Of Carnage


It was a soft gentle night

In the little town of, of, well, you're town

The gentle breeze swept the streets

Creating that pleasant howl that these kind town folks

Have enjoyed for so many, many years

The wind chimes sent their peaceful melodies

Into the ears of the sleepy residents

But the unusual was approaching in the distance

Something evil was heading towards this small town

While the residents slept, something crept

Slithered and crawled its way through the quiet streets

Guided by the moon light

These frightening strangers set up tents and rides

Shows and games, there were savage jesters

And wicked ringmasters

There were horrid freak shows

And sights only the impending doom will witness

They brung with them the carnage

That they had lived with for eternity

The morning is a new day

The people of this town will unwillingly witness

The show of their lives, only rumored to exist

You will be the next to die helplessly

At the Carnival of Carnage


Carnival of Carnage (26x)

Yo, and now for your enjoyment

Please welcome

The IC-motherfxcking-P...


Well, you know the juggla jumped in the mixer

Been down the road and I broke a few necks

And I'll break a few more, so what's up

Road by me on the corner, I'm a hold my nuts up

Its finna fxck you wit' dat

But if you a sewer skank let me hit dat

Cuz I'm Violent J, ain't even one to fake it

I wanna see some folded up skank bitches naked

I pass out when it gets dark

And woke up naked at the Clark Park

Gotta go, gotta get before I get the wrap

Gotta chopped off head chilling in my lap

Mr. Shrink, Mr. Shrink, I'm sick

Lunatick-tick-tock, it don't quit

It don't quit, it don't quit

Mr. Shrink, I'm sick, a lunaticky-tick

The doctor told me I'm a psycho

So I ate his face like I don't know

Knife to the neck and got some more

The night of the axe, the night of the forty fxck

Bitch, I'm a man you can talk ta

But after you leave I'm a stalk ya

If you're a little kid I'm a take ya

And if you're neck I'm a break ya

If you're an old lady I'm a mug ya

Cuz bitch, you can't fxck with the juggla

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is...the juggla

He'll cut your windpipe, eat your face

And slit your motherfxcking heart out

You can see this freak show at the world famous Carnival of Carnage

Keep juggling, motherfxcker!

Cuz ya know the juggla will throw ya up fast

And if I drop you that's your ass

I shake and twist, try to keep calm

I might go to hell cuz I'm down with Esham

Gotta rhyme for your Uncle Willy

Then I hit him in the head with a Billy

Willy, Willy, watch your mouth

And fxck the south

Running with a gang of twenty street hoods, yo

What's up bitch, ah, what's up ho?

Sometimes you act like you ain't down

With a psychotic wicked clown

fxcking my friends ain't healthy

Cuz I grab you by the face and fxck you up

And it's like that bitch that's the way it is

I'm allowed to fxck, ho, I'm in show biz

Sets in the hood want me for dead

So I paint my tag on they forehead

Stick your little 'kay by my taggin'

You can fit twenty clowns in a Volkswagon

And we coming straight to your brick house

I'm a huff, and puff, and blow your fxckin' neck loose

And then I might mug ya

Cuz they're will be no fxcking with the juggla

Juggling eyeballs, juggling heads

What you've heard about, what you've read

The juggling wicked clowns will come to your

Birthday party, wedding, and barmitzva

And cut your back off for a small fee

The juggla ain't taking no shorts from nobody

Tweedle-dee and tweedle-doh

Let the fxcking bass go

And the juggla make it last

Down with 2 Dope and try n' get trashed

My fellow fxcking fellas

Southwest gangster killas

Violent J, the psychopathic

Some might say I'm schitsofrantic

Others think I'm quite the psychic

But somehow the bitches like it

What's up bitch, let me get the shot

Right here and now, butt-naked on the spot

Why am I like this, like that

Why are you like that, like this

The ghetto took my brain and motherfxck I want it back

I'm that nerd in the back of the class

That went psycho and killed your ass

I slash and cut and hack

With a "Kick Me" sign on my back

In my corner is scyne therapy

They take care of me, but don't stare at me

Cuz like I said I'll mug ya

Now run on home and don't fxck with the juggla

Finally happened, the wicked clown have come to your town

And he's got your daughter by the hand

Showing her a new land

The southwest ghetto zone, where all the jugglas roam

Come one, come all and have the juggla cut your face off

Skip to the lou

Juggla juggla fxck with the juggla

You can't fxck with the juggla

Tweedle-dee and tweedle-doh

Let the fxcking bass go


Got another funky rhyme

Another funky, funky rhyme

Got another funky rhyme

Another funky rhyme

Another funky, funky rhyme

Aw shxt, man, that's the ICP!!!

