NEWS 2001

Here is more old news.  Read on ninja!!

12/22/01 - As you can see i have moved the old news into another archive!  Click the links above to read that shit.  Lets see there has been a lotta shit go down in my life lately.  I am tiring out again.  I have partied too much lately and frankly I am tired as fuck and have NO MONEY!!  I was gonna go see richard humpty vission tonight in Ft Wizzy but i decided to skip!  The Door cost was 30 bucks!  I did how ever meet a sweet kid named ronnie.  Ronnie whats up w/ tha S club 7 and the mic in the hoo hoo?!?!?  He's just a really nice kid i found and i dunno its i guess just what i have been missing or something.  All of his friends are really cool to i just felt so loved when i was w/ that crew!  i can't wait to spend more time w/ them!  Other than that ffpmj and HYPE are now in planning LIVE FROM THE BASS MINT: 2!  look for more info on that later this week!  Well i got things to do and poeple to see so I'm out!

12/27/02 - Hey what up ninjas!!  Last weekend was well how do u say rather eventful!  Friday Matt, KC69, Stoney Balls, and yours truly DS went to go see the IPW show.  It was tight!  Mad Man Pondo was there and so were some other juggalos!  They had a great gimmick match!  THE CANDY CANE DEATH MATCH!  It was silly as hell!  Also they had a 5 dollar whore staple gun match!  After that hehe KC69 and stoney balls had fun w/ DS!  HEHE LOL!!!  The night after the wrestling DS went to mikes house.  The Date for the next party is set!!

ffpmj & HYPE Productions Present


Saturday January 26, 2002
9p - 5a

Sunday i went to ronnies house and spent the night!  We got crunked and had some fun!  It seems as if i fit in there, and they just think i am the best!  Tommarow i am going out to FT Wizzy w/ ronnie to The Liquid Lounge!  I'll take some pics as ususal!  Speaking of pics there are new pics of my art up in the gallery!  Other than that I'm out!

1/8/02 - Hey ninjas here is a bit of a recap!  Ronnie and didn't end up going to the liquid lounge!  We went w/ brooke and mary ann to Dayton!  It was mary ann's 21st birthday!  We went to celebrity, and danced the night away!  Humm lets see what else...Oh new years was the whip!  Optigon and his friends and myself went to Ft wizzy for Titration!  We had a blast of course!  The next week i chilled at home and drew in a phat check, but to bad its all going to IVY TECH!!  This past saturday night Decepticon came over and we palyed w/ my toys.  Fred Brought over his new Mix Cd's it was grand.   All i can say is SUPERMAN is the shit!  Sunday  i went to ronnies and well we had a blast, i was festivly sober and boy was it ever fun!  In other news flyers for LIVE FROM THE BASS MINT 2 will be out this friday!  I will be passing them out at the liquid lounge This friday night!  Other than that I'm Out!

1/14/02 -  Hey Hey!!  Well this past week was a busy one!  On Wednesday Ronnie Sara and nicole came up to indy to vist my sorry ass!  I felt like a jobber cuz i was the only one remotly awake!  Ronnie and Sara fell asleep and left me and nicole up to no good so we had some fun!  Nicole and I are always up for a little fun!  Thursday day i went w/ dad to get some books for college, and that night the fun began!  Thursday night i went to go see my Ft Fun Girls!  I met Zim and Kuzzie up at the taco bell and well we just had a blast from there!  From going to walmart and a tour around town w/ Zim to hooking up Kuzzie w/ some fresh ass shit on her CP.  Zim and i had a ball friday night, or well what i can remember!  All i know is that she really looks soo pretty w/ her hair down OMG! :-P  Oh and yes Zim I AM A HOTTIE!!!  In other news the Liquid Lounge is no more!  The Flyers are out for LIVE FROM THE BASS MINT 2!!  Again 1/26/02 that party is gonna ROCK ON!!  Other than that thats all the news I have for you! LATA!

