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Holy Grail

WHERE IS THE HOLY GRAIL???Roslin Chapel, Lothian Scotland--The claim was that the Grail was inside the Prentice Pillar (as it is seen) in this chapel. The chapel is often visited now by Grail Seekers and many references to the Grail can be found in its stone work and windows. Metal detectors have been used on the pillar and an object of the appropriate size is indeed buried in the middle but efforts to further examine the pillar have been denied. The Narta Monga , Russia--In the Caucasus Mountains in Russia is a small group of people who have stories of a magical cauldron called the Amonga. This chalice has properties in common with the Grail of early Arthurian stories of serving food, giving knowledge and being able to chose those worthy to serve it. The Chalice Well at Glastonbury, England--Joseph of Arimathea came to England, to Glastonbury, after the death of Jesus. With him he brought the Cup of Christ. Local legend now says that the Cup is buried somewhere under a hill called The Tor at Glastonbury. The Tor is an ancient site of ritual and religion and is still a place of pilgrimage today, standing high out of the Somerset countryside. A well, which is now a quiet place of sanctuary with surrounding gardens, flows with water from deep under The Tor. The rocks covered by the spring water are red in color, representing the Blood of Christ, and the water is said to leave an aftertaste in the mouth much like blood. The Tor may have a network of underground tunnels, long ago sealed, and the Grail is supposed to be buried in one of these.

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