This is my jam!!!

I'm on a psychedelic, motherfxcking inter-gallactic void G!!!

Aw, shxt!

Well, they let the gate up so I bail

It's been six months pick me up from the county jail

With a smog mother payin' my dues

Steel toliets, worn blankets, and rubber shoes

But I ain't naggin'

Here come the fellas I can hear the muffler draggin'

8 men in the car long

And the Faygo is almost gone

My nuts are kinda hard so I need a mate

So my homeboy's cousin set me up with a blind date

She said "Pick me up at three"

Can't bitch, the bus don't ride your street, ho

We gonna eat at Mexican Village

Take a cab and I'll pay the tab

And when she showed, well, I'll be damned

Left my wallet at home on the TV stand

Have her pay him and for dinner too

The knot in my sock, it done bit you

She's all prettied up for nothing

I'm smelling like shxt and my chin is scruffing

And I'm chewing on my food like a pitbull

Cuz I won't front for the ho

Stuck my face in a bowl of soup

And just sucked it all up threw my missin' tooth

The bitch jumped up with a boom

"I have to fix my hair" and broke to the bathroom

She's got the tab, so I go for mine

And order up some '52 vintage wine

Hey, Louie, bring a fxckin' steak with that

Motherfxckers like jail say fxck dat

She's back now and her hair ain't fixed

Probably took a long greasy-ass smelly shxt

I ain't saying nothing though

I ain't saying nothing bout the funkin' ho

What's up bitch, I'm ready to break

How long can one fat bitch take?

Quite snacking and pay me saps

Cuz we goin' home to meet her pops*

"So Joe, what is that you do for a living?"

"Aww, come on pops, you seen me selling rocks on

Verner and Springwell. Matter fact, I think I sold

to that fat bitch in the kitchen"

Your dad's really cool sweetheart

I mean him letting me use his car

And he slipped me a fifty

Violent J is kinda nifty

If I'd a hit you'd be home through

But now your coming home with me

Dad I gotta bitch in the bedroom

Take your ass to the bar and don't come home soon

Now the juggla's known to smack hoes

But I need the shot too

So I switch to the mack mode

Now woman, you know I love you

So why don't you just let me fxck you

Now bitch, I know you's a freak

So let me get a little kiss on your cheek

And a fxck to go with that

Come on, nympho, let me hit that

Tell ya what you let me stick it

And I gotta left over piece of chicken for ya

Ya little sewer skank

Ya nasty little pipe-smoking sac-chasing ho

And that was that

A little smooth talking she was on her back

And I'm finally sticking

Dump ya, and I'm eating my chicken

You'll never guess what

My first day out and I caught my nut

First day out and I caught my nut


Rapping to this bitch with a red neck

A red neck, that fxcking red neck

Rapping to this bitch with a red neck

A down south bitch with a red-ass neck

Bitch, you gotta red neck

But you look kinda straight so I'm bout to step

Heard you like fxcking in pig pens

You never seen boys, so you fxck your girlfriends

Bitch, I know you's a ho

So let me fxck you with my big toe

Cuz I don't care what them hicks can do

shxt, I can fxck like a chicken hawk too

Bitch, we can take a walk

But I hate the way you fxckin' hillbillies talk

So keep your filthy ass mouth shut

And don't say shxt, nasty slut

Bitch, I wanna hit it

So I can drop your ass in a New York minute

But you quick to act like you didn't know

Like you didn't know, that I'm a jigglo, you didn't know

Bitch, we can sit on the porch

Swing in a chair, I don't fxcking care

But then it's to the sac, to the sac we go

I'm finna fxck this red neck ho

Bitch, you's a ho

And ho you's a bitch

Everybody knows that you's a...

Funky bitch

Rapping to this bitch with a red neck

A fxcking red neck, a red-ass neck

Rapping to this bitch with a red neck

Said a mop-top corn stalk red-ass neck

Bitch, it's 2 Dope

Before I threw you this dick, I throw you some soap

Cuz you been in the barn all day

Milking cows and fxcking with hay

Bitch, if you let me hit

I don't care, you can play your Wayne Newton shxt

I can take a little Conway Twitty

While I'm sucking on red neck tittie

Bitch, I go down south

With a piece of wheat hanging out my mouth

And sport a funky-ass straw hat

But after I hit it...MOTHERFXCK THAT!

