NEWS 2000

So you are new here, or just bringin back the good ol times w/ the smack family.  Well what u waitin on read on ninja!!

2/13/00 -  Today the Smack Family went to the Music Collectors Convention.  Sir Smack and myself came sportin tha makeup, and me with my hatchet.  We met up with O'blivion and Smacknuts who were already in line.  We all got the mad hook up with all the rare hard to find shxt.  I bought  the Mr. Rotten Treats shirt, Mutilation Mix, Psychopathics From Outer Space, Psychopathic Rydas Dumpin, the small Silver Hatchet Man, and a Twiztid poster.  Also Tom Dub and Jumpsteady hooked me up with some stickers and issue one of the ICP comic book.  Other than that the rest of the Family hooked themselves up too.  Smacknuts finally, after weeks and weeks of waiting and driving us all insane, got his  Mr Rotten Treats shirt.  Over all today was the shxt.  Guess I'm out like frosty in tha summer!

2/14/00 - Well today was Monday, and what can I say but it was stale and wack like always.  But today DS did however get into a heated conversation with Sir Smack.  The damned boy was doing flips over some kid with some flowers.  Lunch well, was none other than the mighty "CHUCKWAGON"  what ever the hell that was.  It kinda tasted like some wack squrriel!  Also I couldn't believe my eyes, but I saw none other than AAA's sister on WCW NITRO tonight!!! Yes none other than Sweaty Neden Armageddon, but she was wrestling under the name of Ronda Sing!!  It might of been her and then again it might not have been her!!  You must know that this acusition is purely speculation it could of been a figment of my vivid imagination!!  Well I'm outta here like the ice cream man in the winter!!

2/16/00 - Today something rather amusing happened.  Bobo showed us his secret circus talent.  Bobo, the big man that is loved by all, was doing cartwheels for money.  It was great.  I never knew that such a large person could do such a thing.  What am I saying!?!?  I saw those 2 fat asses none other than the Mushroom Boys do moonsaults off the top rope.  Now this is just speculation but I think that Bobo just might be the long lost Mushroom Boy.  You never know he is rather large like those two flying fat asses.  In other news, I tried to get 2 interviews today, but the damned recorder didn't work.  We actually had One Buck Chuck confess about his short lived affair with his little web-footed friend.  Also I had a rather interesting interview with Bobo about his acrobatic abilities and how his family was actually circus performers.  I will try to get those two to spill their guts again at a later date.  I got bust outta here like a fat person goin to the buffet line.

2/17/00 - 2/20/00  Well well sorry bout the lack of updates.  Lots of mad funny things happened since this was last updated.  Well lets start with Friday.  Oh i am still rollin over this one.  So early on in tha day Sir Smack busted his head open on a locker.  The dumb bastard head butted a locker and hit directly on a screw.  Oh then comes lunch, and this by far is the funniest thing I have ever seen.  So we had chili and they had some japlenos peppers sittin out for yo chili.  so we are all done and we tell Bobo that we would give him a dollar if he ate like 25 of em.  He managed to get them all down, and his mouth was on fire.  He like drank 4 milks and 2 glasses of water.  That was the dumbest thing he ever did, and also he got tha bone because we didn't even give him his dollar.  We just laughed at his punkass.  Later that afternoon Sir Smack and ol DS started their new jobs.  That's right we are now workin at Walgreens too.  It is crazy.  Saturday night after work Sir Smack crashed at my house, and none other than Smacknutz and O'blivion stopped in.  We played the freshest game in tha world, well in the world of pro wrestling.  Yes none other than ECW Hardcore Revolution.  It is the shxt.  Hey i am outta here.

2/21/00 - Well today we had no school so I did a little catching up on some sleep.  Other than that i did a bunch of nothing.  However I did update the page as you can see I moved yet again another vault and I added a page which lists all of my ICP stuff.  Take a look at it isn't that the most craziest thing you have ever seen?  Oh well I'm outtie.