1/30/01 - HOLY SHIT!!!! Live From The Bass Mint 2 Kicked Major ASS!!!  Much love to all the kids who came out and supported the local indy scene!  Shout outs to all the Ft Wayne kids!!  We knew this party would go over well but shit this was great!   I think mike and i have come to an understanding of what we have started and where we need to go with this!!  It was nuts there were soo many people there you could hardly move and more were just pouring in!  There musta been 150+ people pass thru that house saturday night!  Don;t worry ninjas 3 and 4 are already in the plans!  If you are in the Ft Wayne area on Feb 9th Dj Smile is playing another party!  ....And Luna Did A Dance!!! ROCK ON ZIM!!!!  This friday however i am making an apperance at Electric!  in Muncie!!  This party shall be BAD ASS!!  Well i gotta Jet!!

2/3/02 - Electric was AWESOME!!!!  I met a buncha new kids and had the time of my life!!  Shout outs to Adam Ryan and Shakey!!!  You guys are the pimp shit!!!  I think i found me some new hardcore down ass party kids!!!  Oh yea i took plenty of pics they are in the vault of vibes.  I'm in Ft Wayne next weeekend at ...And Luna Did A Dance!!  It should be a good get together for the sofa kids and what not!  Humm other than that i am out!!

2/23/02 - Been a while since i have left a note here.  I have been busy as hell as u all might imagine.  ...And Luna Did A Dance went over great as a party, but my shit got trashed.  Its all in the repair shop!!  Hopefully Dj Smile will be back in action by 3/13!!  Was going to go see RHV on the 15th  that didn't happen we got there and some peoples were lacking ID so we came back to indy.  This Saturday there is a free event here in indy and i will be attending it of course! RAVE ON MOTHER FUCKERS!!!  Next Weekend Fri i'll be chillin w/ bobo in B-Town we are going to The Syndicate Strikes Back.  The day after i am off to Layfette to go to The Fifth Strike!  Both events shall be the bomb!  Other than that im outtie.

3/5/02 - Well all the parties i said i was going to i went to em!  So the rave page is updated.  other than that mass dramma hit indy for me and took me for a whip!  Let me tell u that whole situation fucking sucked like a bowl fulla dicks!!  I'm going to stay outta peoples lives for a while!  I'm just gonna party and live lol!!  other than that i guess i am out!

11/23/01 - It has come to my Attention that i am a fucking idiot!  I totally forgot to give a report on the Hatchet Rizing Tour.  Needless to say it was the fucking shit!  Blaze tore it up w/ the longest set i have ever seen him perform in my life!  Twiztid as usual tore shit up!!! You gotta love twiztid!!  ICP blew the fucking roof off the joint!  Sabu synn and anybody killa was helping ICP chuck faygos.  I like sabu's method of the box cutter stab and throw!!  LOL well need less to say i got soaked! Dark Lotus's set was bad ass too!  I got a tour shirt and some new stickers 4 my car, and a Dark Lotus mask! That thing is purely silly.  Other than that here in a few i am going to skip town for Stuck Modulator 5000 in Ft Wayne!!  Its gonna be bad ass!!  oh yea ther is some new poetry too on line go peep it out.  Other than that i am outtie.

11/19/01 - Well I pulled another late night last night.  The night began w/ working 4-10.  Then i went home and was about to start some wayyy late homework.  just that time oblivion calls me and smacknuts too!!  They keep going on about tools so i go over there w/ my socket set and we fix Oblivion's car.  We end up picking up bryan mike the fairies friend who is funny as fuck!  We end up at Dennys I get the buffalo chicken burger, and it was yummy!!  We go back to oblivion's place and dick around there for an hour or so.  I Finally get home at like 3:30am and i restart my homework!!  Fuck that shit it took me till like 5:30 to get it done!  all i can say fuck it its better late than never!!

OTHER NEWS!!!  Jesus i am a busy person!!!
LIVE FROM THE BASS MINT: ONE flyers are pressed and are being distributed
New Poem
New Art Pieces
Updates in the Vault of Vibes (Oh yea that Dieselboy party VENT kicked fucking ass!!!)
This friday i will be attending Stuck Modulator 5000 in Ft Wayne!!
Well i am out until lata!!

11/9/01 - What's up?!?  Well needles to say DS has been one busy motherfucker!
First off go check out ffpmj's and HYPE's new party -> LIVE FROM THE BASS MINT : ONE
Second there are new poems
Third go check out the vault of vibes for updates and changes
Tonight I will be going to VENT its in Layfette, IN.  Its gonna be great! DJ DIESELBOY & JOHN KELLY ENUF SAID!!  Well i gotta get outta here see ya round!