Bitch, I from the big city

And I'm finna fall asleep on your big tittie

Yeah, it's the farmer's daughter

But I ain't gonna fxck in no swamp water

Bitch, drop your overalls

And we fxck in the back of a horse stall

You're the ugly bitch I know

But I still fxck ya, red neck ho

Bitch, you's a ho

And ho you's a bitch

Everybody knows that you's a...

Funky bitch

My ratsaw can't even hang

With the wicked shxt you've done

You go lynching with your gang

On a brother or a Mexican

Fxck, this shxt may never quite

Bigots may never learn

I'll cut your motherfxcking throat out, bigot

Now it's your turn

Bigots in the north seem to get respect

You know I'd choke that greasy neck

Step to the left, step to the right

In my piece, and I'll fxck your face up

Bitch, cuz I don't sleep

I said "fxck you, bitch, I don't sleep"

In the south there's a lot of good faces

But shxt, I'm gat on a fxcking racists

Bitch, I can't tell from where I'm at

But it looks like your neck is red, fxck that

I'm about to step

So I can say I fxcked a ho with a red neck

Bitch, you's a ho

And ho you's a bitch

Everybody knows that you's a...

Funky bitch


One time, the ICP with this shxt

For you and your boys to say "fxck yeah" to

Yo, G, kick some of that shxt about the wizard and all that

Drop a psycho beat and go on and rap, bald-headed fxck

Aw fxck, homeboy, you should of seen me

I was flipped at the party drinking a fifth of MD

Straight passed-out on his mother's bed

With seven cans of brew going through my head

Dreaming, I was sipping on Faygo

With my dope posse, hear comes a tornado

Huh, I can't run no where

Cause the whole damn house was spinning through the air


And don't laugh just yet

And it bland my motherfxcking eyes bet

And here comes a three and a half foot pimp

With a blue zoo suit and a mack daddy limp

Yo, I gotta grip on my weapon

Cuz this midget motherfxcker and his boys are stepping

"Oh my, look at the witch

You crushed and killed that wicked old bitch"

And they saying that I'm doomed

Cuz I killed some ho that rides on a broom

fxck this, I'm going back to where I stay

And I walking down the yellow brick alleyway

Interlude (contains samples from "Wizard of Oz" and "Ghetto Zone")

Well, go on motherfxcker!

Now I'm roaming just like basshead

Everybody know just where the alley led

And don't say you don't know

Which way to go, yo, there go the scarecrow

I ain't playing this bullshxt no more

So I whip out the nigger play the double-four

Best tell my ass how to get back

Or I'll blow the straw out your fxcking head

You wanna see the wizard?

fxck yeah, I do

Get me off this pole and I'll come with you

You know the wiz

Yeah, its the road for him

Then he gave me on a 'gene

Now I gotta bullet for him

So me and the crow was walking on bricks

Spitting and cussing and holding our dicks

Thinking, damn, this ain't how the movie goes

I ain't seen one motherfxcking rainbow

Ain't a fresh pair of kicks in the land

Just what you thought, there go the tin man

How to get to the wizard?

What the fxck

I ain't saying shxt until you oil me up

I don't see any motherfxcking oil, bro

Oil me up with a forty of Red Bull

Huh, just like the book said

Tin Man was stumbling like a crackhead

Old-ass rusted out metal

But we was on our way to see the wizard of the ghetto

"Somewhere over the rainbow"

(Shut the) fxck up, bitch


Damn, this ain't Kansas, ho

This is the southwest motherfxcking ghetto zone, bitch

So pick your skank ass up

And you and Toto get the fxck on

Yeah, we've come a long way

Drop the motherfxckers all the way to Del Ray

And I'm a wonder land story book tourist

Gripping that .44 we coming up to the forest

Anything could be out there

Lions, tigers, maybe a bear

Hoods and hoodlums and theives, oh my (3x)

I'm a kick somebody in they fxckin' eye

Don't fxck with me at a time like this

I'll send out a bullet guarenteed won't miss

So I just move and the hooks are flying

You've come and buck with the fxcking lion

I want rings, chains, any kind of gold

Or what?