2/29/00 - Well it has been a few days since I updated the news.  First off  The Informant was going to give me a audio update to put up on 2/21/00.  He did deliver but the damn server did not want to upload and accept it!!  Other than that the job over at Walgreens is goin ok.  Last night JJJ and korncob69 along with myself  Daddysmack went to the Powerman 5000 concert.  It was a great concert.  We walked into the venue and the first band, I never caught their name, was already on stage. Then DOPE the next band came on.  They were pretty good the lead singer was gettin mad shxtty at the sound guys, because every one of his mics where not workin correctly.  DOPE played 3 or 4 songs and then the lead singer threw a fit and threw his mic stand into the drum set and went off the stage in a rage.  Then it was time for the band that we came to see none other than STATIC-X.  There is no other way to say this but they fxckin rocked.  They played a rather large set including my favorite song I AM.  The last song of their set which was Push lT we made our way thru the masses and got to the pit.  Korncob69 got in and got the shxt knocked outta him, and we laughed at him.  Then the head liners came on POWERMAN 5000.  We were not expecting much outta them, but we were rather impressed by them.  I would have to say that the pits at a PM5K concert are vicious.  We were in the 3rd row from the stage, and it was great.  I was puttin up girls that came to me and tapped me on the shoulder and askin me to put them up.  I was punchin and throwin elbows and forearms to anybody that was in my way, and yes I had my rings on.  Yet again korncob69 got punked this time is was a foot to the back of the head from a crowd surfer that got dumped on him.  He lost his glasses and never saw them again.  Other than that there was not a body in the venue that was not drenched with sweat.  Today I am feeling the effects from last night my neck and front of my legs are sore, but oh well.   Later ninjas cuz I am out. 

3/10/00 - Well ninjas it's been a while since I updated this thing, but hey I keep you all in mind.  Daddysmack has been workin like a damn dog up at Walgreens but it is all gravy cuz he makes the skrilla.  Well enough bout me let's recap the week.  Sunday that crazy bastard johnny Z got his damn license taken away from him.  This was one of his smarter moves this week.  Monday Johnny Z got yelled at again and he worked like a dog.  Tuesday we got out early and we messed around but Johnny Z had to work.  Wednesday Johnny Z tried to get his license back, but that was uncessful.  Also we both worked...well messed around.  Thursday not much happened.  Friday in the morning Johnny Z came into school singin Mr. Johnson's Head in the halls, and i was running late as usual.  That afternoon at lunch we set a boobie trap you could say.  It was a little number called a cup of ice water in the railings of the stairs.  So when we were leaving lunch we tipped it over on the helpless victim.  It was funny you had to be there.  Then at 6:05 PM Johnny Z got his licence back, and basically busted a nut.  Other than that Bobo was doin his fat circus tricks.  You know his funny as hell cartwheels.  Also Daddysmack has a fresh new trenchcoat it is truly the shxt.  Also I will get on The Informant to get his ass in gear with those audio news reports. Well I guess I will get goin.

3/21/00 - Well here is your update.  Lets see here oh yeah we have been workin as always.  Some funny things have happened there.  Tonight Johnny Z was asked for his number by some 10 year old.  All DS could do was laugh.  Last weekend DS was Painting cabins in Merom IN (aka Redneck USA).  Ol korncob69 and DS went to Karma the other day to go look for a CD.  Unfortunately we didn't find it.  DS was looking for Misfits "Collection".  However we did see Bob from Burn It Down.  DS asked when the new CD would be out Bob said, "Look for it in May".  Korncob69 picked himself a fresh copy of  the Kottonmouth Kings "Hidden Stash".  DS eventually found the CD he was looking for at Best Buy.  This weekend Johnny Z, Korncob69, and ol DS might make an appearance at The Purple Underground on Friday night.  It should be fun there is a good Hardcore concert that night.  DS is working on the ICP Lyrics Page it should be up on here in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled, and The Informant is still having difficulties with the audio reports.  Until next Time. 