10/22/01 - This past weekend was grand!!  Saturday day and night i chilled w/ mike.  In case you all don't know he is the ninja that works up at wherehouse music.  Any ways it looks as if 2 minds collided this weekend and spawned a new underground scene for Indy.  The events will happen every other weekend on Saturday nights.  Soon the main home page for that will be up and all info will be posted on there.  If you want more info call me find me or somehow talk to my ass online and i will know when the stuff will be goin down.  Nov. 3, 17 , 30 are lookin to be the next dates.  OTHER today i ran into patrick!!  Yeah that's right psychopatrick from psychopathic records.  we talked for a bit and that was that.  He gave me some flyers for hatchet rizing and the Blaze album.  I asked if the album will be at the show on the 30th.  he said let me check for sure and what did he do?  He got on the phone and asked Billy Bill for my ass.  SO word from the mouth of patrick and billy bill IT WILL BE AT THE SHOW!!  Other than that i am out!! MCL!

10/18/01 - Well here is some up dates!! On 10/13/01 ZAP never happened!!!  10/14/01 was UNITE great party good vibe.  Other than that I am slowly putting this page back into action.  lol MCL lata ya all!!


6/11/01 - GOD ITS GOOD TO BE BACK!!! LOL!!  well lets catch u up to date!! I graduated on june 1!! Yeah that's right i am outta school!! You can take all your troubles and say FUCK OFF SCHOOL!!! LOL :-P  Of course i am still out raving like a monkey!! The Smile Kid loves ya'll and ya'll love me! :-D  Speaking of raving Disco Mojo got busted big time on 6/9/01.  To sum that whole experience it was rather fucked up for all members involved.  Needless to say the running was the best part! :-)  Other than that i am gonna be outtie for bout 4 or 5 weeks i will update whenever I can!  One of those weeks is when the smack child smacknuts and myself go to the gathering of the juggalos!  I can't wait!! I'm out!

3/18/01 - Well its that time again!!  This past week was crazy!  Some of the things i will not tell you all about cuz i don't feel the need that you all need to know bout it.  Work was cool like always My raise is in store.  Humm lets see here Friday night there wasn't a party so i went w/ KC69 and spent tha night up at his hauugh.  Needless to say that night was Whooo fun.  Although i bout busted my nugget on his porch steps.  LOL what a silly bastard I am!  Oh yea i met up w/ KC69's friend "Stoney Balls"  What  a cool kid!  Other than that i got a new poem called Techno Fantasy.  Humm the planning for Mirrored Reality is in full swing.  Song sets, sound lighting are being gathered and set as the weeks go on.  This Party will be one ya'll won't wanna miss!  DS hardly ever has parties, but when he does he makes them good!!  IM me at ddysmack to find out info on Mirrored Reality.  Oh Yeah ol Smacknutz is workin on another webpage so I will give ya'll a link when it is up and runnin.  What i have seen so far is rather good i must admit!  Other than that Genisis is this saturday night.  I will be there 4 sure so see ya'll on tha dance floor!  I'm Out!!

3/7/01 - Wasssss up ninjas!!!! Last night was, as you all might know, the ICP show.  This one just like tha show in Ft Wayne was the shxt.  One thing wasn't the shxt was the merch booth!  The merch booth Fxcking sucked! LOL But I still managed to walk away w/ JCW vol 2, original Carnival Xmas, and a Large Silver Hatchet Man Charm.  They didn't have tha hockey jerseys that I wanted.  Needless to say I was mad, but any hoo on with tha news.  We waited our asses outside the Murat for like what seemed an eternity in the cold.  The Cops were stale as Fxck! They were arresting some ninjas for throwin some Faygo.  The Manager of the Murat was a big dick 4 real.  He called all the Indy Juggalos a bunch of "Fxcking punks", and "Pieces of Shxt"! At one part of the night he came outside and sprayed us with a fire extinguisher and a freezing cold garden hose.  LOL well the Indy juggalos jus wanna say FXCK YOU!  Marz and Insloence both sucked, but  ICP was the shxt!  LOL oh also Mike tha Fairy was up in that bxtch as well  as Dannielle, Ann, Sheria, wendy, mike, heather, smacknutz mom and the whole smack family!  We were runnin deep in there!  Also Krystle was there, but just like at Ft Wayne I never saw her! OH well!  Last Friday was Hoosier Daddy 2 which was the bomb.  I met some fresh as ninja named Evan!  Evan is the shxt ya'll 4 real.  Hoosier Daddy was shut down at 4:30 though which sucked, but all in all it was a good party.  Site Updates - New Merch, New Raves, New Pics! Go peep that shxt out!  Hey im out!

