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Under the eye of the perfect moon,
At the top of the world,
At the peak of the fire,
Two warriors embrace
In a struggle eternal--
Half good and half evil
Their battle immortal.
To vanquish the evil
The good must surrender.
And out of its death,
Love rises victorious.

Here's to hope . . .


Where are you my Love...
Only thoughts in my head are of you
I miss you so much my precious Love
Lonely without you...yes that's true.

The cries of this Angel, silent and alone,
I'm missing you more and more.
Longing for the words of my Vampire Love,
In misery, locked away from the one I adore.

The sadness and pain of the tears on my face,
All this loneliness burning into my mind.
Only my Love can make this pain end,
Come to me my Love, so I can leave the tears behind.

I miss you my Love and I need you,
I want your sweet kisses on my face.
At least my heart and soul are with you,
Wouldn't trust them in any other place.

You are my addiction, my Love,
The one I can't and will not live without.
I need your words and gentle kissing embrace,
I'm lost without you, no doubt.

I can always find you in my heart and soul,
But I've given you these things.
So now I'll go back into my dream,
'Cause it's always you that it brings.

Us Two

have i found you now?
if not, then when?
miles i've searched
more ahead, i feel again

have i tried too hard
to find you there?
are you just a myth
my soul won't spare?

this myth that grows
each passing day
your voice i hear
always drifts away

is it not enough
to tell you how
forever i'll be
as i am now?

words of truth
can only be spoken
this heart of mine
lies much too broken

can you hold the pieces
that are in your hand...
or through your fingers
will they fall as sand?

is it Love who awaits
on the other side...
or must i wander
with tears to hide?

the answers are known
only to you
a chance not taken
will regret us two

What If?..

an awkward hello
follows a difficult goodbye
too much time spent
searching for those perfect words

until we meet again...
in this life
or another
a piece of my heart
will always be with you
begging for your soft touch
pieces of my thoughts
will always be with you
begging for the answer... what if?

For You And For Me.....

hands of an angel
i long to hold
only Your fingertips
can warm my cold

skin of silk
i long to caress
in this world of anger
You calm my distress

lips of velvet
i long to kiss
were i to release You
my life would be amiss

do You feel the same?
it may never be known
Your world of silence
might never be shown

'tis a tormented life...
these emotions to unfetter
with not Your hand
my heart will shatter

so much to give
so much to gain
a lifetime together
would never bring pain

only forever
can my heart be true
on earth and in Heaven
this i promise to You

for now and for always
for You, i will be
simply listen to Your heart
there i am waiting...for You and for Me

Miss Him...

Never thought I'd miss him this much,
Thinking about his gentle touch

Wishing that things would be okay,
Crying my eyes out everyday

Sitting here with a fake smile,
Wishing I could be with him just for awhile

I cant believe it when I see my tears,
Wish it wasnt true, that I had no fears

Sitting by myself,alone on my bed
While thoughts of him run through my head

Without him in my life, I want to die, whats the point of living, when all you do is cry

I should have told him how I felt,
just looking at him makes my heart melt

I want to go back and relive the past,
Why do good times always end so fast?

If we break up, I want him to know, I love him still, and always will

I found these poems from various sites on my search on the net my thanks to the authours who wrote these they have a remarkable talent :)