3/26/00 - This had to have been the best weekend in a long time.  Here is the main focus of this weekend "THE PURPLE UNDERGROUND"  This place it truly the best club here in Indy.  Friday was the Hardcore Show.  There was supposed to be 5 bands but only 2 showed.  Let me tell you those bands kicked ass. Half Life and Stigma if you ever get a chance to see em go don't even think twice about it.  Well any was ol DS korncob69 Johnny Z and a unnamed member of the smack family were in attendance.  Before the thing even got started Johnny Z had been busted open while wrestling w/ Korncob69 on a couch at the PURPLE UNDERGROUND.  Oh I might add this was after DS powerbomed him 5 times on a different couch.  DS kept himself going all night you should have seen some of the moves he pulled off.  I never saw DS move w/ such grace and yet so violently at the same time to music.  Saturday well the Smack Family did a bunch of nothing although DS, Bobo, and Johnny Z met up w/ JJJ.  Then JJJ, DS, and Johnny Z went to Karma and bought their tickets to the only event that matters in the month of April.  Yes ladies and gentlemen juggalos and juggahoes, they bought their tickets to STRANGLEMANIA LIVE!!! That's right this will undoubtfully be the ultimate shxt.  Sunday well nothing much happed except Johnny Z got powerbomed onto 2 tables by the 6' 3" monster Daddysmack.  Well make sure you go check this band out at the PURPLE UNDERGROUND on April 7 their name is SYDE and I have their poster.(Which I will get it out to you via a link in a later news update.)  I spoke w/ the lead vocalist he says that they are like Korn, Limp Bizkit basically heavy stuff the way I like my music.  DS will sadly miss them on the 7th, because he will be in Las Vegas.  Other than that I gotta go.

4/10/00 - Well contrary to the belief of oblivion and Smacknutz I am not dead.  Like I said I was in Vegas.  Guess what? Being the kind guy i am i documented the whole vacation well at least the humorous things.  Well here goes nothing.

Day 1 - 4/3/00

All right so after a long night of packing we finally got on to getting to the airport.  So we get there and get on tha plane.  Usually for those who are not seasoned fliers like my self planes are a large toilet paper tube that flies high in the sky.  No to mention the itsy bitsy seats w/ no leg room.  Well luckily my seat had mad leg room I had no seat in front of me.  That was good being that I am a long legged Bastard.  Well although we did get 2 drinks (usually  you only get one), and don't forget the complementary Gourmet Dog Biscuit.  That's right a fxcking cookie that tastes like a whack Doggie Treat.  Well we landed and we checked into the MGM Grand.  Great hotel it is pretty large lots of one handed bandits.  All right  it has been awhile since we had eaten anything so we took off down the street to get some grub.  on the way there we had to doge Mexicans with their porn. It was crazy you had to be there, and if Bobo was there he would of been in his glory but that is purely speculation.  All right so to avoid the 5 mile walk we took the bus, well I like to call it the Hell's Express.  The Hell Express was none other than bus number 301 but it was previously known as 666.  So after gettin the peverbial "River running down my ass" we got off of that damned bus.  So we got to the Golden Nugget  and finally got our grub on at Carson St. Cafe.  I had the world famous Roast Beef and French Onion soup.  It was rather big but I knocked it off and had room for dessert.  I ordered the Pecan Pie man it was a damn good piece of pie.  After that we went shopping. I got a new Misfit shirt.  After that little shopping spree and casino hopping we went to the hotel and died.

That's all for today look forward to the next update and the next day of the Vegas Vacation.

4/11/00 - Happy Birthday Daddysmack.  That's right your homie and mine is 17 today.  DS got his lickins today.       Johnny Z and Bobo sent a announcement request but their original message was not conveyed.  The people that got the message had no luv for a juggalo, but they did halfway convey the message.  So he really can't complain.  Oh don't let me forget the Vegas Experience