2/25/01 - Hey ya'll!!! wassss up! man last night was the fxcking bomb.  YELLOW was the shxt 4 real! KC69 and ol DS went out on the town and well had some fun.  DS danced the night away like a monkey all night.  I used my favorite style the handworm and breakbeat glides.  The DJ's were the whip.  Although I got hit on by a big black dude the night went smoothly.  He was like wandering round and like came up to me while i was dancing and was like " you dance so beautiful!", and i was like humm ok?  Then he goes on and asks me if i was rollin and i was like nah.  See if i would of said yes he woulda been rubbin on me and all that shxt!  But he was like cool and walked away.  Yea...then there was the chick named jasmine that started to talk to us when we were chillin on the floor cuz we got hot as hell.  She went on w/ some story how her uncle was in the hospital and then she said we were 2 cuties! Later on in tha night she came back and was hangin on us again and sayin she likes big boyz not skinny kids!  LoL being big has its advantages not don't it.  Lol  yeah everybody loved the vest!  Oh yeah i haven't told ya'll bout the vest.  Well it is an old work vest that i took and painted a big smiley face on the back and splattered it w/ florecent orange, yellow and white paint.  It looks good it got a good review at YELLOW.  Humm lets see here nuff bout Ravin'!  In other news hummm there is a new poem Gallows in my Head!  And i am still workin on the ICP lyrics!  In the next few weeks i am gonna work on a Indy Rave page so you ya'll can find out when some are happening round here.  Ohh and i have some new pics commin to you that KC69 graciously brought to me in the ICP Shxt section lol!!  Well I gonna jet stay down juggalos!!

2/19/01 - No i have not abandoned the page!!! I have just been rather busy.  I have many fresh plans coming up in the future.  The biggest is Mirrored Reality.  I will expand on that at a later date.  The ICP show is around the corner.  That should be the helly shxt.  This Saturday i am goin to Yellow.  Yellow is a local rave, and should be mad fun.  In other news today we went to the mall and ran around spreadin the love...LOL NOT!! we did go to the mall however.  The smack child saw allison up there.  I bought a new strobe, and a new cd.  humm other than that i am out.

2/13/01 - Long time no see Juggalos!! All has been productive on the smackfront.  Feb 8th we went to the Twiztid show!  Needless to say it was the shxt!! I got some pimp shxt there so that means the ICP SHXT is updated.  I wrote a new poem WHY? it is up as well in the poetry page.  I am still workin on editing the lyrics page and that is commin along well.  I picked up some dope ass techno cds they are the shxt.  So other than that juggalos I'm out!

1/26/01 - Well ninjas here is the fresh news matha fackos!! TWIZTID at the egyptian room at the murat feb 8.  I and the rest of the smack family will be there!!  I cannot fxcking wait.   Another thing i cannot wait for is March 6.  Thats right indy juggalos ICP is commin back again to indy!! THAT SHOW IS THE WHIP!!! well other than that there is some new stuff up in the poetry and in my icp shxt.  well im out ninjas!

1/17/01 - Hey juggalos!!! All the enterance music for all the SFW wrestlers are up!!  In other news word comming straight from the horses mouth none other than SFW 2001 season is goin to get started here soon.  Don't worry juggalos I will keep you informed on any furtherments of this.  Other than that i am outtie!!

1/15/01 - HOLY SHXT MATHA FACKOS!!!  Did you hear that shxt!!  Ahh hell yeah your friend and mine ol Smacknutz Fixed my loopy ass sound recorder.  Now yall get the fresh shxt.  Must I tease you all again w/ AUDIO NEWS???  Well once i get hooked up w/ this microphone it just might happen juggalos.  Other than that O'blivion hooked me up w/ that fresh ass banner.  THATS THE FXCKIN SHXT YA'LL!!!  Look for some new stuff commin here this week.  The SFW page has been updated w/ One Buck Chuck's bio and pic.  Go hop over there and check that out.  Also before i go DS was featured on another page.  So go here to peep that out.  Well i am out ya'll!!!