Or I'm a let this nine unfold

Man, fxck this, come back to Del Ray

There you can rob motherfxckers any day

Crackheads, hoes, whatever you can name

Catch all the rich ones coming out the ball game (yeah)

So finally we was at the castle

And with the guards, we got no hastle

They all just got the fxck out our way

I guess even in Oz they know of Violent J

( Interlude)

Yo, where's the motherfxcking wizard stay

Who wants to know? Violent-psychopath-J

I wanna word with him at gun point

Cuz there's no place like Detroit

Welcome to the wizards kingdom

The Wizard of the Ghetto as its said

Welcome to the wizards kingdom

Sorry, motherfxcker, this is where you'll stay

Scarecrow, you ain't shxt to me

And the lion ain't shxt but a snack for three

Tin Man, don't take me for a sucker

I'll chew your ass up and spit bullets out, motherfxcker

We let it rain,

Seventy-nine slugs to his fxcking brain

Then I stepped back cool and calm

Cuz the Tin Man was dropping cluster bombs

Everybody know about car jacking

So me and the fellas went home macking

Jumped in a smooth-ass ride

Drop top Geo says "Wiz" on the side

Gripped it back to the hood where we came from

And that shxt was fun

Next thing I knew I was back at the party

Got up and was finning to tell everybody

But I just let it pass

Cuz I know they'll laugh at my drunk ass


Oh, you'll never guess what's up

My mucking head blew up

My chins in an old man's backyard

I gotta sneak threw his yard

To find the fothermucker

And he's gotta pitbull dog

And it's sitting on my chin like a frog on a log

I throw a bone to try to distract

Cuz I'm wanting my chinny-chin-chin back

I'll never be one to boast

But there's my tongue hanging off the lightpost

Cuz my head exploded

And my brains unloaded

All over this beautiful city

Teeth and bones to the nitty gritty

There's my eyeball stuck to the wall

Right next to my splattered jaw

I don't dig this game

Chasing my brains all through the sewer drains

My head's all over the block

Cuz I done went lunatick-tock tick-tock

Come on, dawg, what's wrong with my head?

It blew apart but I still ain't dead

I get no respect

I got nothing but guts hanging off my neck

But I'll still chilling

Even with my blood and guts all over the ceiling

I'm chillin', I'm illin'

With my guts all over the ceiling

Oh, you'll never guess what's up

My mucking back blew up

If you come across a spine

Best believe it's mine

Oh, forget about my tongue

Cuz vato can't breathe without no lungs

I lost both of mine

Now that's an item that I wouldn't mind to find

But forget about dat

Cuz I'm roaming the streets with a splattered back

I'm trying to rap to this freak

But she can see my ribs all in the street

Then the chit-chat went dead

She noticed that I ain't got no head

Shhh, I think I hear my heart

But damn, it got hit by a Smark bus

And landed in Pontiac

So I tell my mellow to send it back

Come on, wined and my back blow up

Look for my guts, look for my guts

I gotta call from Nate the Mack

Says he might of found part of my back

Then bring it on over, ace

I got slabs all over the place

But I'm still chillin'

Even with my blood and guts all over the ceiling

I'm chilling, I'm illing

With my guts all over the ceiling

You'll never guess what's up

Ahh, I'm down on my luck

Got no head

Said I got no head

Southwest ghetto zone

It done fried my brain

I'm chilling, I'm illing

With my guts all over the ceiling


Violent J, Violent J, is that you?

I'm on the microphone, so what'cha wanna do?

Violent J, Violent J, is that you?

A wicked, wicked clown painted just for you

I drink Faygo it's only a buck-ten

I'm a pour it on your tits when we fxcking

Cuz I'm with that kinky shxt, ho

I can see you butt-naked in your window

Shimmy up the house side dash

Now I'm gonna press my nuts on the glass

Let me in, ho, don't ya know

I'm Violent J of the ICP, yo

I got me a checklins cashing

If I could spend it with the hoes I'm crashing

But don't get all geek slut

Cuz I'm a buy ya some lava to wash your butt

What's this clown shxt about?

A knife to your neck and your throats hanging out

With a do-me-ray

Now it's about time I say

Kid Rock, Kid Rock, is that you?

Yeah, let me tell ya what I wanna do

Kid Rock, Kid Rock, is that you?

Yo, Nate, Yo, Nate Woohoo!!!

