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Presented to Keepitsimplestu...(KISS) Websites

Most of these awards were applied for and generally through "Awards Sites! - Ratings, Recognition and Resources". The experience gained by trying to rewrite and redesign the KISS Websites to meet the criteria for these awards was invaluable and humbling.


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Table of Contents

  1st Page

Callalynn's Domain
RMC Duntroon Award
Bob's Mighty MIDI
Chandra's Web Pages
Critics Choice
Wacki56 Awards
BTDesign Award
Black Russian Terrier Award
FOCUS Associates
The Spider Award - Top 10

  2nd Page

Home & Hearth
Critical Mass
Wings' Special Place
HomeGrown Graphic Workshop
Otakuo, NZ
Quality Trading Company
Optical Resolution
Art Pro Web Design
The Family Voice

  3rd Page

Ldy Dragn's Realm
Twilight's Place
WWWriters Awards
Viveiros Award
Tactics Private Investigations
Aloha Awards Awards
2 Bn 1 Marine Div Awards
EddNet Awards
US Wings of Gold

  4th Page

EmeraldIsle Studio
Simply The Best Award-Gold
La Pagina de los Exploradores S. XIX y XX
Oklahoma's Award
H&H Tutorials
Lizard Heaven
Music Learning Web Award
Latrobe City Award
Sage Advice Awards

  5th Page

Majon's Cybermall
Cyber Scans
Signature Technology Solutions, Inc.
Pacoima Ranch
Albritton Family Awards
Cracking Good Site
J. Lauri's Place
Jennifer's Award
Nu Horizons Design Studio
Frog Creations

  6th Page

The Art of Classical Riding
Rajuna's Refuge
Southern Fried Chuckles
UFOs, The Beginning...
Vivek's Award
Lionheart's Award
Institute for Astroenergetic Studies
BLACKWiCK's Guardian Angels
The Phoenix Gate
Fried's Things

  7th Page

Beacon Award
Clan McFarlane Celtic Soul Award
Perfect Vision
Petal Perfect iNet Awards
MinuteMan Awards
29th Field Artillery Regiment
The TANKS! Award
549th MP (Svc) Co
The Nelsons
Knights Templar Award

  8th Page

Millennium Awards
Gabriel's Awards
Logic's Awards
Mrs. Giggles' Awards
Lauren's Awards
Artis Thames Coffee-House Awards
The Mighty Buckmaester
The Golden Web Award
Scottish Pride Awards
Graham Nash Site Music Website Award

  9th Page

Breton Humors Awards
Quetzalcoatl Awards

  10th Page

Southern Nytes
Prime Navigator Site Award
Mortar Man Awards
Terras World Mall
Allison's Music Award
Rhyme None
Conemara Enterprises
Global Design Software
WPA Awards Site
Spiritwolf's Den

  11th Page

Shanty Awards
Pendragon Stringed Instruments
Explorer Post 759

  12th Page

(currently empty)

Masonic Awards

Grand Lodge of Arkansas Award
Grand Lodge of Texas Awards
Victoria Masonic WWW Site Gold Award
Short Talk Award
WML Award
Pyramid Lodge Award
Hiram's Inner Sanctuary
AB Masonic Productions
Jonesboro Masonic Lodge


King Edward Lodge
Pete's Page Masonic Award
Caledonian Railway Lodge Award
Freemasonry - From Darkness to Light
Masonic Best of The Net
Drake's Masonic Award of Excellence Awards

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