 16 Feb 1968 in Colorado Springs, CO
Dwayne William b 6 May 1969 in Bremerhaven W. Germany
LaDean Lorena b 2 Feb 1972 in San Francisco, CA
Tammi Maria b 23 Apr 1973 in San Francisco, CA
Kari Pauline b 12 Aug 1974 in Portland, OR
Dwight Joseph 23 Jun 1976 in Portland, OR

had a relationship with Robert Leon WILLIAMS who was born Robert Anthony on 15 Jul 1925 in Little Rock, Arkansas
Their children are:
Toni Kae Williams b 15 Sep 1979 in Portland, OR
Anthony 'Andy' Que Williams b 2 Nov 1980 in Portland, OR

married (3) J Harley "Joe" HUBBARD
No children

married (4) John Arthur STARNER b 8 Oct 1939
No children

Richard Hitchman married and had two daughters
Sheila Hitchman married Glen Edward May and had two sons. Glen and Sheila divorced and Glen has the children. Sheila is remarried to Mike Zack and lives in Reno, NV

Kim Hitchman married Mark Moodenbaugh and had 3 sons
Lauretta Hunold married Richard Allen Hubbard
Their child is:
Jeffery Lee Hubbard b 10 Oct 1984 in Portland, OR

had a relationship with Michael J Pesterfield
Their children are:
Jesse Michael Levi Pesterfield b 21 Mar 1989 in Portland, OR
Brandon Cody Pesterfield b 18 Aug 1991 in Portland, OR

Darrell Hunold had a relationship with Daleen Krueger b 8 Dec 1968
Their child is:

DeAnna Michelle Krueger b 24 Jan 1988

Darrell married 9 Apr 1989 in Bonney Lake, WA Elisa Ann Myers
Their children are:

Amanda Leigh Hunold b 18 Jul 1990
April Lynn Hunold b 9 May 1992
After the divorce of Darrell and 'Lisa',
Lisa changed the girls' last names to Myers
and changed April's name to Bobbie Lee
and Amanda's name to Miranda Leigh. Darrell now goes by "Jim" and married September 30, 2000 to Tracey. They live in New Hampshire.

Dwayne Hunold married Tracy ???

LaDean Hunold had a relationship with Greg Osgood
Their child is:
Christopher Anthony Hunold....later adopted by Myers b 1 Sep 1989

LaDean married Anthony Myers
Their children are:

Breanna Malina Myers b 2 Jan 1992
Emilee Myers

Tammi Hunold had a relationship with Clifton Loring Lamberson b 8 Sep 1971 in Arkansas
Their children are:

Christina Angel Lamberson b 24 Sep 1990 d 24 Sep 1990 in Portland, OR She is buried in Gresham, OR
Eric Lee Lamberson b 7 Jan 1992 in Portland, OR

Tammi married Monte Wayne Baer b 9 Aug 1965 in MN
Their children are:

Dawson Jerome Baer b 3 Mar 1994 in Ronan, MT
Megan Amber Baer b 2 Aug 1995 in Ronan, MT
Cody Tyler Dillon Baer b 21 Jul 1996 in Ronan, MT

Kari Hunold had a relationship with Robert W Heinitz
Their child is:

Cassandra Del Heinitz b 4 Dec 1989 in Portland, OR

Kari married Doug Trawick
Their child is:

Alisha Jean Trawick b 4 Jul 1993 in Portland, OR

Dwight Hunold had a relationship with Adreanne Mixon
Their child is:

Jessica Erickson b 1 Jul 1997 in Polson, MT. Dwight, who goes by "Joe" married Christina "Christy" Gingras. They live near Ronan, MT.

Toni Williams had a relationship with Francois Abraham Burke b 24 Dec 1972
Their child is:

LaQuandria Kareen Williams b 6 Feb 1998 in Polson, MT
Her second child is: Alize Marche Evone Rutly (sp?) b 16 Sep 1999 in Portland, OR

Susan Hitchman married James Carter and has children

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