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LABORE ET CONSTANTIA - from a building in Antwerp: The Plantin-Moretus Museum, called De Gulden Passer

You are listening to
"The Musick for the Royal Fireworks
1.Ouverture - Lentement"
by G. F. Handel

Our four awards are presented for excellence, each has its own criteria. Please click on the award graphic to read the criteria and apply for the award. Only one application is required to apply for all of these awards; each application is automatically considered for all of them. Also, there is NO guestbook requirement because there is no guestbook! ALL applications will be considered within one week, but only winners will be notified. The Website Designer will review all of the applications and visit each site, and if all of the listed criteria for an award(s) are met or exceeded, the site will be granted that award(s). By the way, for checking technical merit, we use GlobalScape NetMechanic to help examine websites. And if a website does not comply with the criteria for our awards, no matter how many awards it already has of whatever rating, it will NOT win our awards. So, we heartily suggest that applicants read and understand the criteria for each award before applying.

Special Notice: No applications will be considered coming from anyone under the age of 18 years old. KISS Websites awards programs comply in all respects with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Please note: Several winners each year have had their awards revoked because they did not display the awards. If you do not intend to display the awards, do not apply. Also, links to sites which are inoperative and have not been updated will be removed.

Link to the Labore &c. Preamium - also available in 10KB size Our Premier Award,
"Labore &c. Praemium"
 [in English: "The Work And-so-forth Award"]

This award is presented by Keepitsimplestu...(KISS) Websites to encourage simplicity and elegance in website design: Design devoted to enhancing the content of the site, and content designed to enlighten those who use the internet. The idea behind KISS Websites is to make websites that are appealing to the eye and ear, with a minimum of extra activity.

Many thanks to Noble Al Varelas, U.S.M.C., Decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran, webmaster of Masons in the Military Web Ring and many other patriotic sites, for the outstanding graphic used in this award. Also, a grateful tip of the hat to Kurt Kurosawa, webmaster of United States Air Force Heritage of America Band and other top of the line websites for cleaning up our awards graphic and making it reflect the values that we hope to honor in our winners.

Link to the Geo. Washington Past Master Award Our Masonic "Geo. Washington Past Master Award"

So many masonic websites have applied for our "Labore &c. Praemium" award that a new award has been created just for them.

The "Geo. Washington Past Master Award" depicts Brother and President Washington in the character of a past master.

The graphic shows Brother Washington in a Lodge of Freemasons. A debt of gratitude is owed to John J. Kestly-George Washington Lodge 60/65, Rota Spain for this outstanding, historical graphic.

Link to the Red Light Blue Light Award of
 Merit Our "Red Light Blue Light Award of Merit"

So many police, fire fighter and emergency medical services (EMS) websites have applied for our "Labore &c. Praemium" award that a new award has been created just for them.

Link to the H.G. Wells Literary Award Our Coveted "H. G. Wells Literary Award"

The "H. G. Wells Literary Award" is awarded with only one criterion: Literary Excellence. "Literary Excellence" is defined here as ready for print publication and likely to be accepted for print publication, eventually with enough persistence, if submitted.

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