1/9/01 - Well was up juggalos and juggalettes!!  I have got some updates for ya'll.  #1 - There is a new poem up.  #2 - I am still stoopid.  #3 - I got some new Twiztid stuff !  Funny story behind these items.  Now OL KC69 works at  a trailer shop.  Well guess who's trailer pulled in for some service?  None other than the Twiztid Trucks.  Well to make a long story short the psychopathic team as they usually do hooked my boy up.  Not only did they hook him up thay FXCKING HOOKED HIS ASS UP LIKE A MOTHER FACKO.  He got a magic ninja T shirt, The new twiztid blacklight poster a Blaze poster, A hatchetman knit cap, a bunch of promo pics, twiztid nylon decals for his truck, Jeckel bros stickers, and i think that is it.  He called me and told me and i asked if i could have anything he didn't want.  So he freshly hooked my ass up with the blaze poster and a promo pic. KC69 you are the FXCKIN SHXT!!!  Sooo that now brings the poster total to17!! whoo whoo!!  Oh well other than that i am outtie!!


12/28/00 - Wow just when I thought it was all over w/ Krystle it is back.  We were walkin thru the square yesterday and well there she is.  Now she came up to me I didn't recgonize her till she was basically standing right there.  you all know how I am slow w/ my thoughts.  Then I was like DAMN WHAT THE HELL YOU DOIN OVER HERE!!! After that it was gravy.  I introduced her to the Smack Family.  Then Oblivion and Smacknuts went off and did their ususal stoopid shxt.  She called them dumbasses.  I felt bad that they did that.  But hey I got a hug  or two it was great.  The Smack Child said that it looked as if she didn't wanna let go.  Damn I wish I coulda kept those few seconds in a bottle it was sooo sweet.  Krystle I love ya kid!  Other than that yesterday I got Bobo his "real" x-mas present.  I drained my Best Buy gift cards got 4 cds and Born Twiztid.  We also talked to that kid from speedway and danielle and her soon to be husband at Karma.  They are always cool they said we should come to their wedding.  Man my x-mas was ok.  I still say Mother  and Grandma give the best gifts.  $$ and best buy cash cards.  Dad and them are still stubborn or cant read one of the two.  My lists that I give them.are easy every year I ask for $$ and best buy cash cards.  What do I get a lowes hardware gift card and work gloves and a bunch of other non practical stuff.  The best thing I got up there was $20 and a frame for my Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster.  Those wussys up there won't let me put anything on the wall w/ out a frame.  IT SUCKS A FAT ONE!!  We saw the folks down in KY.  I like them because they actually talk to me unlike everybody else.  They care and they know what family is unlike "The Northside Clan".  Other than that I worked Xmas eve and day.  All I can say is cheesy cheese.  This check is gonna push 300 or better.  Yeah  Also I updated my ICP Stuff go check it out.  Other than that i'm outtie.

12/17/00 - Who the Fxck said it can snow!! LOL!! Now that Jack Frost has is icy grips on the midwest and Indiana's balls. It looks as if we are in for a BAD winter.  Ya'll know what?  Who gives 2 whoppie do's and a HOT DAMN!!  All I know is SNOW = FUN!!  Doughnuts, Fishtailing, Snowballs, and sledding are dangerous things we hold so dear to our hearts this time of year.  Nothing says happy holidays like a ice laden snowball to the face or fishtailing into the curb or another car.  Oh well we however did buy a sled.  We had some fun goin down the side of the overpass.  Korn Cob 69 Bio is up on the SFW page.  That's right Mother Facko now you don't have to keep bothering me bout it.  I told you it was in the works and well it is up so everyone can look at you.  I am probably just gonna ramble now so am  going to save your time and say lata ninjas!

12/15/00 - Well tonight i am finally updating this thing again.  News well another week down I have finished another art project or so.  Look for pics of those soon.  New poetry which was wrote today is up.  Other than that I am out.