Frontin', they frontin', everybody's frontin'

Violent Violent J is gonna tell ya something

If ya know a bitch who got grits

Kid Rock, Kid Rock will probably eat that shxt

Boohoo motherfxcker what'cha cry for

I'm that nigger that your bitch would die for

The whore showed up at my front door

So I fxcked her in the ass and I threw her out the back door

The bitch thought it was a cake drive

She said drive me to the city, so I dropped her off at lake side

You driving me home, well I meant ta

But plans have changed so get your ass on the centar

Ho, this ain't no taxi

I be mackin' hoes, they don't mack me

Never slacking, hoes I be macking

Kid Rock, Kid Rock

Never slacking, hoes I be macking

Violent J serving ghetto hard street shxt

The funk, the funk from the old days

Violent J serving ghetto hard street shxt

The funk from the old days

Well, I'm up for the shot in a minute

Show me a valley, I might yoddle in it

Like somebody else I know

I been to Mount Plen as I've been to Romeomeomeo

Wicked clowns gonna flow for ya some

Three for the treble, eight for the drum

Five for the homies that I run with

Bitch, call your mother cause you're done with

Toe tip-toe, I snuck in your house

And fell asleep butt-naked on the front couch

So, excuse me, pops, I'm napping

So could ya shut the fxck up with that yapping

And your wife's all worked up for nothing

She act like she ain't never seen a wang or something

Cuz it really don't matter

I'm a show my nuts to innocent bystander

Every fxcking day

Cuz it's about time I say

Kid Rock, Kid Rock, is that you?

Yeah, let me tell you what I wanna do

Kid Rock, Kid Rock, is that you?

I just said it was motherfxcker

Skinny dipping in the pool, you know I drown hoes

fxck them doggie style and play that ass like a bongo


Hitting homerums and never wimp, ho

Smoke my dick like it's a big spliff

This ain't a blooper and I'm no joker

But I can shoot a nut 50 foot like a super soaker

But I won't pull it out for a cheap joke

Instead I play John Holmes in a sequel to Deep Throat

Taste the nut in your mouth, just to school ya

But ho, don't let the smooth taste fool ya

Don't let the smooth taste fool ya...


Showed up at your high school prom

With an axe in my motherfxcking palm

And I jumped out the first date swinging

Necks and backs went flinging and a toe

I went psychopathic

Choping throats with a hatchet

Cuz they try to get me

So I took a head with me

Ran down the hall butt-naked

If you gotta life I'm a take, huh

Cuz I got it going on

And I broke to the female john (AAAH!)

Motherfxckers think I'm sick

You ever seen a bitch take a shxt, fxck dat

A lot of dookie-ass beef

Cuz female shxtin' is news to me

Climbed up the fire escape

How many lives can one motherfxcker take?

One life, two life, three life, four

Throw me a mach 10 I'll vow to take more

Fifty lives coming out, eighty

fxck this, I'm finna whoop this lady

Tied the bitch up to the lightpost

Slapped her in her face cuz I'm psycho

Beat her down and beat her up

......fxcking slut

So bitch make me wonder

Kicked her gut and left my number

Call me, fxcking nympho

Then I threw her out the window

Broke and I climbed up a tree, guy

Came back down, I don't know why

Straight up insanity

Damn, if it ain't a family

I hope they come home soon

Cuz I'm waiting in the bedroom

I'm gone and I ditched the ride

And left the dead Wilsons inside

Jetting and I'm hopping fences

Finning through like my man in Caline, Texas

Cuz I'm psycholistic

You look once and you missed it

Look twice and it caught your eye

Me, beating the shxt out of some guy

With a bag of bricks

Impressing them dirty-ass sewer chicks

A club, though, you can't trust

Should of known when I jacked the bus

Fourteen passengers riding it

One naked psycho driving it

And we go and grip it

And they're be no slipping

Cuz I'm thinking the worst

Shxt like woman and children die first

Make you shiver

When I drove that bitch in the river

Everybody dies

Only me survives

Innocent fxcks is what I want

So I'm heading for the restaraunt

There's always gotta be a hero

But I can't be stopped with silver bullets

Or a wooden stake

It's your life I quickly take

Don't talk shxt, I take 'em

Take your life, take your life

Coppers and choppers persue

The boys in blue, the whole caroo

I do what they never think

So I'm heading for the 18th precinct

Cuz when they finally call it quits

I'll be there to cut their necks

And that's what I did

I hate a fxcking pig

I get a job at the Donut Shop

Just to poison the cop


And I'll fxck you up in a straight jacket

Cuz they finally got me

Broke my legs and shot me

But I'm still laughing

Cuz of what happened on the night of the axe

On the night of the axe (just psycho)...



