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Fiero Moncton

I hope to buy a Fiero soon. If anyone out there has one for sale, please E-Mail me! I'd take any Fiero, but I'm more specifically looking for an 87 Fiero SE in Medium Red (Burgendy).

If you are from around the Moncton area, or any part of NB, and you own a Fiero, then I urge you to E-Mail me telling me what Fiero you have and anything else about it. If anyone E-Mails me, I could make a listing devoted to the Fiero Owners of the area. There are a lot of Fiero clubs on the internet, maybe this could be the start of one for NB. Although there is a webpage for New Brunswick Fieros, there is nothing on it.

E-Mail Me To Tell Me About Your Fiero

Please write something in my guestbook. It doesn't matter what, just write anything.

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