Day 2 - 4/4/00

Well I got up after a long nights slumber and well got in the shower and got dressed.  After that I took myself down stairs to the food court and I went to Mc Donalds.  Of course i got the Almighty Spanish Omelette Bagel Meal.  Ohh yeah those things are the shxt (Oh I know that the mentioning of those things makes Bobo's mouth water).  After that I went to the arcade and had to school Becca at some Air Hockey.  We played 2 games 7-5 7-5 of course i won.  All Smack Family members are Air Hockey Ninjas!  After everyone was ready we headed down the street to M&M World.  It was pretty interesting all the colors of M&M's.  We went to the Academy and earned our M's.  That's right I earned my M.  Ohh and they gave us free M&M's.  After shopping there for a bit we headed down the street some more for lunch.  We stopped in and at the Harley Davidson Cafe.  Damn i ordered this burger, and it was huge it schooled me.  I thought I knew how to eat a burger, but well I guess I didn't.  Well i got it down along w/ the fries and all w/ the help of a coke or 5.  After lunch we continued down the street and stumbled across a Walgreens.  Of course we stopped in and we bought some stuff w/ my discount.  Oh how can we forget about the mexicans and wading thru them w/ their porno's while walking the streets.  We went to Caesar's Palace.  Took a tour of Caesars Magical Empire.  After that we went to the Forum Shops.  It was a mall inside the hotel.  While we were at the Forum Shops we did the IMAX ride film Race For Atlantis.  This thing was the shxt.  It had to be the best ride film I had ever seen.  It was the only ride film that actually felt real.  After that Kristen was mad tired and so she and Ann headed back to MGM.  So Pops Becca and I headed to the RIO.  We hopped a bus and went to the Carnival World Buffet.  $14.99 for 14 buffets it was crazy, but good.  Here's what I ate: Prime Rib, Potatoes, London Broil, Beer Battered Cod, Clam Strips, Shrimp, Meat Lovers Pizza, Chow Mein, Penne Pasta, Pork Egg Roll, Calimari, Pecan Pie A La Mode.  It's a lot of food I know, and to tell you the truth i dunno where i put it all.  Pop's said while eating Prime Rib, "I love beef fat!", but it sounded like he said, "I love being fat!".  It was really funny.  I guess you had to be there.  After that we went back to the Hotel and Died.

Until next time look for the next update for more Vegas madness.  I'm outta here!

4/14/00 - Well Friday is finally here.  DS today got commissioned for a new poem.  That's right he has invaded the school, the web and now the church!!.  What's next for DS the world?!?!  In work news ol Johnny Z got flashed by some chick.  Speaking of chicks Johnny Z is going to be non other than the Easter Bunny at Walgreens.  Hehe he get's to hold all those little kids in a hot ass bunny suit.  It looks as if your homies and mine DS and O'Blivion are going to the battle of the bands on sat.  It is from 12pm to 12am for only $15 at the Fountain Square Theater.  We are going to do some scouting of the local scene.  I will have a report of all the happenings as soon as DS tells me bout it.  Now on with Vegas.

Day 3 - 4/5/00

Well as I wake up from my slumber I still am full from dinner last night so I skipped breakfast.  After everybody was up and all we set out yet again on the mexican handing out porn filled streets of vegas.  Our first stop was the hotel New York, New York.  We went in there and headed straight to the Manhattan Express.  It was a decent coaster for a hotel.  After we got off we did a couple of games in the Coney Island Arcade.  I played Crazy Taxi.  I can't get enough of that game it is the best.  Then wandering thru the arcade I stumbled across a Shootin Gallery.  That is all I used to play at arcades when I was little.  Put it this way just call me sharpshooter cuz i can hit just bout anything in em.  After the little spree in the arcade we went for lunch.  We ate at the Motown Cafe, and I had the Philly cheese steak.  Also they had these damn good sweet potato fries.  Later we split up and pops and i went to Luxor and Excalibur.  We did "In Search of the Obelisk" and a King Tut exhibit.  The ride was ehhh ok but not the best, but the exhibit was really good.  We got back to the MGM changed clothes and went to Caesars Magical Empire.  The food was good I had the Beef.  The magicians on the other hand was eh I figured out most of their illusions. even the close up magician that turned my $20 into two $10's.  He had a false thumb cap.  After leaving there we went to a wax museum.  They had a lot of good figures a recent model of Holyfield w/ a missing ear tip.  Also they had a pretty good Billy Idol.  After that we headed back to the MGM and died.

Well that's it for now.  I got to go check back for another update soon.