The ghettos of America are breeding grounds

For the criminal minded

As for years they have killed one another of

And America has enjoyed its creation

But now these ghetto-minded criminals

Have crossed the line into your neighborhood

And will soon give you a taste of the hell

That they have lived for so long

So pops, this time its your son gets shot

Deal with your own creation

Well, I've been to the storm house and then some

Payed me dues but I'm still a street hoodlum

Dropped out of school cuz I couldn't find my locker

Stubbles on my chin, I got hair like Chewbacca

Might see me sleeping on the street

Don't look for a job cuz there's no jobs looking for me

Then it all went to my head

Next, forty-nine motherfxckers dead

Tell the pigs I did it

Place spot at your back

And beat you in the head with it

And keep your bitch in place

Or I'm a send her ass home with a foot print on her face

Uh, I'm hating sluts

Shoot them in the face, steb back and itch my nuts

'Less I'm in the sac

Cuz I fxck so hard it'll break they back

All the pressure's packed into one nut

I was waiting on a bus and my head blew up

And the sight'll make ya sick

Violent J, motherfxcker, psychopathic


Thought you know bitch

The ICP is made up of psychotic

Demented psycho clumsy motherfxckers

And we'll put a hook on your bumb leg

Like it ain't nobody's business

So I'm standing by the train tracks

Then you see me running but naked with a battle axe

I'm swinging and slicing and chopping and cutting and..

Aah, until I'm nothing

Seems like I always get beat down

Like the hawk turned to the wicked clown

Tail turned out to the ghetto cuz

Southwest Detriot is comended one's home

So you might see me at a festival

Cussin', rude, and scratching my testicles

With a cold two-liter in hand

Rapping to the bitch at the french fry stand

Take it to the Patent Park

Then I'll make a sexist remark

Cuz they're all eventually bitching

Serve me fxcking take your ass to the kitchen

Police don't like me it's obvious

Just don't look in the trunk

Or the sight'll make you sick

Violent J, motherfxcker, psychopathic

(theme from "Halloween")

Yeah, I've always been a psycho


I'll throw rocks at stray dogs

Build crackhouses out of Lincoln logs

I cut class, said I was a faker

You was in school, I was home watching Green Acres

Now I'm all up in your face

You can barely hear the rap with all that bass

I'm running with a southwest street gang

And I never let my southwest meat hang

Cuz you know what ICP's all about

Take a brick off the street

And bust you in the mouth

Find the girl's daddy's rich

And his sweet little angel's my sewer freak bitch

But I filled the turkey up with the stuffing

Like Billy Bill say, "a bitch ain't nothing"

Grab her by the arm and break

Grab her by the life and take it

And, ya know, the sight'll make ya sick

Violent J, motherfxcker, psychopathic



Filled your head with lead

Cuz I want you dead...

Girlie girlie bitch

You fxcking freaky bitch

I knowing what you think

You think your shxt don't stink

Take you out to dine

And dine and wine and dine

I tell you you look fine

Then we fxck till I break your spine

Bitchy bitchy ho

We fxcking on the floor

We fxcking in the bed

Then I'll shoot you in your head

You never make me cry

Before that bitch you die

Wicked clown sadistic

Sadistic psycholistic

I do like Nate the Mack

And club ya in the back

I'm not like other guys

I'm quick to blacken your eyes

Come inside take off your coat I'll make you feel at home

Then take out my billy club and go upside your dome

Bitchy bitchy ho

You fxcking freaky ho

You have a can of mace

I'll shoot you in your face

I grab you by the neck

And rip that shxt out

Don't think that I'd hit ya

But I'd punch and stomp and kick ya

You wouldn't hit a lady

What bitch! What ho! BITCH!!!

You told me that you loved me

I thought that shxt was true

But then you sucked on my boy's dick

Until his balls turned blue

Freaky freaky trick

Take your fxcking pink

Suck or fxck or what?

Nasty nasty slut

I guess love is the word

You act like you ain't heard

I'm not like other guys

I'm quick to blacken your eyes

Bitchy bitchy ho

You fxcking freaky ho

I heard you gotta neck

Why, uh, why don't you let me, uh

Why don't you uh

Why don't you let me break it, bitch?

I think I heard a ho

A helpless drunken ho

Someone tell me so

Do I hear a ho?

Bitch, get in the car

Then I'll take you to the bar

But I took her to the alley

And kicked her with the balley

Stomped her in her face

Her chicky chicky face

You took my heart and bit it

So I took your lip and split it

You took my life and crushed it

I took your head and bust it

I take your leg and break it

I take your life and take it

And bitch it's no surprise

I'm not like other guys

Take it, take it, take it

Cut off your head and bake it

And bitch it's no surprise

I'm quick to blacken your eyes

Come inside take off your coat I'll make you feel at home

Take that razor to your throat, I'm from the ghetto zone

Bitchy bitchy ho

You fxcking freaky ho...


First I was born young and healthy

I told my mother one day I'd be wealthy

Can't forget my first day at school

Got stabbed in the head with a pencil, but it's cool

Get my education

A job and a family, a good reputation

And what about grade two?