12/10/00 -  Well this weekend has come and gone and it was one hell of a weekend.  Friday was the ICP concert.  All i can say is that it was the shxt.  Of the 4 times I have seen them in concert this was the best show by far.  The stage setup was a factory w/ spinning spirals on cogs, 2 spinning poles w/ large clown heads a top a faygo conveyer belt and 2 large clowns passing a spiral back and forth.  The show and set list were good.  They played all the Juggalo favorites.  I was in bout the 3rd row till about mid show when I had to get out and get some air before I got trampled or passed out.  My boot came untied and I was falling everywhere.  This concert the renstated the Faygo Break which was the shxt.  Also they had a dj mixin and 2 gituarists on stage.  The drink of the night was Diet Root Beer Faygo, and it was cold as hell had ice chips in some of the 2 liters.  I got beaned in the head w/ a 2 liter during the last song Crystal Ball.  Other than that Dr. Dinglenut (Serious Darious Bagfelt) himself was working the merchendise booth.  I hooked myself up w/ a Milenko and a Riddlebox Jersey and a Tour shirt.  On Saturday I helped downtown as ususal this time some kids from school tagged along.  Later that day Father Duckets picked me up and we got the rest of the Northside Clan and went to Don Pablos.  Of course i got my standby the Chimi de Oro.  Later that night Father Duckets and I went shopping.  We ended up at Keystone at the Crossing.  We shopped around and before we left I dropped in to see Krystle.  OH you all don't know bout krystle do you?  Well she is a juggalette i met while online, and ever since then every things been cool there.  On a more serious note she has been the most uplifting thing that has come my way in a long time.  It means a lot to me when somebody reaches out and shows they care.  Every time I hear her little giggle it just makes my day better.  I don't  wanna sound too sappy or like a stalker or nothin I just like to say how much a person can mean to somebody wither they know it or not.  On Sunday it was chruch I had to perform in the White Gift Service for the last time ever.  I was the world this year.  Other than that tonight my youth group had a meeting for a X-MAS party so I went.  Other than that I am out!

12/6/00 - Hey there ninjas!! I have helly good news on the Smack front.  Oblivion Smacknuts and good ol DS are going to Ft Wyane on Dec 8!  Why you may ask?? Well we are off to the Bizzar Bizaare show up there.  It gonna be the shxt.  I am hoping to buy a milenko hockey jersey and a copy of cryptic collection.  In other news we had another venture out minus bobo to the mall and ci ci's.  To make a long story short we stirred up trouble and found oblivion's new ride.  Other than that I have added some new poetry and thats bout it really.  Soon am goin to put up the full smack family picture gallery.

11/14/00 - Ahh hell yeah! The Vaults of Echoside is now on ICP top 50.  Vote for me cuz I know u all love this site.  Well the uploading of new pics and material is commin along well.  keep them eyes peeled 4 new pics.  well im outtie ninjas!!

11/12/00 - Hey ya'll!  I freshend up the SFW wrestler bios.  Humm other than that there hasn't been any big news to tell you about.  Well...then again we did go to the KFC Buffet.  Of course bobo made another voyage into the world of gluttony.  I'm Outtie, but look for new pics this weekend!

11/7/00 - AWWW HELL YEAH!! The Vaults of Echoside has grown to 100 MB!!  So look for lots of new stuff.  I am working on a smack family pic gallery and a gally for my senior pics.  Other than that I'm Outtie!!

11/4/00 - Hey ninjas!! I'm back I was on a retreat w/ school.  Alright the news for your clowny asses.  On Halloween I won the scariest costume over at our school.  that means I am the 4 year runnin champ whoo!! whoo!!  Also that day I went out and got Bizzar, Bizaar, and Freekshow.  Those albums are fxcking fresh as hell.  If you haven't got them go do so now.  I have put new pics in the art gallery, I have new pics up in the SFW area, Also i have some pics of smack associates, but they need to ber scanned. Other than that I gotta jetty later ninjas!!

10/24/00 - SFW HOMEPAGE is now online!!  Other news well I got a new ICP poster it is the Big Money Hustlas poster. that is number 16 ya'll for the poster count.  Also the twiztid and the ICP samplers for both of the new records are mad fresh.  Go peep em out at and  Other than that I'm outtie.