4/17/00 - Well this weekend was pretty eventful.  Friday night well DS and the Northside Clan went to Mc Donalds and Target.  Whoopdie Frickin Doo. Saturday morning DS, well he cut tha grass.  He dosen't mind because he gets mad duckets for doing it.  After that he along with his Pops went off to fetch O'blivion and Smacknutz.  They scooped them up and off they went to the Battle of the Bands.  This was the full list of bands that performed:  Spicolie, Breakdown, Tripulay, Jumpstart, Prisoners of Gravity, Jealousy, Shank, Shanko's, Less than Seven, Simple, Model Citizen, Lowlife, Stigma, Fuze,  Rewinds, Family, The Goon Squad, Spit Stain, Peep Hole, Roll Reversal, Camel Tow, Meltdown, Cradle Punch, Shine Box, Lak 'O Talent, 50 Dollar Jones, Force, Rinse 'N Spit, Level 9, Lunatic Click, Candella, Chilled Water, and Altered State of Mind.  We got there at 1 pm.  Yes the Smack family members that went (excluding Johnny Z and Bobo they got the bone.) had fun.  DS did his moshing and Smacknutz tried his luck at it as well.  O'Blivion on the other hand just stood there and laughed.  There was this fresh ass band there called the Lunatic Click.  These were straight up Juggalos.  That's right a local Indy band showin some clown luv.  It was the shxt if you get a chance go check em out.  Other than that O'blivion and Smacknutz cut out early and DS stayed till it was over at 11:30pm.  Well I was gonna give you some more Vegas freshness but my fingers are bout to fall off. So I'm out.

4/18/00 - Damnit DS was rejected.  That's right his poetry was thrown back in his face.  The goofy bastard was trying to do something nice for some people, but they turned him down.  He wrote tha shxt and then they read it and didn't want it.  WELL NOW I GOT THAT OFF MY FXCKIN CHEST!!  That poem will be up in a few days it is the longest piece he has written so keep an eye peeled for that freshness.  Now on to Vegas.

Day 4 - 4/6/00

What can I say.  There was Mexicans as usual.  This afternoon we did the Parade in the sky at The RIO.  It was pretty cool we got a crap load of beads.  For Dinner we went to The Rainforest Cafe.  I had some Shrimp Pasta that gave me the shxts but that's what you get when you eat at a rainforest.  That night we went to see the stage show EFX at the MGM.  Pretty damn good show great effects.  After the show Becca and myself went to Gameworks.  I played Crazy Taxi as usual, and some 3 puck play air hockey.  Then we went to bed.

Well until next time Juggalos! I'm out!

4/19/00 - Well DS is feeling kinda betrayed by some folks but they will someday learn.  They will laugh when DS turns the tables.  When DS am famous and they are still stuck where they are now in their nowhere lives.  Other than that I will give you more Vegas.

Day 5 - 4/7/00

Well today we got up too damn early.  Today we went to tha Hoover Dam.  We got on tha dam tour bus.  We were on tha dam tour bus ride was a 45 minute ride.  We finally got to the dam.  Once we got there we took tha dam tour.  I took some dam pictures.  Tha dam was big.  After the tour I got a dam hard hat.  Then we stopped in the "Snackateria".  It was crazy I ordered a Dam Dog.  Ohhh it was good!  Then we got back on tha bus and went to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory.  We were informed that at the chocolate factory that they inspect their nuts.  That's right they inspect all their nutz now that is quality control.  Then we went to the Hilton.  We did the star trek thing, and ate at the wackest place ever.  Never go to Quarks Bar at the Hilton.  It got 2 thumbs down in my book.  Then we waited for the trolley to take us to the Stratosphere.  We got there and did a little shopping.  Oh and did those wack ass rides on tha top of the Stratosphere.  BOOOOO!!! They sucked, so what if they were on top of a tower, so what if they were 1000 ft in tha air.  The bottom line folks is they sucked.  After that sucky experience we went to Circus Circus.  Well we did the rides there as well.  These rides were better than that damn stratosphere.  They had a decent coaster and a pretty damn fun ride called The Inverter.  The Inverter was the shxt, no joke.  It got to be bout, oh i dunno late, so it was closing and we left.  We decided to eat at the Blue Iguana.  Funny thing i saw here a damn Mexican restaurant staffed by all Chinese people.  Wtf is up w/ that they made some wack ass Carnitas.  To tell you the truth they sucked.  After this we went back to the MGM and died.

I'm outta here.  Check back for updates ninjas!