Got shot in the neck and the bullet went straight through

But I'm packing a textbook

Don't fxck with me cuz I'm going to grade three

Thank god it's lunch in a minute

Bit into my hot dog with a razor blade in it

And it cut my tongue off

But I know how to multiply so what's up, boss

Finally had to step out

I dropped out of school when they ripped my neck out

Who knows where the road led?

Seen a man with a breif case and no head

So I'm like fxck that

Show me a quarter and an ounce of crack

And I'm straighter than a fxcking lightpost

I sold a lot of crack but I bought the most

Now I'm a basehead down on my luck

Roaming the streets and got hit by a Mack Truck

And thrown about a block

But I'm thinking nothing but gimme a rock

Holding my sign I'll work for crack

With my old-ass E.T. shirt on my back

And I'm sleeping in the gutter

Right next to Jam Town's mother

I'm eating dead rats in the street

I keep on checking for own heart beat

Now I'm weighing at a buck-o-five

Twitchy little neck and I'm barely alive

Got my first taste of life in hell

I ate a dead, shh, but don't tell

Excuse me, sir, can you spare some change?

I'll cut your face off and eat your brains

You know all about me

You act like you ain't seen penatentuary

Spitting and cussing and you know I'll Plss

With these iron braces on my fxcking wrists

And I'm heading for the slammer

Serial killer, all on the camera

First day, they broke my back

Next day, they broke my neck

Third day, they broke my leg

Fourth day, they broke my head

Swallowing kept on trucking

But there'll be no fxcking

That's strictly for the soft

Seen a freak in a week and my nuts fell off

So I'm finna escape

How much shxt can one clubno take?

"Stop, fool. Stop or I'll fire"

Shot me off and I fell in the razor wire

I'm all tangled up, cut cut cut slit slit cut cut

You don't love me, I really don't care

Tie my ass up in the electric chair

I got no family, I got no friends

I pray to God that my life ends

They thought that they had killed me

They took me to the morgue

I'm just a little stiff that's all

Like a board

I lay there in my coffin

Just chill and wait and chill

But then I jump out knife swinging all about

And motherfxcking-mother-mother-mother-motherfxcking kill

I used to wonder what life's about

Until it chewed me up and spit me out

Your ghetto created a psycho nut

Not just psycho psycho nut

Now I'm living in the walls of your house

And I'll die there and lay and rot like a dead mouse

I'm packing a sickle

I'm on your roof and I'm playing the fiddle

You want me in a straight jacket

Cuz when I see a throat, I'm a hack it

Where I'm at? What's my name?

Somehow, somewhere, I got hit by a train

And it ripped my legs off

Huh, nothing but a minor coft

You can't get me

I swing from a tree

Shouting and cussing and shooting at me

Everybody's end make two cents

A branch broke and I fell on a picket fence

I'm stuck and they're coming to get me

Rip myself off and I took my lungs with me

I'm stuffing them back in

Fxck! They won't go back in

Now my life's gettin' dense

Cuz my heart's still beating on a wooden fence

They shoot me up and down

Thinking thinking thinking clown

Wicked wicked wicked clown

You wanna know all about a wicked clown

I never had it made...


Stop the bus, Violent J comes out

Barrels to your chest

And blow your lungs out

Motherfxck a fxcking hick

I'll kick you in the mouth, swell your fxcking lips up

You swallow them teeth when I do

And me and my boys will run a train on your Felma lip

Then break her fxcking back

Goddamn bigots ain't all that

So I'm a cut your brain out

Reach in and pull your spine out

Welcome to the carnival show

You're invited, you and your bitch Flo

And the wicked clowns gonna jeck

Cut your lights off and if you crawl back

Don't step to the city folk

Bitch, that's how you got your titties broke

So get back on your ardvark

Don't let me see a bigot coming through Clark Park

Cut his neck with my good blade

Thirty-four years old, still in the third grade

Yes, speaking on others

Look at your hootnannyass motherfxcker

And your Billy Bitch hey

fxck both ya and your rebel flag

fxck your rebel flag (8x)

"Been down south you can't tell me"

