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For The Love of The Fiero Car....

When I became interested in Fieros, I searched and searched on the internet for information on this car that I liked. Not many people around here were familair with the car, and I found it pretty hard to find anything cogherant on the Internet. Specificlly, I wanted Car and Driver reports about the cars, I wqanted production numbres, I wanted statistics, and I wanted good (not bad) pictures of the car, as well as all the model types. It took me a long time to find this information, so I decided to put it all on the same web site.

Contained within this site you will find three sections. The first is "Car and Driver" reports taken from magazines regarding the Fiero and its performance as both a commuter car and a sports car. Also in that section you will find comparisons of the Fiero to today's cars as well as sports cars of the 80's. Interesting comparissons.

Next up is the "Fiero Specs" section; Here are all the specs and staistics that I could from about the Fiero for all years and models that I could find. Various stats include top speed, accelration times, weight, slalom and skipadpad results, colours available for each year, production numbers of how many Fieros were made, the options, concerns about safety and security, ect.

Then we have our section devoted to good high quality pictures of the Fiero. There's only a few there, becasue I've only really found a few good quality pictures of Fieros up till now. Well, this is my site, and although at first it may seem small, you will soon discover that a lot of information is contained in here; I just set it uo so you don't have to constantly change pages to access it all.

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