4/20/00 - Whoooo 420!!! Who gives a shxt about 420! So what if it is international pot smoking day, so what if it is the columbine anaversary.  U do not need a day to blaze it up!  I think it is overrated.  Let's see I worked today.  Some damn mexican paid a  $8.10 all in quarters.  WHY ME?? Why do I always get the stoopid dumasses in my line.  Nothing against change or anything but it is a pain in the ass to count.  Humm here comes more Vegas at ya!

Day 6 - 4/8/00

Well we got up and headed off to the Nitro Cafe for lunch.  NOO Hell nah  we didn't eat there it was closed, and not to mention wack.  It was wack and they had worthless stuff in there.  I got a shirt and then we split.  We were off to New York, New York.  We ate there I had chicken fingers and some fries.  After that we were off to the Hard Rock Cafe.  Ann wanted a shirt so we got one.  I also got one but what does that matter.  After we took the taxi from the HR Cafe we went back to the room.  I fell asleep.  After I got up we headed off to the MGM GRAND BUFFET.  At was pretty good. I had Prime Rib, Shrimp, Liguini, Lemon Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Roll , & Dessert.  It was all right The RIO's was better.  After that we headed off to Walgreens.  Did I fail to mention DAD BROKE MY SUN GLASSES!!!  Those were my BODYGUARD GLASSES!!!  So I got these temporary wack glasses.  They are OK but I miss mu old ones.  Don't let me forget to tell you about the Mexicans they were out as usual w/ their porn.  Ohh and we went up into the Eiffel Tower.  It was cool.  Then we went back to MGM and crashed.

See ya'll later Ninjas.  I'm outtie.

4/21/00 - All right Tonight is the night of JCW.  I call the Murat to see what time it is going to be over.  Ring ring ring "Hello you have reached the Murat Theater STRANGLEMANIA HAS BEEN CANCELED.",  WHAT THE FXCK!!!!  That's right JCW was canceled for tonight and moved to the 3rd of May.  So Indy Juggalos May 3rd Murat Theater JCW is comming back.  I am still Pissed!! WTF!!  Here is more Fxckin Vegas for ya.

Day 7 - 4/9/00

Lets sum this up real quick:

Woke up. Packed.  Dad won $250 on slots.  Checked Out of MGM.  The Girls got their hair cut for like $500.  Ate lunch at a wack Mexican Restaurant.  More Mexicans.  Left for the Airport.  Spotted Crazy Mickey.  That's right the Beeper King himself Crazy Mickey was on our plane, and boy is he ever Fat.  He puts the Mushroom Boys to shame.  He took up 2 damn seats in tha plane.  Got home at 11:30 pm Indy time.  Got back home to my bed, in my house, and died.

I hope you enjoyed that Vegas stuff it was a lot of typing but who cares, but still WTF!!!! I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SHXT!!  Oh the reason they canceled was Shagg's has sustained a broken nose and possibly re-injured neck.  Get well soon Ninja.  Mad love goes out to you.  I'm Out.

4/24/00 - Well ninjas this weekend sucked.  Friday we got out early and got mad shxtty bout JCW.  Well after that we Johnny and I went up to walgreens to get the 3rd off.  Then his monkey ass went home.  So I sat around home while mother being the good christian that she is went to church.  Well I was sitting down enjoying a good match of SMACKDOWN when some dumbass starts ringing my doorbell.  So I get up and look out thru the peephole and it is none other than Johnny Z.  His dumbass was back at my house.  We ended up eatin some Papa Shlong's pizza it was good.  Then his ass left.  Sat mornin DS and his mom set off for Ohio.  His crazy ass drove the whole way.  DS is a Goofy ass driver but none to the likes of Bobo or Johnny Z.  He stayed there all weekend and did nothin but sleep and talk and eat.  but ht did get some duckets for his B-day.  Sunday we left DS got home and got some great mail.  Hold on to your pants for this one " DS STRAIGHT GOT PUBLISHED!!"  That's right juggalos DS is now a published author in a mother fxckin book.  It is the shxt.  DS will be published in "In-between Days" in the summer of 2000.  Other than that we are off of school today and Johnny Z is trying to cook up some weird plans.  Sooo it looks as if i am outtie.  OH and how can i forget bout Johnny Z and his little, how should we say this, "fling" at the horse track.  Yeah he says he met this chick and well they kinda hit it off.  She said she had to go cuz her friend was gettin lonely.  Well he said that if i was there things might have been a little different.  Although he did get her number.  Why do i always miss out on this shxt!!! It isn't fair! 