Hillbilly hillbilly hillbilly

Uncle Willy acting illy

Old bitch cooking up fiddles

That fxck on the porch playing the fiddle

You know I'd love to show you that ghetto style

Take you out back and throw you in the shxt pile

Life in the inner city

I'd whip your ass, but you're all shxtty and funky

Like the pigs you eat

Picking that shxt off them yellow feet

Don't step or so much as cough

Or I'm a shoot you in the back until your chest falls off

What you say ain't always hype

So I'm a slap you in the face with a lead pipe

Teach the kids what pops taught you

And he's a funky-ass bigot too

Fell short other do respect

Don't speak when I slap you in your red neck

Fxck all that bullshxt you stuck on

Get back on your mule and get the fxck on

Don't look back, I'm a hit ya

Take that red neck bitch out with ya

Spit on your rebel rags

So fxck you and your rebel flag

Wilbur - I'm a cut his neck

Haus - I'm a break his back

Guber - I'm a stab his face

Jed - I'm a slit his throat

Felma Lou - I'm a fxck her in the ass

"Hillbillies listening down south"

I'm up and I'm headed for the south

Finna blow a round of buck shot in your mouth

And blow the back of your fxcking neck loose

Hillbillies run a rhyme like a headless goose

Cuz you try burning down my cross

That's ready racist hick named Haus

You sleep in the barn and you fxck your horse

Break to the head, put your back on coarse, yeah

But ya know I chill

If I don't flex on you, the others will

Straight folks in the south won't have it

They put a round in your racist ass quick

The coolest south team up with the north

And blow that bigot off his fxcking horse

So put away your goddamn twine

Cuz I'm a cut your pipe and take a little moonshine

And drink it all up

Barrels to your face and blow your fxcking head off

Keep on gunning cuz of what they said

Punk, I'll put a slug in your bald head

Scalp a skinhead quick

And your greasy-ass triple Klan ain't shxt

Zip you up in the bag

And I'll shxt on a motherfxcking rebel flag

Yeah fxck on a rebel flag

Fxck your rebel flag...

Wilbur - I'm a cut his neck

Haus - I'm a break his back

Guber - I'm a stab his face

Jed - I'm a slit his throat

Felma Lou - I'm a fxck her in the ass

I'm a stab that motherfxcker in bitch ah!


Ghetto freak show...

It's three o'clock in the morning and you're sleeping

Wicked clowns in the moonlight creeping

Slide through your window under your bed

Crawl in through your ear, eat your head

Bumping into bones cuz I need light

Tip-toeing down through your windpipe

Climbing down your spine was the fun part

Looky looky and I think I see your fxcking heart

Uh huh so I'm stabbing like it ain't nothing

Wicked clown cut his way out your belly button

I'm like a vulture waiting in a dark place

Swooping down and I'm picking at your dead face

I'm sick but you don't know the whole deal

No one ever loved me and they never will

Bitch, I take you out on a blind date

But then they find you dead under a wooden crate

Rapped in a bag deep in the woods

Cause my mother always said I was no good

Locked me in a closet, fed me dog shxt

Well, I'm out now, so motherfxcker watch it

The insanity's grip will never let go

Here's your chance to a glimpse of a ghetto freak show

I'd rather be dead...ghetto freak show...

I'm a freak show coming to your house

Standing at your porch, chewing on a dead mouse

I'm looking like a fly so you swat me

Keep chasing me even though you got me

So what you wanna do to a ghetto thug

First you starve me and feed me them fxckin' drugs

Turn me into a wicked, wicked cat

I'm coming to your house, so catch ya catch ya clown

Gotta have a fxcking throat, hatchet once, hatchet twice

Gotta have the governor, the richer fxcker, pay the price

Driving with your woman, that's sweet

Never even know I'm in the back seat

Chat chit-chat about the weather

But then I slam they fxcking heads together

Is it jealousy, they never loved me

So now I'm ripping out your guts and it's ugly

I'm trapped, don't wanna be a rich man

Not a poor man, I need my own land

Because the rich man be stressing all the dumb stuff

They cut there fxcking wrists if the grass ain't green enough

Right there in your face, you can't tag it

Just found out your son is a faggot

Dick-sucking, butt-fxcking homo man

If ya stressing then you better talk to mojo man

Insanity's grip will never let go

Here's your chance to catch a glimpse of a ghetto freak show

I'd rather be dead...ghetto freak show

Ahaha, Violent J, the Ghetto Freak Show

He's still alive

The ultimate amazing freak show

Is here on the Carnival of Carnage

Line up and see him

Lived years in the slums

And he's still alive to tell about

Line up and see him

He's nasty, he's disgusting

He's filthy, he is a freak show

And you can see him live at the

Carnival of Carnage

You, young man

You look like you could use a viewing

Of a good freak show

Line up, bring your sister, your brother

And see the ghetto freak show

Violent J is still alive