10/20/00 - Hey ya'll sorry for the lack of updates but i got a bunch of shxt commin at ya!!  No new poetry as of now.  I have obtained some more evil clowns for the clown page.  I bought a new ICP poster the glow faces...thats 15 large posters now.  I have new smack family pics, and my senior pics as well scanned.  Finally the SFW page will be up w/ in the next few weeks.  Soo keep them eyes peeled.  I'm out ninjas!!

10/3/00 - Whooo hoo I got you all the mad hook up this time.  Looks as if Father Duckets got a scanner.  That means i can scan all the stuff i have ever wanted to but never had the time.  Soo My first installment will be the art piece "I'm not feeling so good".  Yep so look for that during this week.  Also i have the smack family's pics scanned as well.  Those will be up at a later date.  Other than that I'm outtie

9/26/00 - Ol DS is back matha fackos!! I finally got myself in gear and am back to updating this on a weekly basis.  Some new news:  There are 2 new poems, I have new Large Twiztid promo flyer, and thats bout it.  Also today the album "Let the Dead Bury the Dead" hit the local stores.  It is the new album from the band "Burn it Down".  Other than that i am out!

9/21/00 - Alright ninjas now you may or may not notice, but this is smacknuts thats right im here with Daddysmack. Well today we did the annual Ritter runathon or some shxt like that anyways we all represented and had a pretty good time although the walking fxcking sucked. Hmm then we went to DSs to get ready for CiCis but first we needed to go to Northwest and gather my duckets well we decided to see Ann. Well we got held up and could not make it so we just came back to DSs and we sat around playing anarchy rulz. Until Momma Yates came home and we went to Mexican Village. Now here we are sitting here remembering days gone by. Now lets see I my drop some new news before the end of the night. Until later im out like my chances with any girl.

8/26/00 - Well last night was rather interesting.  So after we took the damn dog to the park we got some eats.  We went to Ci Ci's Pizza.  That place is the fxcking shxt.  All u can eat $4.43.  Well it was friday night and they were kinda busy, and so there  was a short line.  Well this one couple wasn't gonna have that so they made a big fxcking deal and cussed out the manager.  The husband bout put a stack of high chairs thru a window.  Thats when the manager took a running jump over the counter to go get him.  Long story short he called 911 and the cops came but they couldn't do Jack.  Well later tonight we are off to the Rib Fest.  Other than that I am outtie.

8/25/00 - Well what can I say bout today.  The lunch was the usual friday leftovers, and Bobo cut a good one in the car.  Other than that tommarow DS & Bobo are goin to the Indy Rib Fest.  Ohhh Yeah now we are talkin some good ribs here.  Well I guess I will get out of here, cuz we are takin the furball  to the park.  Hopefully another one will eat em. LoL DIE PUPPY DIE!! lol :)

8/23/00 - Today was rather uneventful at school.  The same old same old stuff.  At lunch we brought back the time honored argument on how i got 15 and bobo got 5, and how u can spell sink without an S.  When bobo dies his tombstone gonna read Bobo ":I never said that" Mc Donald.  Anyway the ride home how ever was very eventful.  We first threw "Daddys" soccer bag out of the window cuz we were leavin w/ out him.  Then we dropped Bobo off first cuz nature was a calllin.  So after we left there we headed back to  Ol DS's house.  Then all of a sudden up in the road we saw a trash can.  Of cousre we hit it what else were we gonna do to that poor helpless trash can.  Well make a long story short it got stuck under the Smack Childs car.  So now we drag a rubber trash can around town, unlike some wack motherfxckers do their mufflers.  Other than that I gotta go to work in a few so I am out.

8/21/00 - Well ol DS, Bobo, and The Smack Child went back to school.  Yeah we are seniors and were outtie after this year.  In other news Bobo quit Kroger and joined the crew at Walgreens.  Tonight on WCW Nitro ICP made an appearance.  They brought the JCW Belt w/ them and Vampiro put it on the line against Tank Abbot.  But Pink Rabbit as 3D and Guiedo called him, Tank lost like a  baby bitch to Vampiro.  Well I upated My ICP stuff list and moved the OLD NEWS to the new OLD NEWS page.  You can wind back the clock and view it all over again.  Oh also before I go the SFW page is almost ready I say by the middle of Sept it will be done.