4/25/00 - Well ninjas it was back to school for DS and his crew.  Yesterday the smack family had a meeting.  Mr. Z (Johnny Z) came over and had some wack breakfast with DS.  Then they messed around for a bit.  Then Smacknuts busted in on tha scene.  After that BOBO came stompin in.  Once they were all there they played some SMACKDOWN.  After that got wack they took a little stroll down tha street like always.  They hit up Karma and Walgreens.  Comic Carnival was spared of the Smack Familys presence today.  At Walgreens they got some Ghetto Juice.  That stuff is tha shxt.  For those who are lost "Ghetto Juice" is that stale fruit drinks that come in tha gallon sizes in grocery stores, and places like that.  Then they headed over to the go-kart track.  Well after loitering around there when tha place wasn't even open they left.  They go home and started the first of many battles.  That's right the first ever smack family wrestling event.  The first match to crown the SFW Champ was a 3 way match between DS, Smacknutz, and Mr Z.  Mr Z is the first SFW champ.  After that there was a second match that packed anybody's bag a SFW Tag Match.  Bobo and Mr.Z are the SFW Tag Champs.  There was barbed wire pizza boxes sticks everything it was funny.  After that DS got his wig chopped, and they were back up to tha go-kart track.  That was a sight to see.  Bobo and his oil burning kart and the multiple smashes w/ the other members.  After the racing was over it was off to the arcade.  The Bastards got mad tickets and got mad candy with em.  Other than that I am outtie for today.  

5/1/00 - Hey Juggalos!  This weekend was the shxt.  Well prom was on saturday night.  DS didn't go but Mr. Z and Juggalette went.  DS was going to but plans fell thru like always, but DS is cool with that.  Well DS however did go to post prom.  He met up w/ Mr. Z, Bobo, and Toxic Shock.  That's right the crazy Toxic Shock.  Yeah DS and the rest of the crew were having fun messing w/ Toxic's "Date".  But Toxic's "Date" is a whole other story.  So after all that craziness they went home.  It was about 2 A.M.  They all crash at DS's house and get up mad early the next morning to go to Kings Island.  This was the shxt.  Oh words can't even begin to describe the expressions and the words comming out of Bobo on the coasters.  It was rather funny.  We left there at 8 and got home bout 11:00.  The next day we went to school.  I'm outtie for now.

5/4/00 - Hey Ninjas!!!  All we can say is that JCW was the shxt.  DS and Mr.Z got to the murat at 4:00 as planed.  Not 10 minutes after they got  there the Faygo fights began.  After that the cops showed up there was a bout 20 of them givin the juggalos some heat.  One piggy got hit with a moon mist he was less than amused.  By now DS and Mr.Z were soaking wet w/ Faygo, but they didn't care they are fxcking Juggalos.  Juggalos don't give a care bout Faygo on em.  Only the juggahoes wine when they get Faygo on em.  So then none other than Smacknutz , his sister, and Oblivion come stompin on in.  It was a great.  Finally they got in.  DS went straight for the goods.  He got the Other Jeckel Blacklight Poster, The JCW program, and the 2 Dope Fxck Off EP.  That's right the Fxck Off EP for only $10. The crew had front row.  It was they shxt.  They saw all the madness up close and personal.  There were some great jobbers there like Hornswagglin Hillbilly.  This mother fxcker weighed 760 lbs!!! Holy shxt that is like 4 Bobos.  He was so fxcking fat.  Also the Hardcore Death Match Ledgend was there Mad Man Pondo.  Pondo took on Fat Fxck Barrel Boy in the 10,000 Thumbtack, Broken Glass in Yo Ass, Barbed Wire Bat, Staple gun to the Mother Fxckin Mellon Match.  Nevertheless Pondo won after a long bloody battle.  Also STRANGLEMANIA ledgends were on hand as well.  None other than Leatherballs and Hollywood Chuck Hogan.  That's right those 2 numb skulls were there w/ their manager The Masked Negotiator.  Hollywood Chuck Hogan battled Cash Flow in a Barbed Wire Ladder Death Match.  Chuck won no thanks to the barbed wire table given to him by his manager.  There were other matches as well but nothing compares to the MAIN EVENT.  6 MAN TAG ACTION ICP & ESHAM vs. THE RAINBOW COALITION.  That's right the Clowns and Esham battled Big Flame Neil and Bob.  Those Faggots got their asses kicked.  J won the match w/ a moonsault off the top rope.  It was the shxt.  After the whole thing was over Mr. Z and Smacknutz took matters into their own hands and started a SFW Brawl right there at the Murat.  It was fresh there was Powerbombs and DDT's and Suplexes it was the shxt.  Well I am Outtie.

       5/8/00 - Well DS Mom hit the road for the weekend so well DS was all alone.  Yeah right!  Mr. Z spent mad time w/ DS.  Saturday They went out on the town w/ Poole.  They went to the Driving range, Batting cages, Army Store, and the Go Kart Track.  Well at the Army store DS got new Boots that will steal your soul.  They are jungle boots like back in Vietnam.  At the Kart track Mr. Z got beat 5 times in a row in Air Hockey.  Saturday night Smacknuts and Oblivion came over.  Then the SFW MIDNIGHT BRAWL took place.  This was a Double Elimination 3 Way Dance for the SFW Belt.  Well the ultimate Jobber DS lost he was the first one out.  He submitted and was pinned.  Then Those other two went on.  Finally Mr. Z won.  Get this Smacknutz thought he won though.  He was Shxtty bout that.  So being the nice guy that Mr. Z is he gave Nutz the Belt.  After that Nutz said that he retired, and was never defeated as a champion.  Then by ref Oblivion's decision Mr. Z was recrowned the SFW Champ.  Other than that Bobo and DS went to see a play on Sunday.  Well I'm outtie.

5/10/00 - Well today was rather eventful for the smack family.  The crew got off from school early.  So DS and Mr. Z went for a little stroll.  Today being Wensday it was payday.  They went to Walgreens and picked up their checks.  After that they decided that they would swing by and pick up juggalette up at her school.  So off they were to Northwest.  Before they got to Northwest they made a quick stop at Kroger for some FAYGO.  Ohh DS got 3 and Mr. Z 2.  Finally they got to northwest and retrieved Juggalette.  She was more than suprized to see those two knuckle heads.  After picking up her they walked to Taco Bell.  They  got something to eat and it was back to DS house.  Other than that I'm outtie for today!

 5/14/00 - Last night DS and Mr. Z attended a concert at The Emerson.  Zao, Burn it Down, The Hope Conpiricy, Die Trying.  The first band was good that chick had a good set of lungs.  The hope conspiracy was very good.  Burn it Down was good as always.  They did some songs off the new album "Let the Dead Bury the Dead".  Well he didn't hang around too long for Zao.  Another thing at the end of July The Emerson and The Purple Underground will be closing.  This is not a good thing for all the local indy bands and their audiences.  The Smack Family is rather disheartened by this information.  I'm out

5/21/00 - Last night at the SFW Arena the tag belts were on the line.  Well to make a long story short DS was screwed again.  The match went as planed to the T.  DS and Smacknutz won with a Double powerbomb thru a table.  Mr. Z was powerbomed thru a table.  Well after DS and Nutz won Nutz and Mr. Z bum rushed DS w/ the SFW Heavyweight belt.  Then pinned him making Mr. Z and Nutz the SFW Tag Champs.  It was.....well words can't describe it.

6/19/00 - Hey Juggalos you all thought I was dead.  Well Angelfire and I had a little go round w/ space so i figured that shxt out.  Well lets see here I got outta school for another year.  Only one more year till I'm outtie.  Then I made my yearly homage to Cedar Point.  We rode the new coaster Millennium Force.  That ride is the shxt.  Oh Yeah Mr. Z went w/ us.  I am workin at walgreens now everyday durin the week except the weekends.  On the weekends it is still AOTT ( Which burned and got heavy smoke damage ).  Other than that shxt is falling apart.  There is new poems and there will be some new pics i have scanned dealing w/ ICP.  I'm outtie